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Tribe of Fiery Skies
Apr 18, 2020 5:43:10 GMT


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flutter of a bird's wing
previously flutter
tribe of fiery skies

Former Clan:
rogue band


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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
slender calico she-cat with amber eyes
General Appearance
She won't ever be referred to as the largest cat in the forest, but she's certainly still packed with powerful muscles and the drive to fight anyone who's in her way. She stands shorter than the average cat and is quite malnourished due to the life she lived before making it to the Tribe. Her pelt is long and soft, marked with ginger, black, and white and dark tabby markings that surround her face. Her pelt is covered in missing patches and ugly scars and due to this, she looks much more wild and untamed. She has soft white paws that have been stained red far too many times in her short life. Her eyes are massive and amber, rounded to give her a look of constant surprise.

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  • Fighting and Sparring
  • Dawn
  • The Tribe
  • Kits - Though she avoids them
  • Fish and squirrels
  • Warm Green-leaf Nights
  • Soar and Hum
  • Red
  • High places
  • Song birds

  • Hunting
  • Dominant Males
  • Rogues
  • Bird and Bear
  • Silence
  • Darkness
  • Loud Sounds
  • Death - especially kits
  • Smell of Lavender
  • Smell of Cypress Trees

  • Fighting
  • Protecting Others
  • Fishing
  • Tree Climbing
  • Disassociation

  • PTSD (explained in personality)
  • Kits
  • Impatient
  • Red
  • Selfish

  • Overcome her PTSD
  • Start a new life within the Tribe
  • Forget about Red

  • Bear
  • Loss
  • Silence

Due to a difficult childhood, Flutter isn't exactly the most friendly cat out there. She can be guarded and stand-offish at best, and quick tempered and judgmental at her darkest moments. She tends to keep to herself whenever she can, though this is something that is likely to improve with her time in the tribe once she learns that she can trust them.

On a good day, Flutter is confident, poised, and speaks articulately. She was being groomed to become the leader of their band, so diplomacy is no issue for her. She's calm and collected, though she struggles largely with large groups - one reason why she was never comfortable being a leader. She enjoys sparring and often does so happily, though she's definitely going to need some guidance from a sentry when it comes to her learning to tone back her sparring instead of a full fledged battle. She will be apprehensive when she begins sparring though will eventually get more comfortable with the tribe cats.

On a bad day, Flutter is nervous, quick tempered, anxious, irritable, and can become very agitated if cornered. Her communication on a bad day typically consist of grunts and head nods rather than real communication because she's too far removed from the situation. Typically, this behavior is most seen when she is triggered by something in her environment or immediately after waking up and while she can be consoled, it'd take a very patient cat to open her up to do so.

It is important to note that Flutter has PTSD and it dictates a lot of her life due to the loss of her kits and the harshness she faced growing up. She's scrawny and tends to be very territorial about food - though it will improve as she realizes that there is plenty to go around. She doesn't get close to others - especially to dominant males due to the experiences she had with Bird and Bear. She may eventually get over these but for right now, she can't be around them without disassociating. She is also extremely protective of younger cats and kits - especially ones who have bad parents or no parents at all. She can be triggered by: smells of lavender and cypress trees due to the location of her prior band, utter silence, musty caves, rotting prey, dead kits - no matter how they died, and obviously thinking about her past experiences. She suffers from a lot of nightmares and does not sleep much due to them.

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Mother: Butterfly

Father: Ares

Siblings: Soar & Fleck

Extended: Bear - brother in law. Doe - Sister in law, various nieces and nephews

Mentor: Bird

Apprentices: None


    Mate: Red
    Kits: Blaze & Shade

From the beginning, life hadn't been a bundle of roses, but they always made do. Ares and Butterfly weren't the most likely of pairs, but that was the way in their band. The males were raised for a life of strength and fighting and the females were merely hens that clucked along behind them, ready to bear their kits. Butterfly passed in her kitting and Ares was disappointed to learn that only one son had been produced, whom he named Soar. The females, were named Flutter and Fleck.

The kits grew quickly under their surrogate mother's care and like all kits, by the age of five moons, they were turned out to the band to earn their keep. The females were trained to hunt and the males were trained to fight. So when Flutter turned out to be a useless hunter but a proven natural in the sparring ring, it was only natural that Bird took notice. Bird was their leader, a gnarly, lanky old tom with patchy gray-white fur and pointed features. He was impatient, sharp, and ill-tempered, but when it came to Flutter, he pulled her from the normal ranks that a she-cat would go through and trained her under his own paw.

Bird trained her hard, pushed her to the point of exhaustion nearly every day and often starved her if she under performed. She slept at Soar and Fleck's side each night and cried herself to sleep from the brutal beatings she often received in her training and the ache in her stomach from hunger.

