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prefix: locust - named due to his dark inky fur and bright yellow eyes
suffix: swarm - due to being best at group combat situations
In moons

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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
An inky moonless looking tom with gold eyes
General Appearance
Locustswarm is a medium sized male; unlike most traditional MoorClan cats, he does not hold a slender and lithe body built for agility and speed across the open moors. Locustswarm is considerably bulky for your average MoorClan cat, he has thick inky fur and muscles situated on his hindquarters and shoulders from the moons of hunting rabbits and hares in the open moors. Locustswarm has no markings nor striking features that make him stand out. The tom was the odd one out in his family, while all presenting patches or stripes, he presented nothing but a solid moonless black. Locustswarm does however have round, golden yellow eyes with very soft green flecks.

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Sunbathing, spending time with his friends, hunting, helping those in need

Being left out, verbal abuse/fights, know-it all cats, Cliffhopper.

Communication, listening, hunting, group-battles, giving advise.

Falls in love quickly, trusts easily, slight jealousy towards Cliffhopper, emotionally driven, dependent on others.

To find someone who loves him and someone he can love in turn

Loosing his best friends for good, eagles (rational fear due to their large size)


Locustswarm is the traditional cat-dad of his friend group. The tom having known them all since they were apprentices, has always been seen as the more responsible one and the one who gives the best advice. Locustswarm will not admit that he is the cat-dad of the group vehemently.

Locustswarm is always cheerful; a pleasure to be around. The tom is naturally full of energy and will usually be up for nearly anything. However, he is well-known for masking his true pain or feelings behind a smile. The tom has always done it, since birth. Ibischirp has always seen the true side of him, but after his disappearance, Locustswarm bottled his feelings back up and hid them away from the world yet again.

Locustswarm while large and tough on the exterior, is fairly sensitive and soft on the inside. The tom has feelings for his best friend. The best friend is oblivious to it all and constantly hurts and pains Locustswarm as he tells him about his affections for another - Cliffhopper. Locustswarm cares deeply for his best friend, so much so that he would much rather keep his mouth shut and secret sealed away. Locustswarm hopes that maybe one day, he and Ibischirp could be together - or perhaps he will find someone else to claim his heart as Ibischirp has claimed his.

The tom does not hate Cliffhopper but he does dislike him. Locustswarm will be friendly to him and even socialize with him, but he holds him accountable for the loss of his two closest friends. Locustswarm will not socialize with Cliffhopper because he likes him however, only because he wants to maintain peace and closeness with both Ibischirp and Fleetfoot. Locustswarm swells with jealousy at the mention of Cliffhopper and truly aspires to be better than him.

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Mother: Asterberry (small, lithe she-cat with mostly white on her body but also the occasional ginger and gray patch - NPC: Deceased).

Father: Whitefrost (large black tom cat with large amounts of tuxedo white spotting - NPC: Deceased)

Siblings: Silverkit (solid grey tom-kit - still-born).

Mentor: Tigerlily (a relatively medium sized tom cat with dark tabby stripes and a white stomach)

Apprentices: Ashpaw (deceased; never completed training)



It all started when a tom meets a she-cat - the two fall in love and so on and so forth. The two spend moons together happily. Eventually, Asterberry was with kits. It was her first litter and Whitefrost's too. The two were delighted about the prospect of being new parents. However, their happiness came to an abrupt halt as one stormy night, Asterberry went into labor. The kits were not due for another quarter-moon according to the medicine cat. But, according to Asterberry's body, they were coming now. There was a lot of difficulty with the birth. Silverkit was born first and was a medium sized kit, but due to Asterberry's small body and Whitefrost's genetics, she did struggle. The kit was eventually born - weak, but breathing. Then came Locustkit. By this stage, Asterberry had already used a lot of her strength. When it came to Locustkit; despite being smaller, she had little energy to continue. It was then that the medicine cat realized Asterberry was bleeding very heavily. After some time, Locustkit was born. But, unfortunately Asterberry did not make it. From there, Whitefrost named his kits and gave them to a nursing queen. The tom was riddled with grief but still tried to play an important role in his kits lives.

The nursing queen already had her own litter of kits which were proving to be problematic enough and so when Locustkit and Silverkit were deposited into her care, she was far from pleased. Never the less, she accepted them and nursed them as they had no one else. As soon as the kits were weaned however, Nightflame decided she no longer wanted anything to do with the two extra kits. Nightflame's own litter was large and stressful. The queen simply could not handle any more.

Silverkit's death came as a shock to the clan. The virus swept in through the clan quickly and affected several. Silverkit, being some what of an orphan, had no one to identify his problems until it was too late. Locust had tried for days to get the attention of others, but they all simply thought he was playing games. Whitefrost was also extremely busy as foxes had been threatening the border.

