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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: Ibischirp
IBIS: named for his hopeful grace, feminine nature
CHIRP: named for his charm and ease of persuasion
20 moons
Ibis is demisexual, but he has a preference of men than women

Former Clan:

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Purchased Items
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Desired Warrior Name
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Anything Else
Ibischirp has a very feminine appearance despite being born male and indentifying as male.
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
a small snow bengal he with mercury colored eyes
General Appearance
Unlike many of his specific breed, Ibischirp is actually fairly small. He horbours a sylph-like frame that is built for speed and agility, perfect for running along the moor's of Moorclan. Ibischirp is often times mistaken as a she-cat. The way he holds himself and his feminine build screech out she-cat and is no where near masculine. While he lacks muscle that's not to say he doesn't have it, albeit only along his hindquarters and shoulders built from stalking and chasing rabbits of his home's grasslands. However, despite those small differences Ibischirp is of the snow variety. A pelage of white that sports faint rosettes of soft brown all along his body. Ibischirp has a broad head and short ears that sit atop his head like a crown. Pale murcury blue eyes add to his striking and wild appearence. His thick sleek fur help bring the jewls out. Despite being small and demure in nature, Ibischirp is by far a very beautiful cat.

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✯ Lizard is a favorite prey item
✯ Sun bathing
✯ Sharing tongues with his friends
✯ Running in the moors of his former territory
✯ Cliffhopper - he is his first and only love after all
✯ Fleetfoot - because simply how can he not love her?
✯ Locustswarm - the only man he can be himself with, the good and bad

▶ Leopardbloom - while it's not absolute hate, Ibischirp has a strained relationship with his mother
▶ A messy pelt
▶ Loud noises
▶ Thunderstorms
▶ Rain/water
▶ Fish - he has not aquired the taste of fish and hasn't found the smell exactly appealing
▶ Any forms of fighting whether physical or verbal

+ Acting
+ Agility
+ Climbing
+ Speed
+ Hunting
+ Storytelling
+ A knack for blending into the background
+ Good listener
+ Charm/Persuasion
+ Disciplined
+ Lying

- Passive aggressive
- Cynical
- Spineless
- Overly sentimental
- Lenient
- Easily offended
- Possessive
- Naive
- Dependent

to express himself truly; to be able to stand on his own two feet by himself

to be forgotten or left behind

Upon first introductions, Ibischirp comes off as withdrawn and closed off, perhaps even shy. However, this is just a mask. A front he puts up until He's decidedly warmed up to you or has grown comfortable enough to tear down the walls he's built around him. Ibischirp has an air of regality that surrounds him. It makes his composed posture appear superior, stifling even. His beauty and grace make him stand out and the presence he holds is borderline claustrophobic. He was taught to be cultured, sophisticated, and refined. His mother believed a "she-cat" should never raise their voice, talk back, or be anything but dignity and grace. It's put pressure on him, but in the end her become the ultimate example of complete and utter control. Rarely will you see him raising his voice in an argument or to simply be heard. Instead he wields his tongue like a dagger, sharp, cold, and deadly. All without raising both his voice or a single claw. A pointed glare of his icy eyes and whisper of his voice is enough to settle arguments. Ibischirp is known to be quiet and soft-spoken, only gracing those with his voice when he believes it necessary. He's a tom with few words, unless, of course you manage to break down his walls and get to his warm gooey center. There a bright fire for compassion burns and a thirst for knowledge resides. To friends and family, Ibischirp is a completely different cat. He's warm, gentle, and even affectionate. Perhaps a little bit overly so. His mother wasn't too fond of showing affection, so Ibischirp makes up for that by nuzzling and cuddling with his friends. Eager to initiate physical contact as a show of both his love and appreciation for that cat.

However, its hard to tell the truth on how Ibischirp really feels. He's emotionally closed off 90% of the time and more often times than naught, adapts to the cats around him. Hes a skill actor, proficient in identifying when someone wants him meek and small or boisterous and happy. He rarely shows his true face, preferring to wear his many masks. He initiates this kind of ploy unknowingly, tricking not only himself, but his friends as well. At times he can be deceitful, lying easily if it means it'll please the other party. He also lies to keep his friends from worrying, preferring to show them he can stand on his own two paws and face his own problems even when he can't. The small tom is emotionally dependent on his friends, and while he doesn't often talk about himself, he is nearly incapable of making his own decisions. For all his life his mother had dictated what he could and couldn't do. While the freedom to choose has certainly been liberating, he also finds it as a shackle. Thus he defaults to his friends making decisions with little to no input from himself and just going along with the flow.

A defining trait of Ibischirp is his genteel nature. Naturally boyishly charming and polite, Ibischirp is the very definition of a gentlemen. Consequently he is very much a doormat, someone people can walk all over. Ibischirp is spineless, though it's more in the sense that he's incapable of sticking up for himself. When it comes to those he loves, Ibischirp will draw blood to defend their honor, no body can tell him otherwise.

