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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name:
Amaryllis: Named for her very light (almost white) and black striped pelt.
Paw: Traditional suffix for apprentices / cats in training to be a warrior.
12 moons
Apprentice - soon to be warrior

Former Clan:


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Purchased Items

Desired Warrior Name
Amaryllisflame - named for her passionate and fiery personality.

Anything Else
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
Fluffy silver tabby she-cat with lime green eyes.
General Appearance
She stands just taller than most felines, the majority of her height made up of her long, graceful limbs. While dainty in appearance, with a slender build and lithe frame, her tom-boyish personality more than takes away from her tender she-cat features. Her pelt, a light gray with marbled black markings across her flanks and faint tabby markings that frame her muzzle, is long and soft - though usually her paws and at least some part of her body is caked with dirt and mud from the careless tussles she gets into with other cats her own age. Her feathered tail is the only thing she actively strives to keep clean, but that's mostly because she learned it takes forever to get mud out of the fine fur. Her eyes are a brilliant lime green in color, though they fade into more of an army green as they get closer to her pupils.

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  • Warm Summer Nights
  • Swimming
  • Perch (favorite fish)
  • Seawatcher
  • Larkspurpaw
  • Fighting and Sparring
  • Debates (when she wins, obvs)
  • Napping on Stepping Stones
  • Stargazing
  • Snow

  • Training (she thinks she knows everything now)
  • Being told what to do
  • Ice
  • Lizards (they're disgusting)
  • Failing
  • The Rain and Fog
  • Overly happy cats
  • Talking about her feelings
  • Kits
  • Elders

  • Fighting
  • Confident
  • Rallying Others
  • Honest
  • Truthful

  • Insensitive
  • Prideful
  • Stubborn
  • Impatient
  • Temper

  • Prove to Seawatcher and Larkspurpaw she's not a baby and doesn't need them to watch over her.
  • Being the strongest warrior in OneClan
  • Never get old and boring and settle down.

  • Dying
  • Failing
  • Being Lied to

Those who try to get to know Amaryllispaw may be quickly turned away from the loud-mouthed and overly-confident she-cat that they'd find. She's strong-willed and thick-headed, leaving her a magnet for disaster because she truly believes that because she's young and strong that nothing bad could ever happen. She's cocky and usually keeps her head held high and her tail held higher. In fights, she tends to rely solely on brute strength instead of her brain and can easily be outsmarted due to this flaw.

Her confidence is unwavering, to a fault, and she does not take a moment to think plans through. Once she's decided on an idea, regardless of any new information she learns, she'll bulldoze her way through. When she's angered, Amaryllispaw is quick to rely on her strength and turn to sparring and tussels to prove her dominance over another. Because of this, cats her own age tend to avoid her because they know how truly fragile her pride can be. She's the first to lose her temper when a hunting trip goes wrong and the quickest to blame those around her even if she's the one to blame.

Amaryllispaw hates being babied and lashes out when she feels like her mother and brother are being too overbearing in her life by disappearing for hours or sparring with other apprentices until she's bruised and exhausted. She's got a bad habit of not talking about things when they're bothering her and instead letting it fester until it explodes from within.

Though those that can look past these strong features will see that Amaryllis is genuine and offers the truth to everyone who wishes to hear it, even if it is blunt and callous sometimes. She doesn't lie to anyone and looks down upon those who lie to her. Should she ever find out that Seawatcher is not her real mother, she'd be devastated and confused and angry. She's caring - though it's definitely in her own way. She doesn't show affection well and is certainly the type to bully a crush rather than try to win them over with honey.

Most of all, Amaryllis is passionate about everything she does. She throws her heart and soul into protecting her clan, every fight she makes, and this can sometimes make her come off as dramatic or childish, but she knows in her heart that it's genuine.

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Mother: Biological:  Unknown Queen Foster: *thinks Seawatcher is her mother.*

Father: Biological: Oceancloud Foster: Eagleheart

Siblings:  Goosekit Swankit Apricotkit

Extended: NA

Mentor: NPC - Onefeather

Apprentices: NA

Other: NA

Life was tragic for the young she-cat, though the tragedies are just whispers of rumors now to the young Amaryllispaw. Her biological mother died during her birth and neither she nor her biological brother, Larkspurpaw knew wiser. Their birth father, Oceancloud, took the kits to his sister and essentially renounced them as his own. Amaryllispaw barely remembers the siblings she lost to kitten cough due to being so young, but she lives to hear stories of Eagleheart - the father she believes she'll never know.

When she became an apprentice, she was assigned to Onefeather who only fed her confidence to a point of it bursting at the seams. She became headstrong and cocky as the moons went on, to the point where she thought she was ready to become a warrior at just ten moons. She was angry with Seawatcher for not making her a warrior sooner - especially because it's within her power to do so, but continues to push her self to try to prove herself to her mother that she doesn't need to be babied by her or by Larkspurpaw. Her interactions with her mother grow shorter with each day as they're now put on assignments instead of regular training to "ensure they're ready", but she's quick and determined to prove her wrong.
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