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27 Moons    
Cis Tom    
Hetero with homo tendencies


Though the majority of Chaton is a dark brown, there are a few other colors that grace him - a dorsal fin of a black stripe down his back, black pads to his paws, and of course, the splash of white that masks his maw. His eyes are a bright green, especially in the sunshine where they shine brilliantly. Black also mixes with the brown fur on his nose. Though he is rather on the small side, his personality makes him bigger and he struts around despite being the runt of his litter. Not one for fighting, he is free from any scars or battle wounds. He wears his emotions on his metaphorical sleeve but is rarely caught in a bad mood.

LIKES || moonlight, lounging around, spring time
DISLIKES || snow, clan toms, snooty cats, pampered kittypets
STRENGTHS || flirting, quick-thinking, smooth-talking
WEAKNESS || fighting, caring for others
DREAMS || to meet The One and start a family, his own territory, to be the leader of his own group of cats
FEARS || his ex-lovers ganging up on him

With rugged, good looks such as his, it's hard for Chaton to be anything but flirty. If there's a molly around, he immediately judges it on a scale of most receptive to least in terms of how they'll allow him to flirt. He's sassy and a bit of a jerk, as he cares for himself most and above all else - he's more likely to watch on the sidelines if a cat ends up in a stream than to help them out, if only for his own amusement. He has a quick tongue and isn't afraid to use it, using his charm and charisma and general wisdom to get himself out of sticky situations - and to get others to do what he wants them.

Chaton prefers verbal confrontation to physical; he knows he isn't all that great at fighting and do what he can to avoid it, which goes as far as avoiding toms that reside in the clans. Mollies, however, he'll actively seek out. He's been known to haunt the borders for a quick one-on-one session with one of the many beautiful girls he sees, and he'll even settle for a tom if they fit the bill and he's lonely enough. He's easy to please and hard to anger, which often does nothing more than anger others even further.

Deep down inside, there's an inch to lead, to start his own family and his own group of cats to prove that he really cat, but with how lazy and openly flirtatious he is, that dream may never become a reality.


His story beings when a stray tom meets with a kittypet along her fence, wooing her with his charms and good looks. He tries convincing her to leave her housefolk, start a life with him in the wild. She knows, however, that he is a good-for-nothing flirt who can't keep anything stable, let alone a relationship. She refuses.

He continues to try.

Moons pass, his courtship continuing and she finds herself falling for him, and to his surprise, he to her. They leave one night when the moon is high, finding themselves a small shelter amidst the ferns of a tree that keeps them safe and warm. She is pregnant the same night.

Four kits are born, each lovely and each quickly taking a trait straight from their parents. Bastille is a scrapper, claws quick and body fierce like his father. Phantasm is a brilliant hunter, a silent killer where prey seems to fall into her paws no matter what she does, like her father. Jasper is loud and spirited, smart and quick-witted, and sassy like his mother.

Chaton - Chaton is a flirt. He is the runt of the litter and always trying to be heard against his siblings. They live happily, even with their dynamics. Chaton learns how to flirt and charm and convince others to do what he wishes, which ends up being his talent against hunting and fighting and leading. 

He leaves when he is old enough and experienced enough to, leaving his family to their home with a cheerful farewell and a promise to visit and has lived alone since, constantly flirting with Clan cats though he has no intention of joining.

Chaton stays as the Clans fall apart, watching the cats suddenly move camp elsewhere and combining. He spends a lot of time watching both the sickly cats, scoffing at those being cared for when it was easier just to move on, and the new camp they've all seemed to converge into, uninterested in approaching a mass of cats that size but also bored, waiting for the next pretty young thing to come his way.

Mother - Dahlia
Father - Noir
Siblings - Bastille (m), Phantasm (f), Jasper (m)
Mentor(s) /
Apprentice(s) / 
Mate(s) Several past flings, no mate
Kit(s) Probably several but not that he knows of


one line appearance || Chaton - small, brown tom with bright, green eyes.

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Hetero + homo tendencies
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