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Mother: Leopardbloom
- a medium sized brown spotted she, hazel eyes

Father: Unknown tom

Siblings: None

Extended: None

Mentor: Buckleap

Apprentices: None

Other: Locustswarm
black-furred he, gold eyes ; Best Friend

a tall, slenderly built oriental russet molly with pale green eyes ; Best Friend

large stocky tawny he, soft amber eyes ; Best Friend / Crush

'Quiet... composed... graceful... disciplined.' these were qualities instilled in Ibischirp by his mother ever since he was a kit. Ibischirp's mother had always wanted a daughter, but instead was blessed with a boy. However, his little curveball that Starclan threw at her didn't change her plans. Her son would still be named Ibiskit and she would raise him as if he was a she-kit. To be truthful though, she was disappointed at birthing a tom, especially given she'd put so much time into thinking he'd be a she. Adapting to Ibiskit's gender was beyond her and to this day can be seen treating Ibischirp as a helpless she-cat in need of saving.

That aside Ibischirp was born to his mother who originated from Moorclan and an unnamed kittypet father. This knowledge isn't public though, even Ibischirp is oblivious to this secret. Ibischirp's mother was strict and firm in her teaching to him. She raised him to be much of a trophy wife - beautiful, elegant, but hopelessly naive. She discouraged his interests and sought to replace them with what she believed ideal for the future she indented for him. And so Ibischirp grew to be quiet, polite (for if he wasn't he's got a good lashing from his mother), and composed. Ibiskit knew no better and believing that his mother had the best interests at heart, followed through with her rigorous demands.

By the time he was made an apprentice it took a lot of effort to bring him out of his shell. That's where his first friend came in. Locustpaw was a large tom with thick inky black fur, so deep it was the color of a moonless night. The tom helped draw Ibispaw out of his shell, helping him deal with his overbearing and strict mother while also meeting new cats. It wasn't long before Ibispaw met Fleetpaw, an exotic looking she-cat who had a strange beauty to her. The three became fast, closely-knit friends.

After a particularly bad fight with his mother, where both said hurtful things, Ibispaw ran away. He was nine moons old at the time and while Fleetpaw was definitely the fastest in their friend group, Ibispaw was smaller and had the endurance to run longer distances. Quickly he lost Locustpaw, Fleetpaw, and his mother.

Ibispaw ran towards the dirt path and would have been hit by a monster if it wasn't for the timely chance encounter of a smiling, happy tom now known as Cliffhopper. Cliffhopper had pulled Ibispaw out of the monster's path, saving him from certain death. Little is known about how the two became so close for neither seems willing to talk about it. However, all Ibischirp knows is that's when he fell in love. It hit him like a trainwreck and the moon he spent in Cliffhopper's company instilled that adoration. During that moon Ibispaw learned a lot, both about himself and about his new friend, however, there was a longing to return home. He had missed Locustpaw and Fleetpaw and if he was being completely honest, his mother. Only he didn't want to leave Cliffhopper alone either. It was just pure luck that Cliffhopper decided he would join Ibispaw's clan.

So one day they traveled back and while the reunion between Ibispaw and his clan was a joyous occasion, he was punished severely for abandoning his clan. Much had changed as well for Locustpaw was now Locustswarm and Fleetpaw was now Fleetfoot. However, his friends welcomed him back warmly, even when his reunion with his mother was a little frigid. Cliffhopper was allowed into the clan and named Cliffpaw for his earthy appearance. Ibispaw and Cliffpaw trained together, strengthing their bond while growing closer together. Soon it was time for Cliffpaw to become a warrior (because of his punishment Ibispaw was to become a warrior a moon after Cliffhopper). Cliffpaw was named Cliffhopper for his exceptional pouncing and jumping abilities.

A lot can happen during a moon and while Ibispaw was alone in the apprentice den with all his friends made warriors it gave them time to bond. Cliffhopper had grown close to Fleetfoot and quickly after that in love, much to Ibispaw's disbelief. So when Ibispaw was finally made into Ibischirp, he couldn't help the betrayal he felt seeing the two star-crossed lovers interact. He felt forgotten whenever he tried to hang out with Cliffhopper only for Fleetfoot to jump in. And while Ibischirp loved his friends dearly and only wanted them to be happy, he couldn't help the bitterness that burned in his chest. He quickly grew to chat Locustswarm's head off, venting his frustrations at Cliffhopper's obliviousness towards (what he thought) obvious affections.

And perhaps it wasn't meant to be.

Moons went on a soon Moorclan became Oneclan to help battle the Spore pandemic. And still Ibischirp is left to suffer and wallow in his unrequited love.
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