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Jan 5, 2020 20:36:45 GMT
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[attr="class","bandittext"]As it often did, Badgerfoot found his mind filled with fog. Retracing memories from when things had been - at least in his eyes - good. Before Bonestar’s true intentions showed to the clan. Before Tigerblaze left his side. Before Milkpaw passed so tragically. He found himself pacing along the CreekClan border, his gaze lowered to the ground and heart heavy. It was hard not to sit here at the edge of their clans and wonder what the world would have been like had he not been so self centered. His pride had been destroyed and even now, nearly ten moons later, he hung his head low and stared at the ground as he walked. A shell of a cat - lost with no direction.

He followed his clan loyally and that way why, even after everything, he stayed within GorgeClan’s ranks. Or maybe it was the hope that one day, he’d be able to pick himself back up from the ruins that he’d made. That he’d find a new mate, a new life. That it would all be in his past and he’d be able to breathe again. Sucking his breath into his lungs sharply, he bit down hard on his own tongue, suppressing the yowl of anger that threatened to echo from his lips. Instead, he lowered himself to his haunches, tail lashing back and forth angrily.

In the recent moons, it seemed the only two emotions that Badgerfoot felt he was capable of were rage and sadness. There was no in-between and when he wasn’t being short and curt with his clanmates, he was avoiding them all together, head held down almost as low as it would go, never quite meeting anyone’s eyes. Most of them hadn’t forgotten his loyalty to Bonestar and despite him renouncing it, there always seemed to be a layer of apprehension.

He supposed that couldn’t have been helped, however.

Slowly, the tom released his breath in a long, slow exhale. His eyes watching the border for a few moments more before deciding it best he leave. Why would she come here? It wasn’t like she had anything more to say to him. Blinking his eyes, the tom lowered his gaze and moved to his paws. I truly am sorry, Tigerblaze. I hope one day you’ll allow me to prove that. He thought bitterly, a lump forming in his throat. She’d taken his heart, his eye, and the kits had been quick to side with their mother. The only thing he had left was foolish hope that would one day break, he was sure of it.

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Jan 7, 2020 1:31:48 GMT
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Whenever Tigerblaze was lacking in things to do, or was bored, and really just needed to clear her mind and think, she often chose to do a patrol. Usually, she went by herself but often she was accompanied by whomever else wanted to go out, though it was often Plovertail who was her companion. Today, she chose to venture out alone, her thoughts loud against the stillness of camp. She'd already hunted twice and managed to snag a fairly decent squirrel but not much else. She figured she deserved a break.

Tigerblaze started her patrol by the river, eyes cast to the moving water to see if there'd be any break. No such luck with a thin layer of ice forming. She'd have to try somewhere else if she really wanted to hunt again. She shook her head, removing the notion from her mind. Hunting would do her no good. Instead, she followed the border around the territory. She hardly expected there to be any issues; even with the lack of prey, the illness floating around was enough to keep cats in their own camp and out of everyone else's. Who wanted to pick a fight when they could drop dead at a moment's notice? Certainly not her, but she'd definitely fight if she needed. 

Tigerblaze slowed as she neared the GorgeClan border. Even moons after she'd left, moons after Bonestar's demise, she still detested being anywhere near their border. The scent that used to remind her so much of home sickened her now, and she curled her nose in disgust. CreekClan now smelled like home. Still, she vowed to check every inch of the border, and the GorgeClan border was a part of that. She edged it, not quite wanting to get too close, when a faint figure caught her eye. GorgeClan. The figure looked to be alone but it wasn't something she could promise. Tigerblaze prowled forward, teeth bared in a snarl as she crept closer.

"Halt!" She called, voice loud against the quiet, Leafbare air. It carried and she cringed. She hadn't meant to speak as loudly as she did, but at least her voice came out how she wanted it to - cold and domineering. Perfect. The cat became clearer as she got close enough, and she kept an out for any other cats that might be nearby. "What business do you have so close to the border?"

Soon, features became apparent and Tigerblaze stiffened involuntarily. She knew that gray pelt. Eyes narrowing, she quickly walked the rest of the way so she could know for certain, and when she did, her claws slid out on impulse. "What do you want, Badgerfoot? Come to lose another eye?" It had been moons since she had saw him last, and still, her blood boiled as a reaction to the tom she used to love so dearly. 

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