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Jan 5, 2020 21:22:38 GMT
when you move, i'll move. i will follow.
[attr="class","bandittext"]Their houses were separated by the gardens, his owner’s much smaller than the one her two-legs upheld. In the summer, the sweet smell of lavender wafting through their garden and Sharkbait often found himself rolling happily in the green grass, warmed by the sun and soothed by the smell as it drifted on the wind. During the winter, however, only the toughest of plants survived, leaving things like coneflowers, lily of the valley, boxwood, catmint - one of his favorites - hostas, winterberries, and snowdrops to blume in plenty.

The snow had stopped falling several hours before - but the roar of the fire in the fireplace kept any threat of chill from his thoughts. As he often did on these cold days, he found himself happily curled up on top of the blankets where his two-leg lay. She held a book in one hand, the other softly stroking the top of his head, and Sharkbait purred contently as he watched the window. The sun was high in the sky and for the first time in what felt like moons, he saw blue instead of gray. The day would be warmer than they had in the past, so maybe it was time to stop by and see the she-cat on the other side of the garden fence.

She was often with kits, he’d found and their playful mews filled the garden in the spring, though during winter he usually saw only her - if he was lucky. She was a large cat-like he, with a stunning silver pelt and admittedly, had he not known her lifestyle, he might have found himself infatuated with her. Sharkbait didn’t understand everything about it, he just knew that she had a lot of kits. He figured the toll that that must hold on someone must be devastating, especially since the kits always seemed to be gone quickly - within two moons or so. None ever stayed, and he even heard the way the she-cat named them, using numbers instead of real names. But he did his best not to judge. She wasn’t the friendliest but seemed to tolerate his presence from time to time.

So after mulling it over for a moment or two more, the light gray fluff nudged himself against his owner, letting out meows to gain her attention. And once he had it, he jumped down and made his way toward the door. The lady chuckled and placed her book down, getting up to let the tom outside. He rubbed himself against her legs before making his way out into the cold, though thankfully only his paws really noticed the change in temperature. His pelt was thick enough where it would take quite some time before it seeped to chill him to the bone and Sharkbait had no intention of being gone that long.

Trotting through the snow, he made his way toward the garden fence, scrambling up it gracelessly before perching on top of it to look down at the large garden below that was covered in snow. He didn’t know if she was outside but hoped he hadn’t missed her. His tail slowly curled around his paws and he waited for a while, curious if he’d see the elusive she-cat today.

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