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Jan 5, 2020 21:42:21 GMT
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[attr="class","bandittext"]The days seemed to be growing shorter as the cold bit at his skin once more, making his paws tender and once luxurious pelt freeze in patches from being out and about in this cold weather for days on end. In truth, Brandy wasn’t even sure how long it’d been since he’d left the woman who had adopted him after his owners decided his job was complete. A couple of weeks at least? He’d grown thinner over that time - not dangerously thin though. Just enough where it was no longer obvious that he had once lived a comfortable life. The collar with the bell on it had been the first thing to go. He’d spent an entire night fighting with the scrap of fabric, listening to the jingle as it screamed it’s protest.

Now, he looked like one of the feral cats that didn’t have anyone to care for it. Brandy only hoped that when he found her, she’d recognize him. He’d traveled a long way from the city his two-leg had lived in, his paws felt tired and were covered in sores from the cold and the distance he’d traveled, but something told him that he was growing closer to the she-cat he was searching for and that alone was enough to make him forget the pain he felt with each stride.

He passed a small green house with a white picket fence around it, a large fluffy gray cat sitting in the window. The two locked eyes for a moment, and Brandy glowered at the feline, the politeness he’d once held toward others having to be forgotten once he’d stepped out onto the streets. He’d made the mistake of trying to befriend others in his first few days, an ugly scar formed over the bridge of his nose from that endeavor. If the tom could see himself, he might have considered bathing properly before approaching the house that he remembered so vividly. The fence around the garden was tall, one that he wouldn’t be able to jump anymore as his legs felt old and tired, but he was determined not to let that stop him.

He scrambled up the picket fence beside the taller one and then tried to leap onto of it. Thankfully, his paws caught the top of the fence and he was able to propel himself over with his hind-legs, nearly gracelessly falling over the other side. But he managed to prevent the fall onto his face and instead landed carefully on his paws, stepping cautiously through the shrubbery that appeared to line the garden. He didn’t wish to frighten her, and part of him wondered if he even looked enough like himself for her to recognize him. This garden was usually filled with lavender during the summer months, and as he closed his eyes in fond memory, he was certain that he could still smell the sweet flowers now. Sighing softly, he stayed that way for a moment or two more, his mind wandering to the she-cat he’d dreamed of on more than one occasion.

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