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Sootbear is a very intimidating feline with his large size, thick black and gray speckled pelt, and the many heinous scares that peek through his fur. Both ears a torn or nicked with smaller scars littering his face. Upon first glances, even the least observant cat in the clans would know that Sootbear has lived a hard life. He is no stranger to tough times. The ton's fur is an unsual color, consisting of a solid black while transitioning into shades of gray in various places of his body. His tail is feather-like and plumes out behind him. He has a very thick and fluffy mane around his neck, perfect for snuggles. Desite his terrifying appearance Sootbear is a huge softie. His pale leaf green eyes shinning brightly with a kindness most would've thought to be lost on him.

LIKES || punctuality, teaching the youth of the clan, kits, traditions, and open-mindedness

DISLIKES || entitled cats, spontaneity, being late, being controlled

STRENGTHS || his empathy, fighting has always come easily to Soot, his temperance, fairness, humility, adaptability, self-discipline, hunting, and tree climbing

WEAKNESS || soot can come off as indifferent, he's a bit of a liar, he's also very self-deprecating, he's a bit of a prude, very broodish, he can also be blunt, he's secretive

DREAMS || to finally break free from the sins he's committed in his past

FEARS || for his past to catch up to him

Sootbear is a very secretive and closed off man. He likes to keep his cards close to his chest and it's not out of a lack of trust, but rather a preference for keeping his problems to himself. He doesn't like waylaying people with his problems despite being the kind of friend that is a silent rock; someone who listens' to their own problems and dishes out advice. Perhaps this hints to his rather maternal nature, rather odd given that is usually a distinctly female trait. However, this doesn't bother Sootbear, finding himself more suitable towards being a "stay at home dad" and teaching the youth of the clan than out on the fields fighting. He's done his fair share of drawing blood.

Throughout his whole life, Sootbear has had to adapt to his environment. He’s able to effectively adjust to new conditions without a hitch that most might find a problem in. His acceptance to change has shaped his very being. Nothing was for certain in the group he used to run with, so he had to get used to being a little more flexible than the average clan cat. But just because he’s more cooperative and flexible doesn’t mean he’s as tolerant as other warriors in his clan. Sootbear doesn't take kindly to bigotry and a lack of empathy towards others. Simply hating one group because the sin's of the minority so just simply stupid in this toms eyes. Each person is themselves and as such should be judge separately from their group. Sootbear also doesn't like those who are prideful, much-preferring acts of humility than anything else.

Sootbear is efficient in his line of work and duty makes him an amenable warrior. Sootbear puts all his effort into any task he's given, no matter its importance. His productivity is at its best with as little to minimal effort wasted. Sootbear is a rather calm and collected feline who doesn’t get hyped or easily roused, even coming off as stoic despite being fairly expressional. His coolness is definitely a beneficial trait when in tough or high-pressure situations. He knows how to keep calm and stay calm with an air of elegance that surrounds him. Because of his cool composure, he has a level head on his shoulders. Sootbear doesn’t tend to make rash or hasty decisions based on another’s opinions, he’s a factual feline who uses evidence to determine a cat’s guilt.

Sootbear is a dedicated feline who has the determination to stick to his promises and word, no matter how much he should probably forfeit them. He may not have grown up in Gorgeclan, but he’s dedicated his life to serving them, knowing this time he is lending his paws to a just cause. Despite his abusive past when he met his mate, she brought out his more confident side. Being around more felines and interacting with them has also helped with his confidence level. Even if he may still be intimidated or nervous of large crowds. Despite his upbringing, Sootbear has manners and respect for his superiors. He may not like a cat but that doesn’t prevent him from being civil with them. To him, being civil is always better than causing unnecessary fights. He also despises rude felines, especially when they are younger cats who have much to learn. He believes proper manners would get someone much farther in life than just demanding what he wanted. With his rigorous history, Sootbear is a little more disciplined than a regular clan cat. He doesn’t take smack, nor does he tolerate tardiness. He’s up at a certain time every day to get the most out of that day.

When out in his element which is either hunting, fighting or some form of climbing, Sootbear has a sense of elegance about him. He’s graceful when walking despite having long and lanky limbs that one would expect him to stumble and fall over. His proper manners and discipline only add to his elegance. The smokey tom is a realist as he doesn’t see the point in dreaming over 'what-ifs' or impossible realities. He is a cat who rather see proof than being told fables. That being said he doesn’t necessarily have a strong faith in Starclan, though you can see him participating in clan activities that involve that faith and sometimes when he thinks he’s alone he’ll pray. Though he never really thinks some higher up is listening to his petty complaints and concerns, for that he isn't important enough to be heard.

