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17 moons

Beautiful in appearance with soft, flowing silvery fur with darker midnight stripes. Additionally, she has the occasional deep orange smudge hidden among her thick stripes. She presents delightfully bright honey coloured eyes - inherited from her biological father, but commonly referred to as her 'fathers eyes' implying her 'known' father - Cicadaflame. Lotusflower is a large sized she-cat; boasting a Maine Coon heritage. She has muscles beneath her thick fur which help her with stealth, speed and strength-based combat. Lotusflower has a round face, particularly around her maw and ears. The tips of her ears are feathered; matching her long lusciously fluffy tail.

LIKES || Rabbits, new-leaf, kits.
DISLIKES || Trees and heights, disrespect, the idea of 'warrior-blood', manipulation.
STRENGTHS || Devoted, charismatic, nurturing, clever and ambitious.
WEAKNESS || Flirtatious, vain, stubborn and insecure.
DREAMS || Become a mother, to become successful in the clan.
FEARS || Heights, infertility, not being good enough.

Lotusflower is 100% devoted to her clan. She demonstrates unwavering loyalty to all things OneClan. She originated from MoorClan and held no objections to the clan-merger. The warrior thought that uniting was the best way to defeat the darkness that had claimed so many.

Lotusflower would lay down her life for her clan-mates if it meant saving their lives over her. Although Lotusflower is not physically strong and muscled, she would fight tooth and claw to ensure her clan is fed for another sunrise.

Her devotion to her clan fuels her ambition to succeed. Lotusflower wants to climb the mountains and reach the top. She believes no challenge is too tough for anyone if they put their mind to it. Lotusflower wants to one day lead the clan, or even become a well-respected advisor for she believes she has a sturdy paw and loving heart, which would help ensure it's growth and success for many, many moons.

Upon meeting her, she is warm and charismatic; easy to get along with and talk to. However, she is wary when it comes to outsiders. Lotusflower does not loath or dislike rogues, kittypets or the other clans (unless they do something to weaken herself or OneClan) but she treats them with caution for they do not follow the ways of StarClan nor do they have the clan’s best interests at heart.

Lotusflower has always been adored, ever since she was a young kit. Her mother doted on her and showered her with affection and was constantly telling her how beautiful she was and how much she loved her. While this is not a bad fact on its own, it has unfortunately made Lotusflower slightly arrogant and vain.

Lotusflower likes the toms. A lot. Although she has never had a mate or seriously fallen in love, she does appreciate the figure of a well muscled or lean male. Lotusflower is no stranger to flirting; although it is usually always playful and never serious. Lotusflower does not flirt maliciously and she will often watch her tongue (she knows better than to say something in front of one's mate). It is possible that with time, if she ever finds love, that she will stop this silly behavior and focus purely on one tom than several.

Lotusflower; while beautiful in both appearance and namesake, can occasionally become quick-tempered and fiery. There are several triggers to her temper and they are usually not unreasonable.

Lotusflower tends to act fairly confident in almost all elements of her life. However a deep truth is that she is very insecure. The feline concerns herself with being good enough and tends to overthink small, insignificant details. Lotusflower tends to mask her feelings of insecurity by flirting and by using facts or memories.


  • Lotusflower’s favorite prey is rabbit. If you want to work your way into her good books, bringing her one of these three would help

  • Lotusflower is terrified of heights. The she-cat has always dreaded having to climb up high for she feels rather unstable. Lotusflower does not have grace when climbing trees at all.

  • Lotusflower dreams of one day being a mother. She has the maternal instinct and affectionate nature for it.

This beautiful feline was the product of an innocent fling. Butterflyeyes was well-known for her flirtatious ways and her charm; she had several lovers but most seemed to be inside of MoorClan. A lot did not approve of Butterflyeye's harlotry, but she was a feline who was not phased by others and their opinions. Butterflyeye never found love, unfortunately. The she-cat longed for it and searched for it, but no tom was ever able to tame her. One that came close was Bee, an outsider. Bee was a rogue who was known for stealing prey and crossing borders. Many a times he received serious wounds and warnings from the warriors of MoorClan, but Butterflyeyes couldn't help but feel drawn to him. The two were together on and off for about 8 moons. When Butterflyeyes discovered she was pregnant, she knew immediately who the father was - it had to be Bee, for he was the one she spent the most time with. It was possible it was one of the MoorClan warriors, but Butterflyeyes was not convinced. The she-cat came to Bee in the middle of the night and told him the news of her pregnancy. The tom was delighted but felt fear for he would never be able to raise the young litter. He was an outsider and had no desire to ever change that. Bee was content with his life, even if the struggle to survive was constant. The two discussed it long and hard and came to the conclusion that they were to split. Butterflyeyes returned to the clan and claimed she did not know the father of her litter; he was a mystery to even her. That of course made her previous lovers curious - maybe perhaps they had sired a litter? But the toms which she had been with, did not really seem too ecstatic to be a father. It left the queen on her own.

