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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name:
prefix: egret - pale fur and long slender body
suffix: howl - his loud and warming personality

Former Clan:
The Sombre Forest, GorgeClan

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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
a long and skinny tom with silvery tabby fur and pale green eyes
General Appearance
Egrethowl was named due to his long legs and tall lanky body when he was born (purebred oriental short-hair). This body structure has kept with him through his whole life; although as a kit he tended to look as though his legs and body were by far too long for his head and tail but with time, it all managed to balance out. Egrethowl has very short but smooth fur that's silvery in colour. On his body, he has thin black - in some places brown stripes or splotches. Egrethowl's eyes are a soft faded green with flecks of hazel scattered around the iris.

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Fighting, diplomacy and politics, as well as watching the stars of a night time.

Cheaters, water/swimming, those hailing from the loner group 'Tempest Winds'.

Loyal, stealthy, excellent at hunting, can be fairly good at battling too (mostly when he has a strong emotional justification for the battle - i.e Revenge).

Abandonment issues- jealousy, his tall and long body makes him light and agile so he struggles to 'push his weight' around as he has little of it, and heights.

To make his clan proud, watch the clan grow and succeed.

Being abandoned and left alone, loosing everyone he cares for


Positives: Good heart, charming but mischievous, kind and loyal.
Negatives: Rebellious, Sarcastic, jealous, loud, follows his own moral compass, doesn't always obey the rules and warrior code.

Alignment: Chaotic good

In general, he is a pretty nice and friendly tom however he does have a sarcastic tone and will often make cheeky remarks, or say things that he means to have no harm even if they sound the opposite. He likes to play and tease others.

Egret likes to be heard, he likes to make grand entrances and ensures everyone knows it's HE who is speaking, or HE who has an opinion. Egret likes to stomp about and have fun in doing so. He tends to be naturally loud, often unaware of how to be quiet.

Naturally a charmer with his words if he is not being sarcastic, but he tends to be a little naughty and eager for bending the rules despite his loyalty.

Egrethowl views loyalty to GorgeClan - now OneClan above many other traits. He trusts his leader and those within authority. He would do anything they commanded.

Jealousy tendencies
The betrayal of Hailclaw and ultimately the death of Sloe resulted in Egrethowl becoming fairly distant from those close to him. Wasp tried to be there for him but was also struggling with her own personal trauma. When she eventually died, Egrethowl was left entirely alone and it meant when someone actually did manage to get close to him, he would cling to them and latch onto them almost like a leach. The tom gets jealous and frustrated easily when those around him favour another or refuse to listen to him. It goes back to Hailclaw’s betrayal – Egrethowl fears being left alone again and it has formed into a jealous and clingy nature.

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MOTHER: Wasp (fluffy ginger feline: deceased)
FATHER: Hailclaw (silvery pale tabby: deceased)
SIBLINGS: Sloe (died due to greencough)

Mentor: Frogstorm (former clan cat; dark brown and white tom)

Apprentices: Bluegaze (blue-black apprentice with blue eyes)



Hailclaw and Wasp were companions/loners in a band of loners called The Sombre Forest. Hailclaw was an ex-clan cat, but never mentioned from what clan.
Wasp was a feisty feline; well known for her daring, adventurous and fiery personality. Wasp never let anything hold her back; except for when she fell in love. Hailclaw was Waspnose’s opposite. Wasp being best at hunting, Hailclaw being best at fighting. Wasp being daring and fiery, Hailclaw being more reserved and mysterious. The two unintentionally produced a litter of kits – Wasp however, fell harder for Hailclaw when she was expecting his kits. Hailclaw cared for Wasp, but had never truly loved her as he led her and even others to believe. Hailclaw did love their two sons though - Egret and Sloe.

Sloe was a stockier and heavier tom than Egret. His pelt was mostly ginger too, much like Wasp's. Sloe was a sarcastic tom-kit, with a venomous tongue at times, however he was quiet but always seemed to bully his younger brother and the other kits in the nursery. Egret on the other paw was long and tall, with a skinny body. He was loud, irritating yet he had a good heart. Despite the kits flaws, Hailclaw loved them unconditionally as did Wasp.

When the two were 8 moons old, Hailclaw betrayed the band of the Sombre Forest. As it turned out, Hailclaw had been romancing a she-cat from an enemy band of rogues - the band of the Tempest Winds, and had fallen for her.

The she-cat was pregnant with his kits and therefore he left to be with her. The news broke Wasp, causing the she-cat to lash out and ultimately blind Hailclaw in a fit of rage. Hailclaw, who was supposedly the better fighter, had been caught entirely off guard. Hailclaw limped into the grounds of The Tempest Winds bleeding heavily and despite Wasp’s anger, she found herself crying herself to sleep every night for a near moon.

Sloe ended up contracting green-cough and died when he was 10 moons old. During this time, Egret was learning how to hunt and fight with an ex-clan cat known as Frogstorm. The tom was rather relaxed but knew a variety of great tactics which helped Egret provide for the group of loners.

Over the course of the next 4 moons following Sloe's death, Wasp had become incredibly skinny. The she-cat was terribly upset by the betrayal of her mate and the death of Sloe that she had stopped eating as much as she should. Egret was 14 moons old at the time and it was a harsh leaf-bare. Egret was still training with his companion - Frogstorm, but their sessions had only increased in intensity. The loner group's situation was dire. Wasp ended up going missing and it wasn’t until a quarter-moon later that she was discovered near the border of The Tempest Winds, dead. The death appeared to be due to starvation; giving every piece of kill she caught to others and taking none for herself.

Egret was all alone. He had no one. The tom still tried to remain his usual loud and sarcastic self, but deep down he felt broken and alone. Eventually the tom left the loner groups in search of something greater. The tom found GorgeClan when he was 15 moons old and due to his young athleticism and strength, he was welcomed in.

The leader at the time granted him his warrior name – ‘Egrethowl’ to reflect who he was. It took time, but eventually Egrethowl started to adjust to life without his mother and life within the new clan. It was a different experience but he really started to enjoy it. The wounds his family left had truly begun healing. Egrethowl never heard anything more about his father – Hailclaw or even his mate and their kits. But, it is presumed that Hailclaw is dead now for Egrethowl has not seen or heard of him since he was young.

When Egrethowl was 20 moons old, he was given an apprentice. The apprentice’s name was Bluepaw – a midnight blue coloured she-cat with icy blue eyes. The she-cat was eager and diligent; obeying the tom as he tried his best to train her. Egrethowl was a bit clumsy, but he managed to get her to become a warrior in 7 moons.

Since finishing his apprentice's training; the clans merged to combat the illness known as The Spore. Egrethowl now resides in OneClan and although a lot had happened over the moons, he still has no regrets and is content with where his life had ended up.

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