The Night We Met

Jan 11, 2020 2:06:35 GMT



Huckleberryroot [break]
I want you to be happier


The recent talk with Berrychirp left much to ponder for the tom. They slept separately, in different nests and in different dens. This left Huckleberryroot feeling list. He had believed they took a step forward towards recovery, towards reconnection, but perhaps he was doing something wrong. Pushing her too hard or may be even not hard enough. Lately it felt like all he did was try to make amends with her, only to end up pushing her away. Was it him? Was he doing something to incur his mates wrath towards him? And if so what was it? Berrychirp may not fight him with her teeth and claws, but her actions hurt all the worst. Actions spoke more than words ever will and Berrychirps cold indifference towards him and standoffish attitude left him whirling in a pool of utter confusion. He tried taking her a fresh fish, a fish he spent almost an hour to catch. He took the time out of his day to try to do something meaningful for her, to show her that no matter what he was on her side and no one else's - not even his own. And yet she shook her head at his gift and insisted it be eaten by another queen. Huckleberryroot may have kept his mouth shut and a smile on his face to dissuade any brewing arguments, however, it didn't lessen the blow of disappointment and hurt. It left him feeling empty and burdened all at the same time.


And so Huckleberryroot found himself wandering the territory aimlessly, letting his mind drift and his paws carry him on to his elusive destination. A soft sorrowful sigh escaped his maw, hot and cold air clashing to create a vapor that disappeared just as quickly as it appeared. It was then the massive tom stood still, suddenly realizing where he was. Huckleberryroot let out an exhausted chuckle as his sweet, doleful brown eyes scanned the place his feet carried him to: Sunny Stones. The place held many dear memories to him, much of which involved himself and Berrychirp in happier times in their relationship. Hushed whispers shared in the shell of his ear, soft giggles shared amongst lovers, and knowing glances between to mates. Dreams and aspirations, wants and desires, were all shared here in this very place. Between friends and between lovers. However, over the moons this place that Huckleberryroot once considered a place he could share with the love of his life became a solitary confinement prison. Berrychirp locked herself away in the nursery while Huckleberryroot came here alone to think. This was one of the few places the man could let everything go and breathe. A sanctuary and a prison all in one. Tormented by past memories, but comforted by the solidarity of it all. He couldn't change the past and he didn't dare hope for the future, so he satisfied himself with the present. Reflecting on the current events happening in his life.


So here was Huckleberryroot taking in the scene of powder white snow, barren trees and dead foliage, and a frozen river that would so often bubble and burgled in greenleaf. A small smile played on his lips as he thought of happier times.


This took so long to write x.x

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Berrychirp Avatar
Jan 13, 2020 1:48:59 GMT
The excursion Berrychirp took with Hornetcall to the frozen Creek had been good for her, the molly had realized. Everyone had kept trying to get her out of the nursery, to move about the territory even if just to walk and not to hunt. Berrychirp had often asked herself what the point would be, why they were so insistent...yet now she realized. The wonders of which a simple walk could do, the fresh air and company just as ready to fall back into old times as she was. Sure, they had talked about the harder things too...yet it had come more naturally than when she was surrounded by everything that made her upset. She had not realized how confining the nursery had become in her insistence to spend all of her moments there, until she left.

Now, Berrychirp was a little more determined. Still despondent, yes, but she wanted to stop moping about in the nursery. Everyone was worried about her, she had realized, and the relief in their eyes when they saw her pad out of the den and toward the camp exit rather than the dirtplace or fresh kill pile was enough to assure her it was the right choice. At the very least she could do this for them, try to move on and see the brighter side of life again. Then perhaps it would be a little easier...for truly she did not feel quite like doing anything for herself, just yet.

So, a peaceful walk by herself was Berrychirp's every intention. It would ease their worry about her, and perhaps, even make her feel a little better to. Though, the molly could not help but see all of her memories alighted by her surroundings, pausing ever few steps to sadly reminisce. However, it was not as bad as she had expected. There were happy memories here, too, and while she felt sorry to see that memories were all they had become...she realized that was not entirely true. Those she cared about who were in those memories were still here, with relationships that could still be mended, and smiles that could still return.

Perhaps, would it be so bad, if they simply made new memories?

It was this thought that saw Berrychirp deciding to follow the scent of her mate when she caught it on the wind, though her paws already seemed to read his mind on where they were going, so she let her own thoughts linger idly as she went. Naive as she was, Berrychirp was not blind. In all that she tried to make others happy, she was not oblivious to hurt or sadness. She did not know what exactly, for it was not easy in her despondency to understand, but she knew she was hurting him. Not just their situation...her. When had she let it come to this? Stopped trying to make those around her laugh and smile. Was she...selfish, now? She did not like the thought, but it was one that pushed her further to mend things. Maybe, just maybe...things would be better, if they stopped focusing on was was and what could be, and turned their intention instead to what is. They had focused so much on what they lost, Berrychirp was starting to realize perhaps they had both lost sight of what they still had.

She was not surprised when she found him. Pushing her thoughts aside to linger just out of her focus, she padded silently across the snow toward him, a soft, sad smile adorning her maw as she peered across the frozen stream and snow drifts. "I miss the times we used to play here as apprentices, throwing snow and tempting each other onto the ice," she murmured gently, tone somewhat bittersweet. "I still wonder where those apprentice's went..."

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