The Weight of Us

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there are thieves, who rob us blind


The burden of being deputy brought on its very own problems to bare. Seawatcher wasn't exactly new to hardships, she had endured Bonestar's savagery that pushed Creekclan to near extinction. She had also endured with so much loss that she's had her fill of death. Yet none of those hardships prepared her for the woe being deputy brought. Berrybloom's sudden disappearance left a barely of age apprentice - lacking vital experience that could make or break the clan and with this new disease going around Seawatcher - unfortunately - didn't have a lot of faith in the young lad. Luckily, there were no warriors who visited Spiderpaw, at least to her own knowledge. The dramatic increase in responsibility was a very drastic change to Seawatcher's lifestyle. For one she was fairly new to the game of being a warrior once more. Her kits, Larkspurpaw and Amaryllispaw were only named apprentices three moons ago, two of those moons the large storm colored molly spent readjusting from being a queen to being a warrior. Next thing she knew Stoatstar was naming her deputy of the clan before all their ancestors. To come into power in such a dark time left the molly feeling a tad bit whiplashed.


Yet Seawatcher was a woman of perseverance and she had yet to be considered broken. She hardly doubted anything would achieve such a feat either. Despite the change being deputy brought, she prevailed through it all and came out on top. The first moon was admittedly difficult, but she managed and it became easier to manage. It was smooth sailing once she got a routine down.


Saffron colored eyes gazed about the wintery white wonderland displayed out before her. What usually is a verdant green landscape of mossy rocks and trees is now a barren clearing of still life. Nothing moved as she stood in the center, tufted ears pricked for signs of life. What usually brought comforting memories now held a tinge of sadness. Seawatcher didn't exactly understand why she felt so down, but she couldn't help how restless she'd been as of late. How her sleepless nights turned into midnight hunts and patrols. A large yawn escaped his lips, mouth opening wide to accommodate the stretch and teeth flashing needle like teeth. A vapor cloud escaped from her mouth, the hot and cold air clashing together as she journeyed on, scent every few paces for signs of prey. So far she wasn't having much luck.

Letting a meow of frustration, Seawatcher sat down with a huff as her tail tip twitched in mild annoyance. The deputy attempted to calm her racing mind with pleasant thoughts of her kits and brother. Her thoughts turned to curiosity at her kits improvement since becoming apprentices two moons ago. She wondered what they were doing and learning with their more than capable mentors.


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