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mushroom that sprouts at night
Tribe of Fiery Skies
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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name: mushroom that sprouts at night
named for his black pelt and the cove of harmless mushrooms his mother nested near

forty-five moons
tribe of fiery skies


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lethal black shorthair with mustard eyes
General Appearance
imagine a night with no moon and clouds have rolled in to block out what remains of the stars from touching the surface of the forest. that is the depth of the darkness, the empty void of black that is mushroom's pelt. his on the shorter-side pelt sticks to his skin as if it, itself was another layer of skin. however, even though it can be slicked back and styled with any type of sticky material, he can fluff it up even just the slightest to give off a weak performance of intimation. for the most part, they will note two things about the tom - a lighter  part of black, grey you could say, is nestled on his maw on the left hand side. no more then a speck - like a star in the night sky.

lethal is a word to describe the tom, slim and narrow are two more. the tom is designed for agility and speed - something that would make him very good at hunting if it was not for his lack of patience. holding his slim frame together is cords of tight muscle that has been toned to perfection over the moons of protecting and guarding the felines of his tribe. where brute strength is an issue, there lies a speed to his movements. his average size paws for his body carry him quickly through any situation - as does his long slender legs. the two oddities about him are his long tail and large bat-like ears (something, many are surprised his mother did not name him after).

lastly we draw your attention back to his face, the round structure, the broad maw and the  large black nose. all features of his that are trademarked to him. his normal size, pearly white teeth are in order with none missing nor infected. even his whiskers are long, but not so much as to cause a droopy affect. in fact, the only thing remaining on the tom are his eyes, wide and beholding of the world. to many they come off as a mustard color, yellow if you will, with a fleck or two of green hidden around the iris. the color is only enriched at night when the moon reflects upon them. 

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+ patroling
+ sparing
+ eating
+ mushroom get away
+ climbing

+wren that pecks the ground
+frigid cold
+submerging his body in water
+ hunting

+ fighting

+elderberry on forgotten paths
+ tunnel navigation

+to achieve the rank of sentinel
+to be a father, and not a liar.

+to have an affair like his father did
+his sister finding out they are not full siblings.

living a total of forty plus moons has given the tom a hint of maturity that would otherwise be lacking for the middle age male. however one would even say that he is extremely adaptable to his environment, something that has come more with age, than with his youth. a hint of adventure seems to always lurk in the tom's eyes, as he is extremely energetic and confident in how he moves above his day. with a good temperament and rather boyish nature, the tom seems to make friends easily and confidently. lastly the tom is rather observant and intelligent, capable of using his mind in the mists of an attack. however, the tom is also tolerant, able to accept what many would not accept, such as multi-colored eyes in cats outside of the bloodline.

however, the tom is very ambitious and is rather disappointed when he does not get what he wants. emotional in the sense that he wears his emotions on his sleeve, he can sometimes come across as being over emotional. a rather obedient tom, he follows the orders and laws of his tribe to an almost T. while he might be tolerant of those who would break the rules, he would never find himself doing it unless it was life or death. stubborn and yet sarcastic, the tom has a knack for using his tongue to either liven up a conversation or kill it completely. while stubborn, the tom seems to stick to some beliefs, and while he will do as he is asked, he will grumble about it until his dying breath if he disagrees with it.

there are times tho, where the tom has a nasty streak. the underlining heat that boils below his surface can sometimes be a little to much. he has a bit of an argumentative side, where after so much grumbling, he lashes back with a hot headed fury. his blunt and foolish nature come hand in hand when he is speaking, not thinking before he acts and even coming across as plain rude at times. he can even come across as opinionated and voice those opinions when he needs too. while he won't act upon them as often, he will definitely let a cat know what is on his mind. that can cause him a bit of anxiety at time, not enough to stop him, but enough to make him feel like he has gone to far. lastly, he can be a bit envious of those around him, especially when what he is aiming to achieve is taken from him. the tom can be a fiery and sadistic feline as well, toying with those who wrong him if they dare to cross him.

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↳ mother of mushroom

↳ father of mushroom

↳ younger half sister to mushroom.