The days eventually grew brighter as her strength grew and finally, when she could pin Bird in their battles, she was turned onto the rest of the band to spar. She was powerful and fast, a truly formidable opponent. But life always seemed to be missing something.

For moons, that was what her life consisted of. Fighting and sparring, always striving to be the strongest. Bird made promises every time that she set foot into the ring that the loser would die at his paw, so failure was not an option. She pushed herself harder, never backing down. Flutter even began distancing herself away from her siblings for fear of being the reason they ended up getting hurt.

And it stayed that way, until Red came. He was a moon or two older than she at the age of seventeen moons was and stunningly handsome with a long, fluffy russet colored pelt that she'd never seen before. He joined their ranks and within a moon, she was smitten.

Bird was territorial to say the least, and the thought of losing the she-cat whom he'd trained for moons to be a powerful warrior choosing to live the life of a mother was unacceptable. He was furious, but bode his time. The two courted for about six moons, however, due to her own stubbornness, and by the time she was twenty-three, she was pregnant and at twenty-five gave birth to two beautiful kittens.

Two weeks before her kits were born, Red went missing. No one knew where he'd gone and he disappeared into the night, never to be seen again. Flutter speculates now that Bird was responsible, but she has no way of knowing for sure. And when her kits were born, she was expected back at her own duties within a few days, so she was forced to leave her kits under Fleck's care.


It was late in the evening when she returned, her body practically shaking with exhaustion. There would be no food tonight, Bird warned her, as her performance was abysmal at best. He was disappointed in her - not just for the poor sparring session but for the kits. He just wouldn't say it out loud. She knew, however. Flutter wasn't stupid.

He sent her on a mission to patrol the edges of their small territory alone. It would take about an hour - as long as she met no other cats on the border - and then she'd be able to return back to her beloved kits. She'd been swift - but not fast enough, so it seemed.

As she entered the cave, a familiar smell overcame her and for a moment, she wondered if Fleck had kitted. Her belly had been swelling for weeks with her third (or was it fourth?) litter. She and Bear had been happily mated for moons and while Bear was the complete opposite of his brother, Bird, there was something about him that Flutter had never quite trusted.

Forcing a smile as she pushed through, she entered to find Fleck hunched over something on the ground with her back to the entrance, though Flutter could tell instantly that there were no new kits by the sound of grunts and squeals that would have accompanied their arrival. Instead, the cave was near silent - spare the soft sob that sounded from Fleck. It was too quiet... far too quiet.

"Fleck... where are Blaze and Shade?" She asked, though as her sister froze and her sobs turned to hiccups and soft pleads, she already knew. Her heart fell as she shoved her sister aside, her eyes landing on the forms of her kits and a wail sounded from the young she-cat. "Who?!" She hissed under her breath, her eyes locked on the kits that she never anticipated she'd be able to love as much as she did. She'd always thought she'd be a terrible mother - though now she thought that for the wrong reasons. Fleck hiccuped again, tears soaking her fur as she let out a muffled whimper. "Was it Bear? Where is he?!" This time, she was howling, her fur fluffed up, eyes burning like flames and she stared down at the pregnant she-cat. NO! Her sister screamed, struggling to stand to block her sister's way.

"Where is he? I'm going to---" Something in her eyes must have told Fleck she was serious, because the she-cat scrambled forward once more. Bird. It was Bird. She choked out, trying to stop her sister from going. You can't go, he'll kill you. You can't. But Flutter started shoving past. The scuffle was quick and Fleck hit the ground hard and didn't move. And Flutter didn't bother checking to see if she was alright. She moved quickly toward Bird's den, not engaging with anyone until she found him, standing with Bear, in his den.

"Get. Out." Her voice was a deep growl and directed toward Bear, who looked confused and concerned at the same time. He shot Bird a concerned look, but before he could speak, she snarled, "Fleck is unconscious. You'd better go check on her." A wave of anger and concern flashed along his features, but he didn't bother waiting to be dismissed, practically sprinting from the den, and Bird and Flutter were left alone.

The fight was swift, and for once in her moons, Flutter held nothing back. She'd lost everything, everyone. It didn't matter if she died today. All she cared about was avenging her mate whom she knew was likely dead due to Bird's actions and her kits. If she succeeded, she'd allow herself to curl up somewhere and die. If she failed, her misery would end. There was no difference. Though the killing bite was finished all too quickly. It was all a blur and by the end of it she was covered in scratches and ugly wounds that would take time to heal.


The rest of her story? This was all just a week ago. So her life after Bird and his band has only just begun. She was found broken and bleeding in the mountains, making her way to the top where she planned to lay on the peak and allow starvation and the wounds that were surely infected to take her to her kits and her mate. But instead, she was found by the Tribe of Fiery Skies and has since been in their care. She's finally able to hold down food in her stomach and the worst of the infection seems to be gone, and as soon as she's healthy, she'll join the ranks of the Tribe as a sentry.
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