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Feb 21, 2020 15:37:50 GMT

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Pigeonface is a large cat, which starkly contrasts his total lack of confidence. He has thick blue-gray fur and big paws with long whiskers and a round face. His feathery tail and surprisingly light step have a certain grace to them, and he is undeniably pretty in a fairly plain sort of way. He doesn't have any particularly striking features unless you count his bright yellow-green eyes, but his face has a symmetry and his musculature a certain strength. He certainly won't stop anyone in their tracks, but he is generally attractive even if one isn't attracted to him.

LIKES || warm weather, pretty toms, chasing birds, rain
DISLIKES || cloudfang, oversleeping, snow, heights
STRENGTHS || empathy, climbing, being romantic, creativity
WEAKNESS || hunting, fighting, being assertive, swimming
DREAMS || find love <3 (and find a way to atone for what he's done)
FEARS || thunder, creekclan, bonestar

Pigeonface was named for his looks -- not any particular skills. He's pretty, but timid enough that that's all most cats will notice. Pigeonface excels at keeping to the sidelines and not being noticed. He has trouble standing up for what he believes in, and nobody has ever expected him to be anything exceptional. For all intents and purposes, he's just the average warrior. No strong ambitions and no outstanding skills, but he's also not absurdly useless and constantly on the brink of exile. After all, every clan needs its Thornclaws and and Cloudtails. 

Perhaps the only real skill Pigeonface has to his name is his ability to soothe. His mentor's constant anxiety forced him to develop skills for keeping other cats calm and helping them through their hangups. He doesn't mind taking the woes of other cats upon his own shoulders, and has no qualms about driving himself insane for someone else's sake. 

Pigeonface's most defining personality trait is being a hopeless romantic. He is absolutely obsessed with finding someone to love forever, whose destiny is written alongside his in the stars. Unfortunately, this is easy to take advantage of -- Cloudfang learned it, and Pigeonface hasn't. He wants a love like his parents had. Pigeonface is the type of cat you can see raising plenty of kits, and he's more than happy to have them if he finds a mate and a proper surrogate. For now though, he's busy falling in love with just about every tom he sees.    

Before him, there was Featherheart and Littlefeather. They'd been friendly rivals in their apprenticeship, and with warriorhood came the silliness of their names. Both of them had good senses of humor, and both of them loved each other platonically long before their bond became romantic. They were approaching the middle of their lives when Featherheart became pregnant, and the pair were happy to welcome kits into the world. 

They tried for several moons before Featherheart finally conceived. Two moons later, a single kitten was born nursing at her side. She'd always heard that a litter of one was bad luck, but she and her mate didn't think that could possibly be true of their little Pigeonkit.

He was very timid when he was in the nursery. The other kits his age liked to play roughly, and Pigeonkit not so much. He didn't have any strong ambitions, and used to tell his mother that he wanted to stay in the nursery forever. Living the rough-and-tumble life of a warrior just didn't appeal to him, and even when he was tiny he was something of a romantic. But, as always, his sixth moon rolled around and he was named an apprentice. 

Pigeonpaw was apprenticed to Fogwatcher, who was the most paranoid cat he'd ever met. She was constantly convinced that someone was out to get her, and he spent most of his time under her tutelage reassuring her that he wasn't going to get carried off by a hawk or eaten by a badger. He promised her over and over again that he'd always be safe on the borders, and that his clan was one he was completely loyal to.

He didn't excel in anything during his training except falling in love with other toms and getting his heart broken a week later when they weren't interested in him. His mother was always there to offer her affection and assure him that there were plenty of fish in the creek. Thankfully, Pigeonpaw usually bounced back quickly and was back to his training in no time. 

Fogwatcher pushed him hard, but he sometimes was able to rise to the challenge. Other times he would fail and she would be exceptionally disappointed. But, time went on and so did life. 

He was named a warrior in the same moon that Bonestar rose to power. At first, Pigeonface found it easy to ignore what he was doing and act like it didn't concern him. Bonestar put him in extra sparring sessions and the security along the CreekClan border increased. It wasn't pleasant, but they could deal with it.

Then, Bonestar started taking territory.

Featherheart and Littlefeather had taught him to stand up for himself and what he believed in, but Pigeonface was not either of his parents and didn't have the resolve that they had. Featherheart stood up to Bonestar, and he didn't see her again afterwards. From then on, Pigeonface kept his head down and avoided being noticed while Littlefeather quietly started to plant the seeds of rebellion.

But in the thick of cruelty and war, love began to bloom. His name was Cloudfang, and as far as Pigeonface was concerned, he was perfect. The tom humored his romantic inclinations. He was tough and strong, but had the most wonderful soft side. Pigeonface started spending every spare moment with him, and fell in love -- for real this time. 

On the eve of the day Bonestar took the last strips of CreekClan's land, Pigeonface was put on the patrol. He had a bad feeling about it from the moment he and Cloudfang set out -- together. In the midst of the battle, he hadn't seen Cloudfang attack the CreekClan tom with the savagery he did. He just saw that tom strike his dear Cloudfang down and dig claws so deep-- so he attacked. He'd lashed out at the warrior with a blind fury, and defended Cloudfang from anyone who came near him. Pigeonface was not proud of himself, but Bonestar seemed to think that it was a wonderful move he'd made.

In the aftermath, he dragged his mate away from the battle and looked at the blood staining both of them. His fur was matted with it, and most wasn't his. Later, Bonestar's inner circle congratulated him on killing him, and nearly killing the she-cat. It had made him sick, and he did his best to forget about it.

He was thirty moons old when Littlefeather and the rest of the coup rose up once and for all. Bonestar was killed, and a new leader was put into power -- Fangstar. But when Bonestar's compatriots were either chased out of GorgeClan or abandoned it, he watched his Cloudfang leave alongside them. 

Pigeonface was heartbroken. He'd killed for that cat, sacrificed everything he'd ever known about himself, and hadn't even known that Cloudfang was one of Bonestar's followers. He descended into a deep funk that he only rose out of recently. Pigeonface still avoids the CreekClan border out of fear of what he might find, and still has nightmares about that poor tom's screams.

He wishes that he knew his name.

Featherheart, a silver-blue she-cat with green eyes. +58
Littlefeather, a cream-and-white tom with unusually blue eyes. +58
Fogwatcher, a buff she-cat with green eyes. +60
Cloudfang, a white tom with green eyes. Ex-mate. +9.
None, though he wouldn't mind having some (if he weren't gay).


one line appearance || a pretty gray longhair with yellow eyes. 

ALIAS || @ooc account
ANYTHING ELSE || he's unaware of this, but cloudfang killed his mother. adopted from helicara.



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