Jan 10, 2020 20:43:10 GMT
hey there!

my name is Lackadaisy - but feel free to call me Daisy. I'm on the site discord so if you want to contact me, I'm open to it.

Right now, I'm reeling from my site closing down a day ago. I'm trying to find a new place to belong, since I was on my old one for almost three months. I haven't rped warriors in months, so if I'm rusty or even boring - please forgive me. I typically am open and adaptable to any sort of plot, however. 

I consider myself a very friendly person. I am 29 years old, been RPing since I was ten years old. I write 200-500 worded posts and get back to someone as soon as I see it. If not right away, I will reply within a week. It depends on if I take on too many threads. I'm also in college Monday to Wednesday, so during such times I will be absent or on a semi-hiatus until Thursday comes around. I also do my homework on Sunday and Monday - no computer time until I finish.

Daisy is also ship trash so feel free to approach for ships. Right now I just wanna focus on Rookshade and dive into the site cautiously. But I am very open to chatting and plotting. Any other questions? Feel free to ask!


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