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Jan 19, 2020 8:01:31 GMT

To play a kit on this site, you must first either adopt an available one from IC litters, or purchase the abandoned kit item if none of these appeal to you. While all litter kits are automatically NPC characters with their control left to the discretion of their parent players, many of these NPC kits will still be available for adoption here, alongside any litters of which the parents decide must have adopters.

Below is a list of current litters, as well as kits available for adoption. To adopt one of these kits, please post in this thread with the form provided, tagging the member of staff who rolled the litter in question, and both players of the kit's parents. Upon the acceptance of your request, you are welcome to create your kit's application and begin roleplay once it has been reviewed.

Please view our litter form HERE to request a litter.


link ~ Osprey, Falcon, Kestrel (adopted)

link ~ Alpha, Beta, Epsilon, Omega (adopted)

link ~ Verbenakit, Vrieseakit, Valeriankit (adopted)

~ Strikekit, Adderkit (adopted)


link ~ 4 Kittens (1 available)

link ~ 2 Kittens (1 available)


Please post your responses in CODE tags.


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Kitten Roller
The Mother of All Kittens
May 17, 2020 8:23:54 GMT

Litter: Blizzardberry x Wavestep

Desired Kit: Currantkit

Brief Personality: A bit of a tough cookie, Currantkit is one of the most stubborn cats you'll have the pleasure of meeting. he enjoys having things his way and will argue with you nonstop if he has to, until it is proven that he's in the right. he, however, is not a bratty cat like some may claim, he just doesn't like to lose or give in.

Currantkit prides himself for his ambitious nature. he has the mindset to climb the high ranks and focus on being the best all-around cat that he can be, for his clan's sake. He'll do anything to prove that he is capable of doing anything that anyone else in her clan is. Despite his hard-ass nature, he is a massive mama’s boy. His mother is his biggest supporter in his life and will often refer to Blizzardberry as being his hero. he believes that she can do no wrong, which is a warped perspective to have.

His morals are very set in stone, and he has a very vivid idea of right and wrong. He believes in sticking up for the little guy and protecting them should they not be able to protect themselves, but will not baby them as his ambitious and seemingly tough nature prevents him from doing so. Currant is not one to be easily talked down from something, once he has made up his mind, it's extremely difficult to convince him to choose another path or see another way. He's not a black and white thinker per-se, he's very much open to seeing the grey areas, given the situation isn't too extreme. He's not one to be quick to judge either. given being the product of an affair, he'd be a hypocrite if he were to judge someone else.

He believes in the value of justice strongly, and always believes that those who commit crimes should be held responsible and punished fairly. He's not quick to forgive once you've gotten on his bad side, as he believes that you can flop back and forth however you please once you betray his trust. Now, as unbreakable as he may try to make himself out to be, this tom-cat is extremely soft-hearted when it comes down to it. It is hard to break the tom's trust as he's a generally trusting cat, and values his clanmates' word for what it is. He has an extremely soft spot for those whose histories or heritages may not be what they wish and understands that not everyone can choose the past. What he believes in is having the ability to be free to choose your future.

Anything Extra?:

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io Avatar
May 17, 2020 9:35:39 GMT
Litter: Applecloud x Spiritsong
Desired Kit: Cherrykit
Brief Personality: Cherrykit is shy, timid, and demure. She loves her parents and siblings, but often feels like she is sitting in their shadow. Being the more timid one of the group, she lacks ambition and cares little about climbing Clan ranks. Cherrykit does not believe herself to be a particularly hard-worker, and instead hopes to live a life where she is cherished and loved. While she loves her parents, she feels rather intimidated by them and often wonders why they gave up a life of comforts in order to pursue leadership, a trade that she herself would never want. She wishes they would lay off on their duties and spend more time with her and her littermates, a harsh judgment on her part. 

As a kit, Cherrykit is cautious and careful when exploring and playing, often coming off as soft and a little weak. However, when it comes to her emotions, she is the exact opposite. Throwing incredible tantrums and sulking episodes, Cherrykit often allows her emotions to boil over. She holds grudges for a very long time, and is very good at hiding them. While generally a loving cat, Cherrykit can lash out when provoked and displays emotions like embarrassment and envy much more strongly than others.

As she matures, she becomes a little spoiled and sheltered, having been used to life going her way and cats cooing at her appearance. Despite being born during the Spore, she seems unafraid of the outside world and cares little for inter-Clan conflict. She cares for all cats rather indiscriminately. Sassy and coy, Cherrykit has a rather soft voice but certainly knows how to use it. She has an alluring charm that might come off as a little manipulation. But if she manipulates anyone, Cherrykit herself would never know it.

Later on in life, she will likely become a bit of a drama queen, chasing after popularity and attention. She often puts on a facade and can be rather vain in trying to win friendships. Cherrykit wears her heart on her sleeve and is unafraid of getting hurt. She is a cat who strongly believes that you need to give a little more than you take, and thus she will put her trust into anyone who will listen. Unsurprisingly, she will attempt to drag her friends and siblings into her adventures and drama, likely causing much ruckus in the Clan.

Anything Extra?: n/a

Flash Avatar
May 24, 2020 3:36:54 GMT
Litter: Applecloud x Spiritsong

Desired Kit: Cinderkit

Brief Personality: Cinder, upon first glance, appears aloof, uncaring, and slow. She takes her time with things; she walks leisurely, takes long pauses between words, and stares absently at objects, eyes always half-lidded or narrowed into slits. If it doesn't possess her to reply to another, she won't, and will either stare them down or pretend not to see them at all. Cinder's stare can be unnerving, and it never wavers, but the majority of the time she can be seen drifting away inside her head, eyes glazed and foggy.

This isn't for lack of intelligence, though. As she ages, Cinder's strategic talents may become more obvious if she chooses to speak her mind on political or other subsequent matters. As an objective thinker, Cinder relies heavily on rational thought and reasoning to make decisions...though she would really rather not decide anything at all. The antithesis of passion, Cinder finds herself deliberating in neutral waters about most matters, unable or unwilling to take definitive or emotionally driven opinions and sides.

Though she struggles to understand others' passions, Cinder is adept at staying cool-headed when a situation calls for it; in a true crisis, she may attempt to take charge with concise words and manage the climate as such. Perhaps if she possessed any ambition, even a modicum or personal drive, Cinder could become an effective leader. But she really could not be bothered.

Anything Extra?: --


Jun 10, 2020 3:09:39 GMT
Litter: Blizzardberry x Wavestep
Desired Kit: dovekit / mintkit
Brief Personality: bright, with lots of ideas, really nice and bubbly, she feels strong connections with the rest of her family and loves them alot, shes not too hyperactive but has plenty of energy
Anything Extra?: her eyes are a vibrant light green
Tags: Blizzardberry, Wavestep


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