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"sometimes the darkness can show you the light"
the basics
NAME || cherrybloom
CLAN || moorclan
RANK || queen
AGE || 43 moons
GENDER || shecat
SEXUALITY || hetero
OTHER || she is blind
the appearance
SHORT DESCRIPTION || a blind, cream tabby she-cat. 
APPEARANCE || When many look at Cherrybloom, it's immediately noticeable that her eyes have had a traumatic experience. And even though she can't physically see others stare at her, it's as if their eyes leave a burning feeling against her pelt. For this reason, she is slightly self conscious. Her eyes are a grey hue, and a few scars line the area across her face. At one point in time, they would have been a beautiful mix of light green and yellow. However, when others look past this, she is rather beautiful. Her pelt is a striking cream tone, with light tabby markings running through. They're almost unnoticeable, but to someone who takes a closer look they are there. Her muzzle has a splash of a lighter hue, but other than that she retains her almost solid color across her body's entirity. 
the personality
LIKES || kits, the smell of herbs, helping others, listening, the quiet, rabbits
DISLIKES || being wet, losing those close to her, yelling, hearing that she's wrong, cats bringing up her dead family
DREAMS || to help her brother restore the faith Moorclan once had in itself, to help others even when she cannot help herself
FEARS || her father(although deceased), losing her mate, losing her brother, moorclan turning into gorgeclan
OVERALL || Cherrybloom is as comforting as her name makes her sound. The loss of her sight has done nothing to take it from her, but perhaps made her a tad bit less approachable at first glance. This queen spends her day cuddling kits and helping the medicine cat as much as she can. She does rely on others to get around from time to time, and for this she can feel like a burden, but she attempts to help with motherly advice and kind remarks. Truly built to be a kind queen, if she's not helping the medicine cat, she's helping other queens with their kits or can be found catching some sun and giving advice. 
Perhaps the Mother Teresa of cats, Cherrybloom is selfless. She would give another the fur off her back if she could. She's one to absorb the punishments of others if it means they are left unscathed. She can often be viewed as too nice and this can be taken as perhaps her biggest downfall. While not downright easy to take advantage of, if a cat came crying she would be one to help before thoroughly thinking it through. 
Cherrybloom does have a sort of strong side to herself, as she's survived and adapted overtime to the life she now leads. If she hears something is wrong and finds herself with a strong differing opening she would be one to speak up. She also can be known to be a little harder on her kits or those she holds near and dear, but only because she wishes for them to succeed and have the best in life. 
the history
FATHER || Heronflight (deceased)
MOTHER || Astercloud (deceased)
SIBLINGS || Spiritstar, Nightfeather (deceased)
HISTORY || Cherrybloom's history is somewhat of a mess. While it started off as a love story, giving birth to three young kits who were sure to grow up with loving took a sharp left turn into a dark abyss at some point. It was perhaps somewhere along the lines of her apprentice moons. Cherrykit had became Cherrypaw, a beautiful young apprentice with much to look forward to. It was during these moons that she grew close to a tom by the name of Fogpaw. The two grew fairly close, becoming steadfast friends. When one faltered in training, they would often times group up together and attempt to help the other. Cherrypaw's steadfast relationship with the tom was mostly a result of her brother becoming the biggest interest of the clan. While they had been close, it seemed that he was growing to have more responsibilities and she herself, was not. It was soon after this that Astercloud was found dead. Cherrypaw leaned steadfast on her new friend...but also now her brother. Just as it seemed that she had lost him, the death of their mother seemed to bring them closer. Cherrypaw vowed to listen to his woes and issues, trying to be the guiding light in his life as their mother once had been. The trio of siblings grew, eventually becoming warriors. Cherrybloom was named for her motherly qualities that were already developing. She was one with a nurturing role built in, and always had an open ear for a cat's problems.
As they continued on in life, their father became a larger problem than Cherrybloom had ever hoped he would be. As their remaining parent, she had hoped he would come back around from the downward spiral he seemed to be taking. Yet, nothing ever quite seemed right. In fact, it only became much worse. Nightfeather and herself had been out one night, finding a way to talk sister to sister in the stillness they so desperately longed for as chaos erupted around them. But they were ambushed by their father, and the two younger and not so seasoned warriors were no match. Nightfeather was murdered before Cherrybloom's own eyes...and as she scrambled to take in what was happening, she soon found herself desperately hanging on to her own life. 
When she awoke, all she could remember was darkness...and then panic. But in her waking moment, she found herself listening to familiar voices...Spiritsong and Fogsplash. She found herself wanting to ask questions, and eventually pushing herself to do so. Both toms confirmed her fears, that Nightfeather was gone and the worst had actually happened. The medicine cat confirmed another fear, that her injuries she obtained took her sight...and she would remain blind for the remainder of her moons. During her healing process, Cherrybloom attempted to help all those she came in contact with. Her bright personality tried  to keep the down and sick cats happy. She attempted to learn what she could from the medicine cat, though it was never much more than helping change some bedding and perhaps holding pressure on slight nicks and cuts. 
As she finally healed, Cherrybloom found herself becoming the mate of Fogsplash, and turning into a resident Queen. It was here that she would live out the rest of her days. Within time she found herself cheering her brother on as he became leader of the clan. And she found herself becoming a mother to two lovely kits. 

the roleplayer
made by remi of rilla go!

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