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[attr="class","biography"]Character Name:
Vriesea: A pretty plant that alliterates with her siblings

Paw: Her apprentice status
6 Moons


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Special Bond with Valerianpaw - Part of litter purchases

Desired Warrior Name

Anything Else
Don't Underestimate <3
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[attr="class","biography"]One Line Appearance
A long-furred caliby she with hazel eyes
General Appearance
Born a little frailer than she should have been, Vriesea is smaller than her siblings, and so will grow to be smaller than her parents as well. However, the sickly stage of her kithood as passed her, allowing her form to fill out more and even a little muscle to develop. However, she is still a slender feline for the most part, allowing her to look a little on the lanky side compared to the intimidation factor most of her heritage might seek to show. Her fur could perhaps be seen as a perfect combination of all of her family, with the deep black tabby that makes up much of her pelt falling in well to match with her sister and father, and the splashes of bright red tabby among it giving her brother his own little place among her patterned fur. As though to pay homage to her mother and make up for the confusion of color, bright white splays across her chest, underbelly and paws like fresh snow, and two bright golden-hazel eyes peer out at the world from within.

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Her family, sparring, climbing, playful competition, attention, feeling in control

Scaring or upsetting others, being apart from her kin, in-fighting, bullying, being underestimated, hunting

Quick-Thinking, Loyal, Passionate, Very in-tune with her bond

Struggles to focus, Poor Hunter, Dishonest, Selfish

To somehow save her mother and bring her back, though she knows deep down if the medicine cats can't than she has no chance

Anything bad happening to her brother, or losing her mother

Vriesea was always meant to be the fragile one, the protected one, fawned over and underestimated. Funny, perhaps, considering the reputations among her family. However, no matter how much part of Vriesea despises this expectation, it is not one she avoids either. Truly, she does not like to be underestimated. She is a spirited cat that wants to be recognized for doing something great, who aspires to live up to the names of her family, who saved Gorgeclan or simply lived as great warriors. However...there is a certain safety net in expectations set low enough for her to step over. No matter how much she would rather be congratulated and admired, even if she is far from egotistic or cocky, it seems the easiest way to garner the love and attention she desires is to be exactly what they seem to like her as. So, perhaps she is a little dishonest at times. She has a tendency to act how others seem to want her to, to get as much of their love and approval as she can, or maybe to get what she wants. Its not that she is needy or cruel...but she is a little selfish. Part of her wants the best of all worlds, and it can drive her to be a little impulsive at times, to act before truly thinking through the consequences. Her life often spins far from her control - to get her way, even just in the little things, or to feel good about herself, helps her to get back some of that sense of control over her life. Perhaps it is not exactly healthy, and maybe it will not lead her down the best of paths...but truly she means well. One hardly needs to look too deep to see how much passion and care Vriesea holds, she just has not learned how to direct it in the best way just yet. Sometimes, its as though she second guesses herself, the way she'll speak out and then take it back in an instant - in truth, she just is not sure who she wants to be, or how she ought to act.

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Mother: Vervainflower

Father: Talonflight

Siblings: Valerianpaw (bonded), Verbenakit (deceased)

Extended: Fangstar (aunt), Adderkit and Strikekit (cousins)

Mentor: Covesplash

If anything, Vriesea was more an outcome of a mission than one of love. Perhaps her mother may have thought differently, maybe even her father after a while for all she knew, but since she was old enough to comprehend them Vriesea has never found it in herself to doubt these rumors. In her mind, her mother loved her dearly, and her father desired her only to fulfill his sister's which of a new generation for their broken clan. It was not so say she did not wish to exist, but part of Vriesea has grown to be angry at her father for that fact. Even so, as a kit, she was happy. Born alongside her brother Valerian and her sister Berbena, Vriesea was a lot more sickly than she was expected to be. When the sickness came along...it was her they expected it to take, not her sister. However, as if her spirit was enough, the disease spared her, and to it she lost Verbena. It was her first loss, but then it had not felt like it, with her mother and bonded brother by her side. She would learn, in time.

Her aunt, too, fell to the illness. To week to carry on past the birth of her kits, Vriesea's cousins were taken to another clan, to be raised by their nursing queen. Perhaps it was the loss of Fangstar, or the loss of her daughter - to this day, Vriesea sought many things to blame - Vervainflower fell sick to the Spore as well. It took her away from her remaining kits, who in turn were taken away from their clan. Perhaps it was Valerian's own fear that kept Vriesea from panicking, but she accepted her fate as she was reunited with her cousins under the care of the queen that was raising them. She would be an apprentice soon, and when she was, she would find her mother again and save her. Somehow.
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6 Moons
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