Relief came over the tom when he finally became an apprentice. The nursery in his mind had been rather lonesome and depressing - constant reminders of his brother's and mother's deaths. Apprenticeship was by far more freeing, although there were responsibilities and tough training, he actually managed to discover who he was and make friends along the way. This is where he met his first friend. Ibischirp, known then as Ibispaw.

Ibispaw was a quiet and reserved tom whose pelt was pale with printed brown leopard spots. The tom had a strict mother who was overbearing and controlling. It caused constant stress for Ibispaw and the two quickly became reliant on each other for a method of distraction and fun. For Locustpaw; it was all about getting passed the grief of his past and moving on with the future.

Ibispaw steadily came out of his shell, learning to confide in Locustpaw. Locustpaw would never dare tell a soul the secrets of his best friend, but he would also never lie to him and would be honest if Ibispaw was being a bit of a mouse-brain.

Shortly after the two toms became friends, it was when Fleetpaw joined their circle. The she-cat was strange in appearance with her long, slender body. Fleetpaw was beautiful, really. Locustpaw adored her for her ability to look beyond the bad, she was straightforward and reliable; as a good friend should be.

Training was going well, with Locustpaw training beneath a tiger striped feline. In between sessions, he would spend time with his friends and look forward to the exciting future ahead. However it all came to an abrupt end. Locustpaw was around twelve moons old, nearing the age for his assessments. A huge fight broke out between Ibispaw and his mother; causing the young apprentice to scarper and run away. Locustpaw had never felt more useless as he tried to run after his fleeing friend, but alas was not fast enough. Fleetpaw managed to gain more ground, but Ibispaw had escaped her grasp too.

The next moon was full of struggle. Locustpaw was thankful he still had Fleetpaw but they both felt the absence of Ibispaw. It was around that time that Locustpaw truly realized how much he relied on Ibispaw, how much the two shared in common and maybe even how much he cared for the young cat. Locustpaw did not draw assumptions, despite there being rumors of Ibispaw's death. The rumors stung like claws in his side. Locustpaw flung himself hard into his responsibilities as an apprentice, spending less time socializing and more time patrolling, hunting and training. The tom's efforts were rewarded and he was named 'Locustswarm - a warrior of Moorclan'.

A familiar stranger eventually returned to the clan. It was Ibispaw! However, he had also brought a friend with him. It was a joyous occasion but Locustswarm couldn't help but feel his best friend was different..Ibispaw had grown up naturally, he had discovered who he was a little more and in the process had shifted his attention to Cliffpaw. Fleetfoot also seemed delighted to have their old friend back but she too became lost in the presence of Cliffpaw. Eventually Cliffpaw was named a warrior - Cliffhopper for his excellent jumping abilities. The three would socialize together every now and then, but Locustswarm quickly began to feel withdrawn and isolated as he would often catch Fleetfoot and Cliffhopper off hunting together...It was then he realized that perhaps they were in love.

Locustswarm was the unwanted third wheel, or so it felt. Eventually Ibispaw joined the ranks of a warrior. Ibispaw, now known as Ibischirp would chew his ears off rambling about how Cliffhopper was oblivious to Ibischrip's affection. It pained Locustswarm to hear his best friend openly admit he had feelings for Cliffhopper while being completely oblivious to his own feelings of isolation and affection.

A pang of jealousy would swell in the tom's soul every time the name 'Cliffhopper' was mentioned. Locustswarm could see why Cliffhopper was as loved as he was, by both of his best friends, but it still never made him feel easy. Locustswarm's relationship with Cliffhopper felt strained. The two toms would get along, but Locustswarm was never one to want to stay around the earthy warrior for long. Locustswarm would make up excuses about duties or tasks - almost anything to cut their time together short.

Moons passed of the same happenings. Locustswarm found himself struggling through it all, but he kept his mind focused on the clan and the looming pandemic that swept the forest. Locustswarm managed to find comfort in patrols and would often go hunting with his former mentor. The tom's former mentor was a good friend, someone to help ease the distractions of the drama of Cliffhopper, Fleetfoot and Ibischirp.

Locustswarm buried himself into his duties so much so that he was even assigned an apprentice for his efforts. The apprentice's name was Ashpaw; she was diligent and calm, but unfortunately only trained with Locustswarm for 2 moons before she was killed by a two-leg trap. No one knew where she was or what had happened to her until several eagles had gathered around her body providing an alert of death.

Eventually MoorClan merged into the other clans, forging OneClan. Not much changed for Locustswarm. The tom still spent a lot of time with Ibischirp, listening to his frustration about his unrequited love. Occasionally they would join Cliffhopper and Fleetfoot for hunting excursions. And occasionally he and Tigerlily would hunt and patrol the borders together.
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