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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: Fleetfoot
Fleet: quick on one's toes; ever changing state (i.e. fleeting)
foot: part of the body
23 moons

Former Clan:


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Purchased Items

Desired Warrior Name
N/A - warrior!

Anything Else
Fleetfoot might be mistaken for a lanky male due to her gruff and energetic demeanor upon first glance, though her scent may give it away.
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
A tall, slenderly built oriental russet molly with pale green eyes.
General Appearance
Long-legged, lithe, and exotic, Fleetfoot stands marginally taller than most cats and sticks out all the greater for it. Having oriental shorthair lineage, her frame is built sleeker, narrower, providing her with an atypical appearance. Her fur, the deep burnt brown of autumn oak leaves, is carved with darker stripes and contours that frame her face and paint her sides. Fleet's eyes, a cool marbly green, meet others with the warmth of a longtime friend, and remain memorable because of it.

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"Everything", physical contact, clouds, grass baths

Sitting still, misery & sombriety, lack of goals

Running/short sprints/speed; eager to act; straightforward speaker

Dismissive tendencies; emotionally fragile; lacks physical strength

To form unbreakable bridges between the "clans"

The vanishing of the sun (irrational); bee stings (rational)


Despite her pleasant, friendly demeanor, Fleet tends to be a little much for most individuals. Constantly moving, constantly babbling, never at ease even wrapped in sleep, Fleetfoot's energy tends to drain those around her. She bugs to be included in conversations, cannot seem to comprehend others' annoyance, and clings to those that humor her fiercer than a dead ant to carpet.

What makes her redeemable, however, is the sheer extroverted, blunt passion brewing beneath the surface. She is consistently motivated and pleased to take on the brunt of all work, even if that means others taking advantage of her generosity. She volunteers herself for portentially dangerous or difficult patrols or missions, be that taking care of the quarantined or joining the front lines of a battle patrol. Perhaps sometimes she is too blinded by progress and determination to really focus on the grief and misfortune around her...or perhaps she chooses to ignore it.

Facing negative situations makes Fleetfoot deeply uncomfortable and she finds herself unable to handle even the smallest of strife, be it her own or those around her. If forced to acknowledge its existence, she tends to short circuit, break down, or lash out in fits of confusion. Fleet is in a constant chase towards physical affection, and values the lighthearted presence of others more than anything. When this norm is broken, she feels completely and inexorably lost.

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Mother: Kestrelstorm (missing)

Father: unknown

Siblings: N/A

Extended: N/A

Mentor: N/A

Apprentices: N/A

Other: Cliffhopper; ; (childhood friends)

Fleet grew up, largely, without her mother. Kestrelstorm had always been known as a restless and discontent cat, and though affectionate and warm to her kit, found clan life to be too rigid and lawful for her tastes. She left shortly after Fleet had weaned with a goodbye lick to the head marching away for a life of solidarity, or perhaps one of wilds and charm. Fleet sometimes misses the ever calm presence of her mother, but relishes her light mood and hardly admits so.

As she grew into an apprentice, the lack of committed parental figures made room for Fleet to flourish into her own person (unlike her best friend Ibis, whose situation she often laments). She became rambunctious, extroverted, even annoyingly friendly. Incessently bugging a then-Ibispaw and Locustpaw finally won her friendship, and she clung to it fiercely. She ignored the negative - in their friendship, in their lives - and stubbornly faced towards a bright and fruitful future with her best friends at her side.

That is, until Ibispaw ran away. She, the fastest of the three, shot out of camp to catch up with him upon seeing him streak through, but the wind quickly denied her the air, and she fell behind. Gasping for breath but committedly still making steps towards the ever-shrinking figure of her friend, Fleetpaw wondered torturously what had made him so distraught. Everything had to be fine, and if it wasn't, of course she had missed it.

The month that followed proved to be Fleetpaw's most uncomfortable. Conversations with Locustpaw never felt complete without the polite chiming of Ibis' voice beside them. She threw herself into duty work and earned her warrior name for the effort, all the while wishing the time would tick faster and prove he hadn't left forever...like her mother. Ibis did return, however, with a stranger tailing behind, but what were strangers if not yet aquainted friends? Fleetfoot preened under the attention Cliffpaw payed her, oblivious to Ibis' personal feelings on the matter, going out of her way to hang about Cliff for that reason. She did notice, offpaw, the shiftiness in Ibis' bahavior towards her, but chose to turn a blind eye and ignore it until it inevitably faded away. It had to fade away, right? They were best friends, together, the three and now four of them. It always had to be so, or what would she do?

Moons, epidemics, and one clan-merging later, the problem still has not gone, but at least she has Cliffhopper...
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Your character has been accepted as a member of UPROAR!

Now, all you have to do is a few things. First head on over to the Name Claim so that no one can attempt to take your beautiful kitty's name. Once posted, we ask that you update your Who Plays Who section so that we known who is who on the forum. Once that is done, the next thing you will need to do is post into the Census. We have the Clan one here, and the OuterClan one here. The last thread you must reply to is the Mentors and Apprentice thread. You may request the cat who would be a mentor to be a last resort, but they must be signed up. If they are an apprentice, reply stating you are looking into getting a mentor as well.

Lastly, have fun! We look forward to role-play with your new kitty-cat!

Much Love,
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