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Watcher of the Flames
Tribe of Fiery Skies
Apr 17, 2020 18:59:48 GMT


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Tribe of Fiery Skies

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white molly with bi-colored eyes. 
General Appearance
As far as appearances go, Flamewatcher isn't entirely unique. Her pelt is a solid white hue, uninterrupted as it extends from tip to tail. Her fur is somewhat short, though carries a sort of fluffy quality to it. Her paws, nose, and insides of her ears are a pale pink and blend well into her fur. Perhaps her most striking quality is her heterochromatic eyes, one being an icy blue and the other a rather striking green. Stature wise, Flamewatcher is rather lean and muscular. Her limbs are rather long and slender, though she's no part of her is disproportionate from the rest. Had life not let her on this path, she would have easily settled into the life of a prey-hunter.

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+good company
+pretending to be 'normal'

-her position
-her father
-the unknown

+herbal knowledge
+speaking to others

-standing up to others
-second guessing herself

+to somehow escape her destiny

-becoming like her father

Flamewatcher is one who wishes she broke the mold. But in her life, in the tribe, she was born into a role she couldn't escape...despite this being the single thing she longs for. Born as the only heterchromatic kit in the last litter of her parents, she was destined to become the next in charge. This was something forced upon her, and as she grew to learn about it, she grew to loath it. Though it was mostly her father that she loathed, and because of that she vowed to never become like him.

Flame, as those who are close to her call her, is one who enjoys the simple things in life. She's rather easy going and graceful. She would be one to enjoy long walks alone, if she could ever escape the sentries that guard her every move. This white molly carries herself with pride, though if she were to be asked what she's proud of...she wouldn't be able to answer. While she knows all the herbal remedies and can lead the tribe wisely, this isn't something she prides herself on. This is her father's pride and joy and not her own.

Instead, she would rather find a new path for herself, one that she chose. And because she lacks total devotion to her position, she can second guess herself when making decisions. Often times, she's seen talking to the Keeper when big decisions need made, in hopes that they can shed light on the dark and murky situation.

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Mother: Snow

Father: Stag

Siblings: two brothers

Extended: many

Mentor: Frog

Apprentices: none


For this history, Stag was her father and the current Flamewatcher

*Moons pass as a tom waits for one of his kits to be born with the trait he needs. Dual colored eyes to symbolize their importance. To show him that they are worthy. He all but gives up hope as he ages, going so far as to switch mates as he settles on the thought that his is cursed.

*His first litter with his new mate is born and impatiently Stag waits for his kits to show their true eye colors. And as they do, one finally becomes the kit he has waited so long for. She is named to resemble his old name...Fawn. The rest of her name is unimportant to him, and he leaves her mother to finish the name.

*Fawn That Leaps Lightly. Although she rarely goes by anything other than Fawn. She spends most of her kithood as any kit would, dreaming of the days ahead. She finds herself excited for the life of a prey-hunter...though her dreams would soon be shattered.

*Sooner than most to-bes she is summoned to her father's cave. Here she learns of her destiny, one that she finds no interest in. Though it becomes clear early that she has no real choice.

*Fawn becomes rather cold towards her father, as he seems to have zero disregard to what she really wants out of life. She is often told to 'suck it up' and that 'she was chosen and should feel honored'. She spends less time with her siblings, who seem to have gone on with their lives without her. She becomes closer to her mother Snow.

*Her father's Keeper soon fills her in on lore, informing her that of several litters, she is the only one who was born with the required trait. She also learns of her father's old mate and half siblings she has. She confronts her father, only to find herself more disgusted and offended.

*Snow confirms the Keepers story. And soon Fawn finds herself ready to quit and wishing she wasn't even part of the family. She longs for a simpler life.

*Fawn continues to grow, learning along the way regardless of if she wants to. Her father is already old enough and he continues to grow older. She learns the herbs and healing with enthusiasm, but the actual leadership is something she doesn't entirely enjoy. They bicker and fight, and despite her lack of enthusiasm to lead, he compliments her on her speaking ability and way with words. If this came from her mother she would take it as a compliment, but coming from him she dismisses it.

*Fawn waits impatiently, almost longing for her fathers death. The time in between is filled with nothing exciting. She sneaks away when she can, though usually a sentinel accompanies her every move to ensure she's alive and well.

*Her father passes, and not many are surprised when she's not there to see him off to the other side. Fawn becomes the next Flamewatcher, and she isn't happy to go by the name that her father once used.

*As her reign of Watcher of the Flames begins, the tribe is met with challenges. They are driven from much of their lands from a group of cats that they know not much of. They throw the name Bonestar around, and while this means nothing to her, it must mean something somewhere. The Tribe maintains their camp, but must shift their hunting lands to the other side of the mountain. 

*Flame continues to lead as she must, often times turning to her Keeper for important decisions. She tries to escape her position through stories and friendships. But she won’t be able to run forever, especially since a group of tribe cats has reported sightings of other felines. 
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