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Dewfrost is a rather small feline, with her legs making up the majority of her height. It was once believed that she’d grow to be a large cat based on the lineage she came from but her paws have been quite small and dainty since birth and her ears the same. She didn’t have much to grow into. The majority of the “size” she has now comes from the fluff of her pelt which is a black tabby with gray base. She does have soft white that flows along her chest and belly, but that’s the most white she has on her. And her eyes are a soft gold color - appearing yellow in the sun but more of a burnt gold any other time.

LIKES || Swimming, Long walks, deep conversations, salmon, her family, Swanfeather
DISLIKES || GorgeClan, Being wrong, losing, fighting, impatience.
STRENGTHS || Hunting, Diplomacy, Patience
WEAKNESS || Her family, Swanfeather, Temper
DREAMS || Reaching a point where she can share her burdens with others.
FEARS || Losing everyone.

There are some who are cold because they’ve been hurt, and there are others who are cold because they fear being hurt. For Dewfrost, it is a little of both. Losing her parents when she was young has made it hard for the young warrior to open up to those around her, only allowing her immediate surviving family and mentor to grow close to her. Due to this coldness, she was named frost. She’s a bright little feline, and should someone take the time to get to know her, they’d see just that.

Dewfrost is an overly patient cat, and has been known on more than one occasion to put aside her own needs for the needs of her clanmates and her clan. She’s the first to go without eating and the last to fall into her nest each night for fear of being the reason that CreekClan falls once more. It is important to note that while Dewfrost is a skilled fighter, she is the last to raise her claws in defense for her views and beliefs, hoping to talk through something instead. Some call her a pacifist for it, and it’s not to that degree. She’s just a firm believer that words have the ability to solve things better than action.

When it comes to everything else, Dewfrost is a relatively peaceful cat who bows to the wills of those she cares about deeply to make sure they have what they need. This can often lead to her sacrificing too much and losing a piece of herself, but it is extremely unlikely that she’ll change any time soon. While Dewfrost is extremely patient with those around her, once her patience is broken or her temper takes hold, she can become consumed in it, saying things she often does not mean or being completely unlike herself. It doesn’t come out often, but when it does, it swallows her whole.

Life has a funny way of throwing more at us than we can handle to test our breaking points. That was the case for Dewfrost. From a young age, she had to grow up quickly and help take care of her family after her mother, Lightheart, got sick. But let’s start at the beginning.

Dewkit was born to Lightheart and Lionflight with two older brothers, Mosskit and Reedkit. The three of them were close as close could be, Mosskit often taken on the role of protecting Dewkit from those that attempted to bully her while Dewkit took on the same role for Reedkit who grew into a little ball of anxiety who could barely function on the day to day. Their kithood was largely uneventful, thankfully, as tragedy didn’t strike until their were much older. Lionflight was removed from the job of raising kits, largely because his mating with Lightheart had only been to provide CreekClan with strong warriors for when they day came that they all returned to CreekClan’s territory. The two were part of a small band together before returning to CreekClan shortly before the fall of Bonestar.

Dewkit was made Dewpaw at six moons and was assigned to Swanfeather. Dewpaw was determined to be a strong and worthy apprentice and threw herself immediately into her training, hoping to prove herself a worthy cat of CreekClan as the fall of Bonestar occurred and the cats began to rebuild their lives. It was during this rebuilding process that Lightheart fell sick - an injury that never healed right which turned into a nasty infection. She held on for everything she had, for by this time (during Dewpaw’s eighth moon of life), she was once again pregnant with kits from Lionflight. The tom had fallen in the very battle she’d been injured in and while the two had never admitted feelings between them, it was obvious in the way she held herself close to his body as she mourned. She barely made it through the birth of the kit, providing CreekClan with a single, kit who was ill from birth.

Dewpaw was thrown from the news of her mother’s death but stepped up to offer her new brother support and love, stopping to visit every day in the medicine cat’s den and telling him stories of the cats their parents once were.

Dewpaw shouldered a lot of responsibility and despite her warmth toward her family and her mentor, she remained cold to the outside world, refusing to believe she had the time to make friends and learn about love. So when she was named Dewfrost, she would have admitted it was quite fitting.

Her younger brother was just named an apprentice, though he is still prone to illness, so Dewfrost continues to keep her list of friends and companions small, limiting it to her siblings and Swanfeather.

Mother Lightheart
Father Lionflight
Siblings Moss-, Reed-, and -paw
Mentor(s): Swanfeather
Apprentice(s) NA
Mate(s) NA
Kit(s) NA


one line appearance || petite gray tabby with yellow eyes

DESIRED WARRIOR NAME || not applicable
ANYTHING ELSE || nope that's it!


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