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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: Filbertkit
filbert: his hazel tabby patches. 
kit: his rank within creekclan.
5 moons old
Bisexual, (at the moment undecided)
Kit, Apprentice, Warrior, etc

Former Clan:
Not applicable.


Other Characters
None, my first one!

Purchased Items

Desired Warrior Name

Anything Else
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
A white tom with brown patches and hazel green eyes.
General Appearance
Filbertkit is bestrewn in a stark alabaster pelage, feathery and youthful, yet short and crisp. This silvery white cloak is embellished by swathes mimicking the color of cedar, almost as though it was encased in a cloudy and opaque husk.
Beneath his moon-white pelt is a woven system of sinew. His muscles are still developing, but quite imposing for a tom lacking full maturity. His frame is crafted for hoisting himself up trees, powerful clips, and hefty jumps. He is balanced with upper body strength and lower body strength, capable of rearing up on his haunches, or to lift himself on his fore legs.
Filberkit is bejeweled with an aesthetically harmonious gaze; it preserves the pigmentation of a hazel's billowing leaves. It isn't significantly at variance with his pelt, but his stare encourages a glance at his coat, while bringing attention to itself. When flushed within the glow of the sun, it exhibits sunkissed hues adorned by his deep forest green.

[/PTab={color:#808080; background-color:#FFFFFF; font-weight: bold; tab-selected-background-color:#404040;tab-font-size:11px; tab-padding:10px 0px; tab-hover-background-color:#404040; tab-background-color:#202020;}][PTab=PSYCHE]
the tough and muscled meat of rabbit, sparring, the floating feeling of water, and amity with others.

the smell of honey, the tangy and sour taste of mouse, and other kits' breath.

⋆ combat  (of course with his fellow denmates)
⋆ charisma
⋆ stamina

⋆ speed 
⋆ hearing in his left ear
⋆ street smarts

⋆ to become the most powerful warrior there ever was.

the unknown and his father.

To generally summarize Filbertkit: a naive little tom. He emanates elan and unadulterated innocence. He has inured harsh experiences, and his paws have graced death more than once, but he still possesses a pure ingenuousness to the world. This quality he has inherited will not work well for him in the long-run.

As opposed to being ingenious, he is more academically intelligent, although far from being an intellectual prodigy. This contrasts his characteristics, valuing a cultivated cat rather than general intellect, (both things he greatly lacks).

Filbertkit, like most kits, yearns for the thrill of adventure. The exhilaration of bounding along unexplored lands, ones your mind cannot imagine, the marvel of new biomes, and the sensation of dense foliage snapping beneath his paws. His feeling of wanderlust influences him significantly, and he is bound to become a bit to adventurous and let his paws fall where they shouldn't. Yet, it akin to a insatiable flame, swallowing each and every tinder granted to it. An ember bound to bloom deep within his heart.

Filbertkit is best acknowledged by his denmates for his excessive charisma. It is one of the biggest attributes he possesses. An admirable finish within a play-fight, or just his charming mannerisms. From the perspective of the warriors, he is seen as just another sassy blob.
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Mother: Sand

Father: Crow

Siblings: Hazel (deceased), Berrykit (F)

Extended: Curl, (maternal aunt)

Mentor: N/A

Apprentices: N/A

Other: N/A

Filbertkit was an accumulation of a shattered relationship, passing as fast as it started.
His mother, Sand, hung out with a rogue when she was an adolescent. Filbertkit's father, Crow, made outrageous claims of his history, which being credulous, Sand promptly believed. This formed a rift between the couple whenever he would announce what was genuinely happening in his life. Crow proposed to Sand, and she agreed, exhilarated thinking about their potential future.
Soon after their betrothal, Sand bore his kits all alone. Crow was a negligent father, ignoring his kits in need even if he was in proximity. Sand was exasperated when she had to hunt on her own, and jilted Crow.
Inconsolable, he became vindictive. Seeking vengeance; a vengeance that could only be quelled by Sand's sorrow. Crow managed to take Filbertkit and his siblings, unbeknownst to Sand. Crow planned to take his kits' lives in reprisal.

While in the middle of luring Sand to his lair, (Crow), Filbert managed to crawl to the river with a sanguine ear. The metallic scent of his blood in his air nearly led Crow to retrieve him, but he was deterred by the appearance of a patrolling cats. Filbert was taken to the medicine den and his wounds were tended to, albeit he was still left with a nicked ear.
He was closed to the medicine den's quarters, and could barely move, which was ascribed to his blood loss. He was stuck in there with a burly warrior, who was also healing from wounds consisting of lacerations, a result of a bloody border skirmish. With healing shoulders, the warrior taught Filbert, or at that point in time, Filbertkit, how to fight. Filbertkit learned conscientiously, even with moves he could barely use. Once he was permitted to wander camp, he was the essentially the king of the nursery ring.

But, that is bound to change, being closer to apprenticeship, and other kits challenging his seemingly unstoppable reign.
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Staff has viewed your application, however we can't accept it at this time. I've made a list and added some links to help you fix up your application so it can be accepted. <3 

  • Kit characters cannot be created as first characters unless you have bought an item. You can read about that here and find our shop here.

  • Your character can be from Creekclan, but right now in our plot all the clans are joined to create Oneclan. In your stats it says your character is from Creekclan.

  • The desired warrior name is Hazelstrike, but your characters name is Filberkit.

  • Cats are allowed to be hard of hearing, but it counts as a disability which needs to be bought in the shop.

  • Kits cannot learn how to fight.

Once all of these things are fixed up you are free to play your character here on Uproar! We're so excited to have you and if you have any questions or need any help, don't hesitate to reach out to us in DM or through Discord. 

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