Sootbear is disciplined when it comes to the clan, that much is true, but he also has self-discipline. He rarely indulges himself for reasons even unknown to himself. Perhaps it’s because he can’t stand the thought of them getting hurt or he doesn’t want to have some kind of responsibility for them. Flirting is a concept beyond him, never really understanding why people spout such weirdness. Sootbear is a gentleman and honestly a bit of a prude.

Skepticism has always been a prominent trait of Sootbear’s. Never growing up as a clan cat and then having to suddenly adapt has left him with a few questions. There are somethings that the clans follow and believe that the tom just doesn’t understand or completely believe in. But unlike others, he’s willing to accept others' differences so long as they don’t try to force anything upon him and respect his boundaries. At times when you manage to catch Sootbear in a bad mood or when he’s fed up with a younger cat’s complaining; he can have a bit of a bite to him. His sarcasm is rather blunt and deadpan like. He doesn’t sugarcoat things and is a perfect cat to come talk to if you want an upfront answer that won't be sugarcoated. He doesn’t beat around the bushes, despite his manners, he can be a very blunt cat - even coming off as rude at times.

Lastly, Sootbear is a little moody. He’s not the happiest cat in the clan, he might in fact be considered brood-ish. His moods switch as fast as they come and go. One moment he can be fine and the next he can be frustrated. His past hasn’t helped with his rather morbid thoughts. He may have a calm exterior, but inside he’s a storm cloud.

Sootbear wasn't born in the clans as much as everyone's to believe, especially given how patriotic and a traditionalist he can come off as. No, Sootbear came from the city and lived the majority of his life with a gang, committing heinous crimes. From a young age Sootbear already knew a life of blood and bone and death. Before he was known as Sootbear he was once known as Dux to many. A name that meant he was the ringleader of his group, a name that brings forth a time of blood and terror. Dux was born to an unnamed dam, long forgotten in the mists of time and a father he never met. He was the first kit in his litter of five and as such was elected as the leader in his group of siblings. The gang he lived in was odd. Siblings were everything. Without them, you were a solum, a cat who had nobody. Solum's were at the bottom of the food chain and often died alone and forgotten.

It's important to note that the more siblings you had, the better off you were. With siblings came prestige and power, a way for one to climb the ranks quickly. Fortunately, Dux had Praesul, Vigilia, Sicarius, and Arbiter. The names may not mean much to the clans now and Sootbear prefers to forget, but back then the names were the basis of a cat's role in their sibling group. Dux was named for his role as leader of his siblings. Praesul, was second in command. Next was Sootbear's sister, Vigilia, which meant watcher in his language. Then there was Sicarius and Arbiter, the killer and judge of the family.

The names of his siblings have been lost in the ether of his mind, long forgotten and buried in an attempt to escape his sins. However, he remembers. He will always remember the ghosts of his past for one ghost still lives. His youngest brother. The kin that hates his guts.

To be truthful Sootbear understands his brothers' hatred for he himself cannot help but loathe his flesh. He has too much blood on his paws, too many skeletons in his closet to ever forgive his sins.

See what happened way back then depends on who you ask. Arbiter would say Dux murdered their family, Dux would say - mind you rather forlornly, that he saved his siblings from a painful and gruesome death. It's up to who you'd like to believe.

One thing is for sure: Dux did kill his siblings, Arbiter was supposed to have died but instead survived and has since then sought after his brothers head. Dux ran away from his crimes, like a coward, and sought refuge in Gorgeclan, when it was still Gorgeclan that is. He lived through Bonestar's rise and fall and survived the Spore.

He fell in love and had a kit, one he treasures deeply. Only his happy ending never lasted. His mate contacted something other than the Spore. A disease that ate away at her mind. On one day when her mind was clear, she asked him to kill her for she did not want their son to watch her wither away into a shell of her former self. Sootbear fetched Fangstar, seeking permission to follow through with his mate's request. When the former leader heard his mates request for herself she granted him permission.

That evening Sootbear took his mate out and returned back alone. Rumors about him run rampant and eventually as time went on his son heard about them, straining their already fragile relationship.

Mother unnamed she-cat

Father unnamed tom

Siblings Praesul(brother), Vigilia(sister), Sicarius(brother), and Arbiter(brother)

Mentor(s) Tansyrain

Apprentice(s) N/A

Mate(s) Orcidpool

Kit(s) Erminekit


one line appearance || a large smokey long-haired tom with green eyes




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