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Jan 11, 2020 1:40:08 GMT

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He couldn't sleep.

No matter how much he tossed and turned, Rookshade couldn't lull himself into a sense of security. That's what sleeping was all about, wasn't it? Feeling at peace. Being safe in your bed. That's what he thought anyway. Giving up after a senior warrior snapped at him to lie still, the young warrior would exit the den and wander. He had no goal in mind - just walking would surely tire him out. Above him, the canopy of foliage grew denser as his steps led him further into the more neutral lands. 

Hazel hued eyes glanced this way and that, his lips parting to groan. He had come all the way to the Blessed Stumps? He had completely missed the last few Gatherings due to some reason. He wasn't sure if his leader just didn't want him to go or if he ignored their call. Either way, he found himself here. Staring up at the three stumps signaling the three clans, he'd resist the urge to jump up there. Sacrilege anyway. He was never going to be a leader. Why even pretend? Lowering himself to the ground, he'd try and close his eyes and relax. The fur along his shoulders lay flat, only to jump back up when he realized...

Something else was here. "Who's there?" he called, keeping the weariness out of his tone. It was replaced with a curtness that demanded an answer. He smelt cat - CreekClan, too. What were CreekClan warriors doing all the way out here? You can say the same about yourself his inner voice reasoned. He shook his head angrily, clearing thoughts away.

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