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Larkspur: Seawatcher named him to symbolize her love and affection towards him and despite his father not wanting him or his mother dying; Larkspur would always have Seawatcher.
frost: reflects his dark inky fur and mischievous, almost rebellious nature (note: currently it's 'paw')

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Due to the spore and merger and the fact he's an adoptable (at a late age of 12 moons; I've given him an NPC mentor who trained him mostly but died due to the spore so he's not... inadequately trained)
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[attr="class","biography"]An inky black tom with olive hued eyes
One line here for tracker purposes.
General Appearance
Larkspurpaw is a large inky coloured tom with feathering soft fur. The tom presents a pale olive green set of eyes. Larkspurpaw presents himself as a tall, lanky yet very large tom-cat. He has Maine Coon traits littered within his overall appearance; his long lanky shape being one of many tells. Larkspurpaw has a boxy facial structure with pointed, feathered ears. Larkspurpaw’s paws are large and heavy; demonstrating strength and agility. The young tom has a solid black nose and no additional marks or colours on his body. The slender tom looks fairly different from his mother; Seawatcher, although not by a lot. He still shares her dark stormy undertones and fluffy fur.

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Adventure, the unknown, lizards (favorite prey) and play-fighting

Serious commitment, clingy or overbearing cats, threats made against himself, his clan or his family, and liars.

Close combat, stealth and tracking.

Swimming, his family, speed and agility.

To become a great warrior of CreekClan/OneClan.

Drowning; despite being born in CreekClan, he is a major dry-paw.

Larkspurpaw has several traits which describe who he is in a nutshell.

Larkspurpaw is a troublemaker with a hot-headed nature and a thirst for trouble. When he matures, he will be known as a player or heartbreaker; eager to cause mischief and mayhem wherever he goes. Despite these traits though, his loyalty and dedication to CreekClan will never cease. The tom admires his mother and many of the seasoned warriors within it's ranks.

This tom is fiercely protective and driven largely by emotion; he follows his heart and gut-feelings rather than what his mind may be saying. If someone hurts those he cares for, it will instantly form an enemy in Larkspurpaw. This tom holds a grudge against those who have committed wrong in his mind and does not let go of the past overly easily. It must be noted that he is affectionate and loving but only on his terms. Larkspurpaw can quickly become frustrated with cats who cling to him or are overbearing. The only real exception to this is his mother or sister; who will still get snapped at, but alas his anger at them will fade faster than it will for anyone else.

Larkspurpaw’s mischievous nature will never fade from his personality. It is ingrained in who he is. It will lessen as he matures, but he will always be curious about things beyond the rules and the clans. The warrior code in his mind is important, but he believes there are some blurred lines too. It is like telling someone not to open a box that is sitting right in front of them… The temptation is simply too hard to resist.

As he grows up, his bad-boy and explorative nature may cause problems later on. Especially with other cats and those of female variety. Larkspurpaw’s curiosity may get the better of him and he may find himself in tricky situations. I.e forbidden romances, accidental litters.

Larkspurpaw still has a lot of growth to go, but these are the fundamental pillars of what makes him up.

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Biological parents: Oceancloud (father) & unknown queen
Biological siblings: Amaryllispaw (sister)

Adopted mother:
Adopted father: Eagleheart

Siblings: Amaryllispaw, Goosekit (a solid gray tom-kit with saffron eyes), Swankit (a pale silver and white she-kit with green eyes), Apricotkit (a dilute cream tabby tom-kit with pale green eyes).

Extended: Oceancloud (uncle)

Mentor: Stormseeker (large grey tom with green eyes; perished just prior to the clan-merge due to the spore)

Apprentices: --



Larkspurpaw has lies and betrayal littered throughout his past, but all of it is unknown to him. Larkspurpaw was the product of a fling between two cats; Oceancloud and a nameless fae. Oceancloud was not overly ecstatic to be a father when news fell that the fae was pregnant. But, never the less, accepted fate. Coincidentally, Seawatcher (Oceancloud's sister) was also expecting young kits around the same time - with a few moons here or there to give or take some. When the nameless fae died during childbirth, leaving Oceancloud a father of two, he went to his sister for aid. Seawatcher was the only queen at the time who could produce milk and thus, she took her brother's two young kits under her wing all while caring for her own litter of kits.

Seawatcher also granted the two kits names for Oceancloud had stepped back, not seeming to want much to do with the product of his one-night fling.

Seawatcher's young kits were more or less the same age and with Larkspurpaw and Amaryllispaw being so young at the time of the deaths, he was never able to piece together that they had been from two separate litters. The death of his siblings (albeit adopted) was hard on the young tom. He was used to waking up every morning and playing with his big family. However all of that is much of a faded memory. The tom could remember sickness overtaking the Nursery and Seawatcher being extremely upset, but very few of the finer details. Eventually the tom became an apprentice and began his training to become a warrior. Larkspurpaw flourished at battle training and even hunting, but it became quickly apparent he was a dry-paw; much unlike his mother. The tom still never the less made her proud and always did his best so he could one day be named a great warrior of CreekClan.

The merge between the clans happened mid-way through Larkspurpaw's training; making training a little difficult. With new smells and new warriors in the merged clan, Larkspurpaw struggled a little to adapt but he started to make do. The tom however never learned the truth about his heritage; he was told from birth that Eagleheart was his father and Seawatcher was his mother. It has never been questioned and nor would Larkspurpaw question it. Seawatcher would never lie to him...
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