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dragonfly hovers over water
Tribe of Fiery Skies
Apr 17, 2020 22:50:35 GMT


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35 moons
Tribe of Fiery Skies
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a white bengal she-cat with light turquoise eyes
General Appearance
Dragonfly's appearance is delicate, appearing quite skinny and lithe. Some cats question whether she spends too much time hunting and little eating, since no matter the season Dragonfly seems to be lacking in fat and muscle. She wears a cream colored pelt with mottled darker brown patterns similar to a leopard print. She has the typical coat of a bengal, so her fur carries a characteristic sheen that adds to her sleek appearance. Dragonfly's gaze consists of a clear, misty eyes somewhere between blue and green. Her overall icy appearance is couple with a quiet demeanor. She seems to approach everything quietly, cats, life, or the hunt. Large ears, long limbs, and a great camouflage pelt is what landed this she-cat the role of a scout.

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rabbits, hunts, walks at night, new adventures

feeling useless, swamps, humidity

hunting, observation, running, tactics, introspection

fighting, communication, trust, forgiving the past

to become the best scout in the Tribe

being betrayed, being blamed and looked down on

The mystique of the Tribe, Dragonfly holds a proud and unwavering presence. Her icy pelt and gaze is enough to burn any cat up. There is no doubt that she is a sly and clever scout, able to track down any sort of prey. However, her favorite in particular are the rabbits that run around MoorClan territory. She loves to chase and absolutely loves the hunt. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new areas, especially on the new lands that the Tribe has recently settled on.

Dragonfly is someone who stays calm in almost all situations. She never lets anyone sway her from her composed demeanor and hates losing control over the situation. While spontaneous and adventurous, she makes sure she never bites off more than she can handle, thus constantly surprising the Tribe with her skills. Since her young to-be days, she has made sure that her every step and move is the most graceful it can be, to avoid being ridiculed or called out. Dragonfly has an ambition to always keep the Tribe well fed, and hopefully become a scout worth remembering.

Many cats look up to Dragonfly as an icon of grace, resilience, and skill. However, Dragonfly also has a darker side. Her icy demeanor hides a lot of her insecurities and trust issues. She tries not to get too close to any cat, fearing that they would betray her trust the way her siblings did moons ago. In addition, Dragonfly holds grudges in her heart for a very long time. Even after she verbally expresses forgiveness, she scarcely ever truly forgives.

When it comes to the Tribe, there is no doubt Dragonfly loves her group deeply despite her lack of expression. She simply fears commitment. Throughout her life, she has seen friendships and relationships rise and fall, and believes that everything has an end. She secretly fears ending relationships and friendships and prefers to never engage in deep ones at all. That being said, she has a fair amount of acquaintances, but no one that she would genuinely share her thoughts with. She avoids the thought of one day being a mate and mother, as she cannot envision herself doing well in those roles. Her place is with the land, exploring and hunting and bettering herself.

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Mother: Moth that Flies toward Light

Father: Cricket Chirps at Daybreak

Siblings: Butterfly Soars On Light Breeze, Glow of Midnight Firefly

Mentor: n/a

Apprentices: n/a



0 moons || Dragonfly was born to Cricket and Moth. Moth was an ambitious she-cat who would do anything to accomplish her dreams. Whether she really loved Cricket was questionable, but her dream of having a family and raising kits superseded that. She wanted only a perfect family, just like the one she herself had been raised in, where everyone loved each other.

2 moons || However, her kits would somehow fall short of her expectations. As a kit, Dragonfly was rambunctious and brash. Firefly was withdrawn and sulky. Butterfly was probably the most well-behaved one. Yet their differences in personality never stopped the three from bonding as siblings. The three kits were a joy to have within the camp and practically inseparable. Immersed in the joy and naivety of childhood, the three never gave a second thought toward their mother and father’s arguments.

8 moons || As they became to-be’s, the siblings remained close. Dragonfly was an adventurous to-be, and often got into trouble. But so far, she had successfully gotten out of most trouble as well. Butterfly grew more and more withdrawn. Their mother Moth became overbearingly protective with her and forbade her from going out on “dangerous” adventures with her siblings. It was unfair to Dragonfly, she wanted her sister to have just as much fun as the other to-be’s.

12 moons || Everything would change one day when the three of them overheard some senior cave-guards talking about a new fox den discovered not far from the new camp where the Tribe settled. The three siblings took turns daring each other to check out the fox den, and eventually they ended up right outside the new den itself. They even managed to persuade their mother to let Butterfly come along. Butterfly was the most timid of the three, thus the other two more rambunctious siblings pushed her to enter the den first. Excited to be out with her siblings again and to prove herself brave, Butterfly took their dare.

The fiasco ended with Butterfly being terribly injured. Dragonfly saw the foxes and felt afraid – she was not in training to become a cave guard and had little combat skills. Terrified, she ran from the scene being chased by foxes, leaving her siblings behind her. Upon returning to the camp, she found that the senior cave guards had rescued Firefly and Butterfly. But Butterfly was horribly injured, a cave-guard had died rescuing them, and Firefly had told everyone that the foxes were Dragonfly’s idea. Dragonfly took full blame for the incident, knowing that it was her that spurred them forward.

14 moons || As time went on, this led to other problems: Butterfly had always been their mother’s favorite. She was pretty, demure, and intelligent, everything that their mother had in mind for a daughter. After Butterfly’s injury, Moth became incredibly angry. She shunned Firefly and Dragonfly for bringing Butterfly in danger, and upon seeing Butterfly’s ugly injuries, wanted nothing to do with her as well. Moth became more and more disillusioned. Moth argued with Cricket day in and day out, splitting the two parents apart and the siblings as well.

The chaos finally ended when Moth quietly died one day in her den. This only pushed the three siblings further apart, as they all blamed each other for Butterfly’s injuries and their mother’s subsequent death. A rumor began to spread that she had secretly poisoned her mother. Dragonfly reacted to this by avoiding her family completely. She felt betrayed that she had to bear responsibility, becoming a full scout several moons later than everyone else. She was also punished to months of extra duties and patrols.

18 moons || As Dragonfly finally became a full-fledged scout, she realized she had inherited her mother’s unconditional ambition but channeled it into a different aspect. She was going to become the best scout in the Tribe and redeem her reputation. Throwing herself into her duties, Dragonfly neglected to reconnect with her family or siblings she once loved, believing that they were all just holding her back from her dreams. Basically, she decided not to solve their problems and avoided them. She is slow to trust and was greatly affected by the fact that their mother so easily took Butterfly’s side. However, she has found that without her family, she no longer feels “held back” and can chase her dreams without any concern.

25 moons || Dragonfly found solace in a tom named Star. The two of them had actually grown up together, but Dragonfly was too involved with her own siblings to make other friends. However, she rejected his repeated requests to become her mate despite their mutual feelings, fearing the commitment. Dragonfly insisted that she did not want a family and did not ever want to deal with kits.

35 moons || Moons passed. To this day, Dragonfly continues to throw herself into her duties despite Star's repeated requests. She is overall enjoying Tribe life on their new lands, finding enrichment in its secrets and new adventures.

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35 moons
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