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Jan 5, 2020 22:30:11 GMT
what do i have to do to make you see?
[attr="class","bandittext"]She’d known from the beginning that Harespark would be unfaithful. She’d caught him being unfaithful in the beginning, that had been what triggered the whole affair… well… the whole other affair. Blossomshine believed that all she needed to do was be a good mate, to be faithful and provide him with strong kits, and Harespark would stay. And for fourteen moons he had, so why would she think otherwise. He still slept by her side each night - though he’d occasionally smell of lavender as he’d settled down at her side and her heart would pang. But instead of speaking up, she’d say nothing, staring silently into the corner of the den where her three kits often laid close together. She’d cry softly in the middle of the night, though her tears were silent and sniffles buried into the moss of her nest.

And the next morning, she’d be smiling at Harespark’s side once more, standing tall. But in the back of her mind, she always wondered how long it would be before he’d disappear. If he’d disappear. And it always made her heart ache painfully before she’d lay herself down and hide her face and cry. But today, there was no time for tears. Today, she had hunting to care for. Blossomshine wasn’t the strongest fighter, but when it came to hunting, she excelled. She was also brutally hard on herself, unwilling to give up a hunt until she had something to show for it - usually spending hours outside of camp for a skinny vole that would feed a kit if she was lucky.

So that morning, after she’d separated herself from Harespark’s side, she’d made her way silently away from camp. Blossomshine was careful not to let herself dwell on the thoughts of her mate’s infidelity, knowing that if she did, she’d be completely destroyed by it by the end of her hunt, and she still had many things she wished to accomplish after she returned to camp. She hoped to talk to Harespark about his affair once more, about forgetting that MoorClan she-cat and staying at her side. About having more kits with her. It’d been awhile since her belly had swollen with the bundles of joy and she wanted them desperately. But she didn’t expect him to understand or even agree.

Sighing heavily, she made her way away from camp, gaze lowered. For once, she didn’t have to pretend to be all happy for his sake. Had she been watching where she’d been going, she wouldn’t have ran face first into a clanmate. Yelping in surprise, Blossomshine snapped her gaze up to the tom before her and offered a sad but apologetic smile. “I’m sorry, I should have been watching where I was going.

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