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Jan 6, 2020 4:59:27 GMT

NOTES: a sad start oops
The sky wasn’t even bright yet. It hardly ever was anymore as leaf-bare crept into the forest. The weather was absolutely terrible. Rainy. Windy. Muddy.

All things considered, at least Dawnpaw managed to wake up on time this morning. 

He was not usually an early bird, but today his nest offered little comfort. The recent events of the Clan had shaken the usually bright and cheery Dawnpaw. Berrybloom had been his second mother since the day the weak and sickly kit arrived in the Clan. He adamantly refused to believe she had simply been old and wandered off crazy. There was no way.

Even more devastating to him was the loss of his mentor and the Clan deputy, Pantherleap. The two had just gotten comfortable with each other. There was a certain air of dignity and regality that Pantherleap possessed, which Dawnpaw had looked up to greatly. Even now, as he anxiously made his way toward his new mentor, he was not sure it would ever be the same again.

His new mentor was a different sort of cat. Dawnpaw did not know Hornetcall all that well, but the moment Stoutstar appointed the ginger tom as his new mentor, Dawnpaw could not help but feel a small knot of unease. Firstly, the cat was massive. Dawnpaw felt rather intimidated by the mountainous tom and it was much less comfortable approaching him. Narrow eyes seemed to judge his every move whenever Hornetcall towered over him. Second, Dawnpaw was a social cat who knew his way around. He couldn’t help but feel Hornetcall… didn’t quite have everything figured out in life, at least not as much as Pantherleap did.

It was so hard for Dawnpaw to stop grieving. Still, he knew it was unfair of him to judge his new mentor by comparing him to Pantherleap. With a sigh, Dawnpaw poked his head into the warrior’s den.

“Hornetcall?” he meowed nervously, blue eyes squinting in the dim light. He offered the older cat only politeness, as his grief overshadowed his usual enthusiasm today. “You said we’d go hunting at the Flooded Creek?”

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