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40 Moons

Shrikethorn's appearance is the rose among her thorny personality, though perhaps it is as much a lie as her false friendly nature is too. While she is actually a rather strong, muscular cat - not too large but bigger than the average molly, her long, thick fur makes her appear softer and gentler. For the most part this long-feathery fur is much like the plumage of the bird she was named for, a warm grey-brown, patterned with black stripes and bordered with clean snowy white. Her eyes are a piercing green like the last two leaves on a tree, sometimes falsely warm, and other times chillingly venomous.

LIKES || Bonestar and his dreams, Power, Manipulating and Lying, Hunting, Battle
DISLIKES || Emotions, Idle Conversation, Wasted Time, Laziness, The Other Clans, Romance,
STRENGTHS || Lying, Acting, Hunting, Manipulation, Threatening
WEAKNESS || Impatient, Bored Easily, Desires and Admires Power, Bad with Emotions
DREAMS || To achieve Bonestar's goals. To earn power over others.
FEARS || Falling in love, being left with nothing and no-one

While Shrikethorn was once a shy, quiet, awkward little thing as a kit, and even a young apprentice, living beneath Bonestar's rule did not allow that to carry on for long. Instead, she came to live for Bonestar and his ideals, fascinated by his strength and power, and truly believing that he was right. The other clans were of no interest to her, and in truth, she had never been a friendly feline. However, not everyone would agree with this. While she does not socialize much, preferring to avoid idle conversation and instead hunt, train or even fight alone, she is a good actress all the same. After all, Shrikethorn is a model liar and manipulator, talented in analyzing her target and picking them apart. She finds the inner workings of other's thoughts to be fascinating, which could make her a great team player if she were not one to also disregard emotions and instead seek power over others. She has a tendency to put all feelings aside, including her own, and instead build others up as high as she can so they receive the most damage when she lets them fall again. All in all she is far from a nice cat, and definitely not one you want as a friend or foe, unless you have the same power-hungry dreams as her - though on the surface she might seem like the perfect cat to get along with. Impatient as she is, she will act friendly and supportive to meet her own ends, only to turn around and stab someone in the back just as soon. When she is not trying to hide her aims she is cruel and spiteful, perhaps even downright viscous. Though, that is the case for many things with her, as anger, fear and disgust toward even herself will often turn into a harsher intent in order to keep her own feelings at bay.

Shrikekit was born alongside her brothers Ploverkit and Thrushkit to an unknown father, and a mother who died not long into their third moon, leaving them as orphans. From then on, the trio solely relied on one another for love and support, falling as outcasts among the clan as they shut everyone else out. While her brother's were hyperactive and considerably rowdy, Shrikekit was a quiet observing, not to mention considerably socially awkward. She always seemed disinterested in conversation, and it was hard to hold her attention with anything beyond stories of war and danger, which always seemed to alarmingly pique her interest. The three seemed strangely reluctant to become apprentices, though it was assumed it was because without their parents, they were worried about being split up.

With hope of fostering her interest toward being a warrior through her apparent interest in fighting, Shrikepaw was given a close friend of Boneclaw's as a mentor. The molly was encouraging toward her apprentice in the clan's eye, a good and stable mentor that the apprentice could flourish beneath - simply put, boring, in Shrikepaw's eye. That was, until they were alone. It turned out her mentor was awfully power-hungry and manipulative, and taught her apprentice to be much the same, as well as drove her to support Boneclaw and his ideals even well before he became a leader. Oftentimes Shrikepaw would be trained alongside her brother Thrushpaw with Boneclaw and her own mentor teaching them, generally new battle techniques that admittedly often involved a little more violence than traditional apprentice-mentor sparring. Despite what might be seen as bad teaching, it allowed the two siblings to grow closer and find a common ground while Ploverpaw drew away with his eye upon an older molly.

In time the three siblings were made warriors, and Shrikethorn took to her name with pride and lust for a powerful future for her clan beneath Boneclaw's control. While she and Thrushfang remained steadfast supporters of Boneclaw even as he became leader two moons later and began driving the clan into battle against the others, it seemed as though Plovertail was losing interest. Soon enough a rift was torn between the siblings when Shrikethorn and Thrushfang refused to give up their support of Bonestar for their brother, and Shrikethorn went on to loathe the love between her brother and his mate that she decided had softened him, weakened him. From then she vowed not to fall in love with anyone, though it always seemed that powerful figures like Bonestar who could promise her everything and more would stand in as the exception.

Plovertail's weakness was only confirmed to Shrikethorn when instead of seeking vengeance for his mate and apprentice when they died in the war, he fled the clan, likely to the very one that killed them. The thought disgusted her, how much love had weakened him, and when Bonestar too fell to the paws of his own sister, Shrikethorn vowed that no emotion should ever stand in her way of power as it did with both toms, for clearly it was love and emotion that weakened them to those that would see their end. Plovertail may not be dead, but he became dead to her. It was this vow that saw her publicly shunning Thrushfang and his ideals as he was banished from the clan in order to keep up her rank with lies and deceit, no matter that they both know how strongly she supported Bonestar, and to what lengths she would go to see his goals accomplished.

Mother: Tawnyfoot (deceased)
Father: Unknown
Brothers: Plovertail (Creekclan), Thrushfang (Outsider)


one line appearance || A fluffy black tabby bicolor she-cat with green eyes

OTHER CHARACTERS || Spiritstar, Featherpaw, Aloepaw, Larkshade, Quailstream, Echo, Berrychirp, Firpaw, Cobrastrike & Majesty


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