Apr 6, 2020 6:47:16 GMT
Hello, by the title of this thread I'm sure you can guess what you are about to read. 

This is my formal farewell. 

My abilitiy to commit to Uproar has dwindled and instead of leaving you all to wonder I wanted to let you know. 

As for my characters I'd like to think Birchpaw ran away and got to be mates with Featherpaw (because they were cute) and Morningpaw became a warrior. Swanfeather got her revenge and Phoenix raised a little hell. 

While that all happens in my own little dreamscape, staff has my permission to use them as fodder for the spore of what plot is decided on. 

I wish you all the best as things change.

Stay healthy and happy <3 

- Farewell 

- Heli 

edit: I don't know if deleting my accounts will delete everything i ever did so i leave that task to staff so they can sort what they need to 

thanks again 


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