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Jan 15, 2020 1:34:16 GMT
i wanna taste the sun because baby i'm born to run
i got a feeling that i'm not the only one
[attr="class","bandittext"]She’d waited nearly three days for Sagemist to finally be available for their usual hunting trip. At first, she’d been understanding that the warrior couldn’t spend every waking moment with her - as much as she wished that were the case - but by the end of the second day, she found her usually bubbly mood to be declining rapidly. So when they’d told her that they could go today, Cloverpaw was anxiously awaiting the news that that would not be the case. Not that she thought Sagemist was avoiding her. She just wasn’t used to spending such little time around her best friend. She found herself growing impatient due to the absence of their presence and soon, her fluffy pelt was even fluffier as she wound her anxiety tighter and tighter with each passing moment.

Every sound of paw steps approaching from both inside and outside of camp could have been her companion, and eager eyes quickly snapped up to see the face of another clanmate and her heart would fall once more. But she masked the disappointment well, slowly lowering herself from a standing to a sitting position and a sitting one to a lying one by the time the sun was floating in the middle of the sky. The hopeful glances toward the entrance of camp turned into longing sighs and side-eye. And soon, her eyes closed and she only looked at the sound of every few paw steps.

Cloverpaw knew that it wasn’t Sagemist’s intention to keep her waiting, that their warrior duties came first. But it didn’t stop the wave of disappointment that crashed over her as she wondered if they’d have to postpone yet another day. It seemed like as of late the only cat who really understood her couldn’t make the time for her like he used to and while she didn’t blame him for that, it didn’t make it hurt any less but she wouldn’t cry over it. Instead, she’d lay there and daydream with her otherwise free afternoon. She dreamed of the adventures that they’d have together when she became a warrior and could accompany them wherever she pleased. She dreamed of the world she hoped to see with them, wondering if her best friend would accompany her past MoorClan’s borders some day. And even if they weren’t at her side, Cloverpaw knew that Sagemist would still support her, as hard as the thought was to leave. Blinking hard, she sniffled softly before shaking her head. Who was she kidding, she wasn’t going anywhere. At least, not any time soon.

Her gaze shifted upward at the sound of paw steps once more and while her heart clutched at the hope that it might be Sagemist this time, she tried her best not to hold her breath for the knowledge that something may have kept them. She only hoped it’d been important.

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