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Jan 16, 2020 0:48:14 GMT
 i've been by myself all by myself all night long,
hoping you're someone i used to know
[attr="class","bandittext"]As was usually the case with Wavestep, his temper was constantly crashing and rearing its head at inopportune moments. Earlier during a patrol where he’d been unfortunately paired with a gossipy little she-cat who talked his ear off about how Fawnspots and how they’d decided to try to have kits. She’d followed him through the territory, chatting his ear off about the decision he’d relented under for fear of losing his mate when he’d finally snapped. Once he returned, his blood boiling, he dropped his prey and raced from the pile to head out and away from the rest of his clan. His pelt prickled and he found himself angrier by the minute, so he did what he always did when he was this angry. He went to the loner lands.

It’d been nearly a moon since he’d been in this area. He’d met Midnight here, and he could have sworn he tasted her scent on the breeze. While he had to admit, she hadn’t been painfully extraordinary, company - especially when he felt like this - was always welcomed. She-cats seemed to know how to help the bad mood fall away and he’d eventually reach a point where he could return to MoorClan with his head just a little bit clearer than when he’d left.

He spotted a black shadow in the distance, his blue eyes locking on the feline. Her shape was familiar enough that he knew it was her before she drew too close and he stopped plenty far enough away from the strange building she was so possessive about. Though honestly, he had no interest in the strange building or its inhabitants. The bengal tom preferred to allow his mind to wander and keep the mystery of it all. That same mystery that surrounded this she-cat. He liked mystery far more than settling down with someone - it was a wonder he had a mate at his side and for as long as he’d had. She should have left him moons ago - as he liked to remind himself frequently.

However, the tawny she-cat that usually possessed his thoughts melted away as he looked out to the shadow that danced across the snow before him. “Well, hello.” He said warmly, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

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Jan 20, 2020 1:35:18 GMT
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Midnight's nose twitched at the familiar scent. It was a scent she had known for hardly a day, and yet, here she was. She still could not figure out if it was a blessing. Who knew there was a tom cat who would get close enough to her to have kits? He had not bothered her since, but a visit, she reasoned, was not out of scope. [break][break]

Wavestep and other Clan cats might be horrified at the idea of a father abandoning his kits. But to Midnight, she did not even understand that tom cats were to stick around. Since her birth she had never encountered the role of being a mother, and even less understood the role of a father. She would not ask for Wavestep to father kits - she simply did not understand that concept. [break][break]

But she thought it at least respectful that Wavestep knew about the kits. He had not done her any harm so far, after all. [break][break]

"Wavestep," she greeted with a purr. "Strange to see you here again." [break][break]

Her voice held a tone of irony, because she knew without doubt that Wavestep was bound to return. [break][break]

"I have a surprise for you," she meowed. "Interested?" [break][break]

Without waiting for his reply, she leaped away into the undergrowth, expecting him to follow. She made her way to the shabby building where they had spent the night. Midnight had left four tiny bundles of sleeping fur in the soft hay while she went away to hunt. They were gorgeous. Their black solid-furred mother was quite impressed by them, just as much as she was by Wavestep's strange bengal pelt. She quietly motioned for Wavestep to come forward. [break][break]


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