The arrival of the kits had been tremendously long and difficult. Butterflyeyes lost a lot of blood and almost died during birth. However, the medicine cats were skillful and with a blessing from StarClan, the queen managed to just avoid death. The kits of her litter however were less fortunate. 3 kits were born in total. Two; the first and second born, were both still-born. The third was weak, extremely weak, but she was alive. The queen grieved the loss of her two kits but vowed to herself that she would cherish and adore her single, surviving daughter.

2 moons after the birth; one of Butterflyeye's former lovers came to visit her. Cicadaflame was a large black and white tom who held bright amber eyes. He was a stunning sight and no wonder he had caught the fae's eyes. Cicadaflame admitted that the kits did not seem to be his, but that he would support Butterflyeyes and her daughter no matter what. The two cats became close again; Butterflyeyes never admitted the true sire of the litter, but the tom had his suspicions. It became knowledge to the clan that Cicadaflame was the father of litter. And no one seemed to ever question it. Cicadaflame was a well-respected warrior, dedicated and loyal; all things making a good warrior. The tom always wanted kits, but never like this, never as an accident. But, as he was getting older, he found that he too had never successfully found love. Butterflyeyes was a good friend and once he had set his eyes on Lotuskit, he couldn't help but feel love for the small she-kit. The three became a fairly close family. Butterflyeyes even stopped her flirtatious games, vowing to devote herself to her daughter and new mate.

Lotuskit grew up and never once asked about her heritage. It was assumed that what was public knowledge, was in fact the truth. Lotuskit was close with both of her parents and they both cherished her to the end of the forest and back.

When Lotuskit was around 9 moons old, her mother contracted a terrible illness. No one really knew what was the cause, or what was wrong until it was too late. Butterflyeyes had started to lose her memory, her mind falling into pieces. The she-cat developed a terrible cough and when blood started to show, everyone knew it was just a matter of time. Butterflyeyes passed away when Lotuskit/paw was just 10 moons old. Cicadaflame organized a proper burial of his mate and his desire to protect his daughter merely intensified.

Lotuspaw trained under Snowbird; a grey tabby with bright blue eyes. The she-cat was very strict on Lotuspaw, training her diligently at all hours of the day and night. Lotuspaw hated her mentor at first, but grew to like her strict nature. Snowbird, despite being small and sweet, never took no for an answer and never let Lotuspaw be anything less than excellent. Upon the death of Butterflyeyes, Snowbird eased up slightly on Lotuspaw and gave her time to grieve for her mother's loss. But, Lotuspaw refused and threw all her efforts into becoming the best she could be.

Snowbird requested that Lotuspaw become a warrior when she was 13 moons old, for she believed the young feline was capable and competent. Lotuspaw had also managed to successfully beat Snowbird in combat and pass her hunting assessments. Lotuspaw was granted her warrior name - Lotusflower, for her loving and endearing personality.

Lotusflower enjoyed being a warrior and the responsibilities that followed. The she-cat was always offering her paw up for patrols and never said no - as Snowbird had instilled. Lotusflower's dreams and goals grew bigger than simply 'becoming a good warrior' - she wanted to be the best, an adviser and helper to those in power. Lotusflower wanted to make a difference.

Mother: Butterflyeyes (creamy white she-cat with green eyes; deceased)
Father: Bee (large muscled ginger tom with yellow eyes; deceased), Cicadaflame (large black and white tom, yellow eyes)
Siblings: Beekit (first born; flame orange male; deceased) and Eaglekit (second born; grey and white tabby; deceased)
Mentor(s): Snowbird (grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes)


one line appearance || a fluffy silver tabby with gold eyes



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