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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name:
Adder: for their dark tabby pelt; named after family members

Kit: For their rank as a kit
3 Moons
Non-Binary (genetically female)
They/Them (preferred);
She/Her (usually called by)

Former Clan:
Born to Gorge, Raised in Creek (cross-clan kit)


Other Characters
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Purchased Items

Desired Warrior Name

Anything Else
Is not entirely loyal to the clan. Cobrastrike will be NPCd off this character. Also note that while they prefer neutral pronouns, it is rare for anyone but Strike to refer to them as anything but female.
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
a long haired black tabby with silver green eyes
General Appearance
Adderkit does not quite look picture-perfect among their family, their longer fur looking somewhat out of place until one takes a look at their uncle - however, they do not look greatly unlike them either. What they show most resemblance to though, is the snake they were named after. Perhaps the intent indeed was to name them after family, but the silvery grey undercoat the youth bears, blanketed almost impassibly by thick black tabby striping that covers most of their back and sides, as well as streaking wildly out across their face and tufting upon their ears, pay striking resemblance to a black adder snake. It seems their monochromatic scheme is averse to any hint of color, for while their eyes take the barest glimpse of pale green, in most lights they appear more of a silvery grey much like the fur between them. They may be small now in youth, but there is no doubt that Adderkit will grow into a force to be reckoned with, even if they remain smaller and slighter than their sister.

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Strikekit, Bugs, Practicing what the apprentices do, Nighttime, Clear Instructions

Talkative Cats, Crowding, Clan Ways, Playing, Female Pronouns

Observant, Fast Learner, Great Concentration, Patient

Silent, Aloof, Disloyal, Possessive

To always stay with their sister

Being separated from their sister

It does not take a genius to realize the world of this youth revolves around their littermate. Not the queen who nursed them, not their adoptive siblings, not even their own father or the memory of the mother they never met - all they seem to care about is their sister. The cat that they speak with when they are silent to everyone else, the cat that they would follow anywhere no matter what it required of them, the cat that they would force themself into any situation for. Perhaps it seems a simple kitten attachment at this age, but the lengths Adderkit may go for their sibling as they grow older might astound those that think they care for nothing and no one.

Adderkit is far from an easy one to understand, and it certainly does not help that they tend to say the bare minimum necessary to anyone beyond their sister. They do not seem to have the energy expected of most kits, rather, they tend to keep to themselves or near their sister like a silent shadow. They seem to have little interest in play, and at times it as though there is a dark cloud hovering over their head, constantly dampening their mood. Perhaps they do not really understand why this is, but Adderkit does not feel particularly strong bonds to anyone besides their sister all the same. Even towards the father who seeks to raise them, or the queen who nursed them in their mother's place, they are largely indifferent, and while they may have a tendency to be rather nonreactive and uninterested in many going ons among their false siblings or the nursery they live in, sometimes a silent temper will lash out like a snake. No one is really sure if Adderkit might count as strangely cold and detached, or even fearful and dependent on their littermate, but for certain they do not seem eager to open up enough for anyone to find out.

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Mother: Fangstar (deceased), Berrychirp (adopter)

Father: Cobrastrike, Huckleberryroot (adopted father)

Siblings: Strikekit (littermate), Beekit and Honeykit (adopted siblings)

Extended: Talonflight (uncle), Vervainflower (aunt), Valerianpaw and Vrieseapaw (cousins)

Fangstar and Cobrastrike were never something to be considered a fated pair. Perhaps fated to some kind of self-destructive mess, but not for any degree of a happy ending. A banished warrior who joined those being fought against, and the leader of the cats he left behind...the tensions between them should have said enough. However, the pair came together all the same, and throughout the Spore's rise the duo courted to Fangstar's pregnancy. Perhaps if circumstances were different it may not have been so bad. However, with the Spore at its peak, there was little way for a pregnant leader stuck in camp to avoid it. With difficulties and sickness combined, Fangstar did not make it far past the birth of her kits, despite having more lives than most.

With little other option, the only other queen having already run out of milk over a moon ago, the two newborns were rushed to Creekclan before they were even old enough to know their mother's face. There, Strikekit and Adderkit were raised by Berrychirp, though this was not to say the pair treated her like the loving nothing she acted as. No, while Adderkit was far from the little spitfire her sister was to the poor queen and her happy little family, Adderkit was not exactly a sweet and loving kit either. Instead, they were largely indifferent, if at times somewhat standoffish and irritated by the constant liveliness of those they were made to live with. For the most part they fed the attitude off of their sister, but it was hard to make their own when they were constantly in their littermate's shadow.

In time Adderkit will have to summon a little independence from their sister within their apprentice days, though whether this will turn them around or darken a brewing storm is yet to be seen.
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3 Moons
Apr 23, 2020 6:40:10 GMT


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