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Valerian is a tad shorter than his father, bulky and broad with muscle that'll develop over time. His pelt is a fiery red with thick tabby markings and faded golden eyes that remind others of fading sunlight. Tufts of fur can be found on the tips of his ears, a sign of his Maine Coon heritage. Much like his mother his fur is thick and silky soft, though it's usually messy in appearance as Valerianpaw has little to no regard towards his outwardly appearance. His tail is extravagant with its sweeping feather-like fur that trails behind him. Valerian has large paws, paws he doesn't seem fully developed for him, if the clumsy way he walks was sign enough.

LIKES || jay birds, sharing tongues with friends, his sister, day dreaming
DISLIKES || scary or intimidating cats, fighting or some other form of conflict, others pressuring him, failure, loud noises
STRENGTHS || his empathy, his ability to forgive and forget, his loyalty, his bond with his sister
WEAKNESS || fighting, social awkwardness, his nievetty, hopeless romantic, a little too much of a follower and submissive, cowardice, has his head in the clouds
DREAMS || to honestly live a worry free life
FEARS || disappointing those he holds close and he has an irrational fear of his father

Valerian isn't your regular, everyday run of the mill kind of warrior. In fact, many would probably say he has no right to ever call himself a warrior of the once-proud Gorgeclan. His family relations only serve to denounce him further. A proud and well-known warrior for a father, an aunt who raised Gorgeclan from the ashes of Bonestar's reign and a gentle, yet fierce mother. Everyone had high expectations for Valerian, perhaps even he had high expectations too. Only it never turned out the way everyone imagined it would. Valerian is a coward at heart. His own self-preservation outweighs what little courage he has. Not exactly a very warrior-like quality to possess. He shies away from conflict and would much rather run from a fight than actually fight. Of course, that never happens. You'd more likely see him freeze up out of fear and cowering behind some bushes away from a conflict than running away, becoming more of a hindrance than anything else. Valerian also isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, however, that's not to say he's simple-minded. In fact, he's capable of great strategic feats, only he doesn't possess the quick thinking required of a warrior on the move. Not to mention thinking so far ahead is a little beyond his grasp. He's reactionary, taking things as they come rather than planning ahead.

Valerian is very much a follower than a leader, so much so he actually excels in this area. He's a people pleaser and gullible enough that all you have to do is push him around a little bit before he relents and does what you ask of him. His submissive behavior doesn't go unnoticed, oftentimes he's the bud of jokes - bullied and picked on while having little to no backbone to stand up for himself. His shy nature and social awkwardness only add to his inability to efficiently communicate. It hardly helps that his mother's absence is greatly felt and while he knows it's not out of spite and instead of her not wanting to pass on her illness, he can't help the feeling of abandonment that settles heavily in his gut. To make matters worse Valerian isn't exactly close to his father, Talonflight. It is by no fault of the older tom, much rather the younger tom's perceived misconceptions interpreted from the actions he's had with his father and his own mind concocting ideas out of nothing. The fear of never living up to his father's expectations and ultimately - for he's convinced himself that failure is inevitable - failing to meet these great expectations has resulted in a rather tense relationship. Unbearably uncomfortable for Valerian doesn't know how to have a simple conversation with the scary tom without stumbling over his words and making a fool of himself.

Valerian is pacifist much like his mother and ultimately to the clan's disbelief, incapable of wounding another for the sole benefit of his clan. Perhaps he would have made a better medicine cat for he is undoubtedly the worst warrior in history and he'd perhaps agree with that sentiment. Only he'd rebuke that train of thought by simply pointing out his inability to actually remain calm enough to tend to the weak and wounded. Let's not forget to mention him being as cowardly as he is he'd make a rather terrible medicine cat. And if his bedside manner of being overly emotional to the point of hysterics was bad enough he didn't know what was. So perhaps he wouldn't be suited to the like of chivalry as a warrior or the practicality of life as a medicine cat. Forever a disappointment to his family and most of all, himself.

However, for all of Valerian's flaws and cowardly characteristics he's perhaps the most overly sweet and considerate cat you'll have the pleasure (or not) of knowing. He goes out of his way to cheer his siblings up (his cousins he counts as his siblings) despite their limited time together. Rather wanting to see them happy than sad. His love is without limits. No matter what cardinal sin you commit or how many wrongdoings you commit against him, all will be forgiven and promptly forgotten much to other's disbelief. He is incapable of holding a long-lasting grudge, much rather preferring to forgive and forget and avoid the root of the problem.

The tom is a bit of a daydreamer, oftentimes found gazing off into some indistinct faraway land. Mind-wandering as he lives countless lives all differing from his own. This leaves him to be rather absent-minded and scatterbrained. Forgetful of even the simple things in life like feeding himself and having a bath once in a while. It's a good thing he has his sister, Vriesiapaw. He'd be a complete and utter lost cause without her gentle reminders and prompts much to his own weariness. Valerian is a hardcore hopeless romantic to the point that it hinges on unhealthy. His love life is tumultuous, crushing on various cats for various periods of time. He might like one cat one day and hours later get over his crush. One thing is true for Valerian. When he crushes, he crushes hard and his sweet sensitive deposition makes him all the more naive.

Valerian's existence was one of utter convenience. A methodical plan of execution to be completely honest. Gorgeclan was in need of kits after the shambles Bonestar tyranny left them in. His aunt had expressed a desire to have a new generation and his father being both the supportive brother and dutiful warrior that he was, quickly set his sights on looking for a potential she-cat of the clan to bear his young. He didn't need to look far for an enigmatic she-cat caught his eye. A woman made of snow with a maternal deposition. Not only that but she supported Fangstar, a hugely deciding factor in Talonflight's decision and before long Valerian and his sister's were on their way.

His parents were mated and for all accounts and purposes appeared happy. Though to be honest he himself did not find their fated meeting to be very romantic. But he supposed if his mother liked his father then so be it. If she was happy he was happy. However, Valerian was naturally a mommy's boy, preferring the company of his mother and aunt over his own father. There is no practical reasoning behind Valerian's distaste for his sire and it's nothing the older tom did that caused the young toms apprehension. Valerianpaw just never clicked with his father. He admires his father actually and finds him to be an amazing role model. But the problem lies in Valerianpaw's personality and negative thinking. The tom can't see himself following his father's paw steps and to make matters worse he is afraid is disappointing his old man. So instead of taking a risk, he's content to never prove his worth, comfortable with the idea he'd therefore not fail and disappoint his father.

A series of unfortunate events ensued. It first started with the death of his sister, Verbenakit. He can't recall exactly what she died from, but it must have been bad for shortly after his aunt caught something. To make matters worse when she started knitting her body was much too weak, thus passing on shortly afterward along with the disappearance of his cousins. Or at least he thought they disappeared when in fact they went to another queen in Creekclan. A moon before turning six moons old his mother caught something and had to be immediately removed from Valerian and his remaining sister. With his mother out of commission, the tom was thus given to a queen in Creekclan to be taken care of. There he reunited with his cousins, who were two moons old. He wasn't with Berrychirp for very long, only a moon before his apprentice ceremony.

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Father roleplayed by
Siblings roleplayed by and Verbenapaw
Apprentice(s) nada
Mate(s) nope
Kit(s) none


one line appearance || a red tabby he with golden eyes

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