↳ former mentor of mushroom

the tribe of fiery skies was home to many a cats, those of the thin and thick variety. to no surprise, that some body types lead to some cats being mislabeled, and surprisingly enough, that was the base for our feline's mother. pine of an ebony hue - or ebony for short - was a slender and thin she-cat, whose parents and flamewatcher decided she would be best suited for the art of hunting as a scout. to no one's surprise, upon her entry into the to-be title, the flamewatcher hailed her a sentry, and she proved to most that her appearance did not determine her status. her agility, speed and quick thinking made her excellent for the role of a sentry, and when she finally became on in her own right - it was no surprise she was aiming high.

she wanted to be the sentinel.

however, life had a funny way of throwing a wrench right into her plans. for, at the age of thirty moons she found herself pregnant. the result of a loveless night affair with an already taken tom, turning into a horrible beginning to a life of mothering and pestering. for ebony she was not about to have that, she went on risky patrols and hunting parties - anything to ensure she would not make it to the nursery... until she did. forced into the mother title, the she-cat begrudgingly held back her desire to out the tom who had placed her in this spot, even though the tom himself was more than willing to admit to his mistakes. it was during those times of finally accepting her fate as a mother, that she began traversing the territory and found a place all her own.

mushrooms, a dozen or more, rotting away and turning to black nothingness. every day she would venture into the little area, and each day she would tend to the blooming and dying mushrooms. so it was to no surprise that one day, close to her kitting, she vanished.

the tom who had done this to her, wren that pecks the ground had a mate himself who was expecting and who had forgiven him for his tussle in the territory. she had even tried to mend the bridge with the ebony colored she-cat but to no progress. so when he discovered his former fling was missing, he ventured out after her scent trail. he was a great tracker and a scout to boot and so when he found her, bleeding out nursing a black tom he wanted to comfort her, gathering the flamewatcher and demand they heal her. but she requested that he let her go in peace.

"his name is mushroom that sprouts at night... just like these beautiful gems." her voice would rasp. "do not let them judge him for his appearance, as they did me... please." she added before her eyes slipped closed before his answer could be heard. gently the tom carried the newborn kit back to the camp, surprised to hear his own mate had just kitted. when he entered, mushroom in jaws he spotted the beautiful black she-cat laying with his daughter, elderberry of forgotten paths. the mother smiled softly as she took the motherless tom into her care, deeming him fit to be a sentry with that feisty swipe of his paw he just did.

moons passed and the two kittens open their eyes to the bright open world. mushroom first, with his large eyes peering into the camp with wonder and innocence. he was a kitten of great imagination and speed, with his agility showing even from a young age. his ability to out pace the older kittens, and surprise them with his attacks was promising enough for the father of two to approach the flamewatcher and speak of having his son train as a sentry. to no surprise, when the time would come for the two kits to become to-bes, mushroom would stand before a sentry named panther that climbs the land - or panther for short. 

the tom trained the younger tom in the ways of utilizing strength, but once they realized that mushroom's gift in fighting and protecting was not in brute strength, but in wearing his opponent down, surprising with quick blows, the training switched. panther had the tom utilize the agility he possessed, the speed and the stamina. the young tom was quick to display and succeed in battle training against those whose brute strength could have crushed him. he was described as a "slippery eels, it is no surprise he was made a sentry for his kick attacks." and for much of his eight moons of training, he was forced to enhance his strength.

soon his graduation was upon him, his sister - a scout - stood beside him proudly as they began their new life as their new titles. he was proud of himself, constantly offering to go on hunting parties or border patrols to protect the scouts. he was not the best at what he did, but he was good none the less and as the moons tumbled on he became more confident in his position, his eyes opened to the realm of horror and gore. his innocence long since vanished. his mentor died not long ago, a misstep that should not have happened, the faulting of a scout in trying to grab the tom's scruff. two dead in a matter of moments. for, the scout was none other than mushroom's step mother.

it was not long after that wren brought news to mushroom that his mother, was not who he believed it to be. he told him of ebony, of the affair and of the reasoning behind his name. angry, hurt and distort, the tom disappeared into the night for almost 24 hours, returning with a cut along his side and a fiery in his heart that could not be calmed. he disowned his father, but did not tell his sister of the truth he had found out. in those trying times, he pushed on, keeping his sisters company and avoiding his father at every turn.
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