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"he who does not understand your silence, likely will not understand your words"
the basics
NAME || Skywhisper
CLAN || MoorClan
RANK || Medicine Cat
AGE || 36 moons
GENDER || male
SEXUALITY || undecided
OTHER || n/a

the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || a white tom with dappled light-brown markings and light blue eyes
APPEARANCE || Skywhisper carries the pelt of a snowy bengal, mostly white with darker spots of cream and light brown. These marking grow darker and more prominent around his face, paws, and tail. He is small, lean, and lithe like many MoorClan cats. His gaze consists of round pale blue eyes, giving him a resting expression of curiosity. His appearance overall makes him out to be younger than he really is, something that he feels awkward and self-conscious about. His coloration blends into a winter moorland, making leaf-bare his favorite season. The tom's entire appearance is rather icy, and he carries himself in a brisk pace with little room for idle talk.

the personality
LIKES || peace and privacy - leaf-bare - herbs - exploration
DISLIKES || arrogance - entitlement - pungent smells - underhanded tactics
DREAMS || - to be remembered, in death or in life
FEARS || StarClan's silence - loneliness - mutiny - incompetence
The most prominent feature of Skywhisper's personality is his reticence. While he was never the most talkative kit, Skywhisper's reluctant to speak has become more and more noticeable as the moons went on. Some cats attribute it to his careless mother and estranged father. Others attribute it to the horrors he had experienced as a young medicine cat. Bonestar's rise and fall robbed him of much of his youth, and despite being a rather young, Skywhisper appears incredibly jaded. Every cat in the Clan has wondered at some point what goes on in the strange Skywhisper's head, and some question his true intentions. 
However, one thing that can be said is that his stoicism has its upsides. Despite his lack of socializing, Skywhisper has guided his Clanmates silently and persistently through dangers and plagues. Skywhisper is definitely not the medicine cat for empathy, but always a nonjudgmental friend and knowledgeable healer. Skywhisper maintains his calm and unflinching demeanor, seeing himself as a stronghold for StarClan while MoorClan struggles to reestablish its identity. MoorClan, he hoped, would always count on him to remain calm in the face of danger. 
Not a very strong cat, Skywhisper relies on his resourcefulness and knowledge. The frail and timid tom likely would not have survived as a warrior. He loves his life as a medicine cat in the Clan and has high hopes for the future. At heart, Skywhisper is but a genuine and idealistic tragedy. He sees life as poetic, and small everyday things carry great beauty. During his rare moments of downtime, Skywhisper loves to explore. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about birds, insects, and weather patterns through his adventures. Despite his lonely personality, he loves the company of others during his adventures, hoping for someone to share his passion for the natural world with. Unfortunately, most of this creative and dreamy personality remains hidden to all but those close to him. 

the history
FATHER || Wavestep (bandit, 45 moons)
MOTHER || Whitemoon (deceased)
SISTER|| Mistfeather (deceased)
NIECES || Hazelwing (silverwings, 14 moons); Jayheart (monster, 14 moons)
IMPORTANT INFLUENCES || Snowberry (mentor, deceased)

HISTORY || Young and energetic, the pure white-pelted Whitemoon was not the she-cat to have kits. She had been known for her beauty and delicacy, as well as her numerous flings with toms in the Clan. However, Whitemoon was much too young and reluctant to settle down. Whitemoon took it as devastating news when the medicine cat announced she was going to have kits. As the kitting grew closer, multiple tomcats approached her to inquire about the father. Whitemoon refused; a queen does not need tell the father if she does not wish to. 

0 moons || Skykit and Mistkit were born in the dead of winter. Once the kits were born, it could not have been more obvious who the father was. Among the tomcats Whitemoon was close to, the unique pattern of their fur could only match that of Wavestep. Unfortunately Wavestep was not among the toms that stepped up to be a father. He, much like Whitemoon, was far too young to want to father kits. 

3 moons || Skykit took a particular interest in Snowberry's den. He was never a talkative kit, and would grow increasingly reticent as he grew older. However, there was a time when Skykit excitedly explored the medicine cat's den and showed off his budding knowledge of herbs. It was unsurprising to him when Snowberry took him as an apprentice. Skypaw had never had a knack for fighting and hunting anyway. His apprenticeship was likely the best time of his life... it was a short period of peace before the young tom's life was thrown into the chaos.

17 moons || At first, Skypaw did not know why Snowberry was in such a rush to make him a full medicine cat. But it is said that a medicine cat close enough to StarClan can feel the end of his days approaching. Skypaw would receive his medicine cat name Skywhisper, a fitting name for his quiet voice, just a moon before Snowberry's passing. Although first daunted by the huge task, Skywhisper proved be an excellent medicine cat. Despite his strangeness and reluctant voice, he was always a steadfast worker and treated illness silently and effectively. Even in the face of grave danger and mysterious illness, Skywhisper has never broken pace and has never let his emotions show through. Some cats question whether he even feels any. 

19 moons || Far away across the territory, CreekClan grew more and more desperate as GorgeClan pushed into their territory. Eager to rejoin Clan life and shed her shameful time as a queen, Whitemoon insisted on being on the patrol to aid CreekClan. She would not return. 
Despite never being close to his mother, Whitemoon's death still hit Skywhisper particularly hard. Skywhisper also grew increasingly resentful of his father, Wavestep, who never helped Whitemoon raise him or his sister. 

21 moons || As the bloody moons dragged on, Skywhisper would become more and more sullen. Seeing the bloodshed in CreekClan and fearing for MoorClan's survival, Skywhisper advised Harestar to give in to many of Bonestar's demands. Lives, Skywhisper reasoned, were more important than any traditions. However, the sacrifices were great, and MoorClan lost much of its identity and territory until Bonestar's death.

23 moons || Upon Harestar's passing and the onset of new leadership, Skywhisper hoped that the Clan would rebuild its pride. He feared that his advice to Harestar had been wrong and still blames himself for much of the aftermath of Harestar's reign. Perhaps the Clan too blamed him for sacrificing their dignity. The MoorClan he knew had almost completely disappeared, and despite the newfound peace, Skywhisper feared the loss of their long-held traditions.
30 moons || The day Mistfeather fell gravely ill was the day Skywhisper's peace broke again. Mistfeather coughed in agony for several nights as Skywhisper scrounged through his medicinal stocks for a cure. But it was, for once, a problem he could not solve. Skywhisper was no stranger to death, but aside from his estranged father, Mistfeather had been his only family left in the Clan. To his horror, mushrooms sprouted from Mistfeather's body like a foreboding omen. His own faith in StarClan was shaken, but Skywhisper remained as silent as ever. He feared that voicing his own doubts might cause further paranoia to spread among the already-shaken MoorClan. 

36 moons || The Spore spread through MoorClan and the other Clans like wildfire. Skywhisper could not help but wonder what they did wrong and why StarClan remained ever so silent. Had he not been careful enough with the initial few Spore patients? Nevertheless, Skywhisper watched MoorClan abandon their ancestral home and merge with the other Clans, hoping that in some way, at least together they can survive the sickness. 

the roleplayer
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