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Jan 2, 2020 2:46:20 GMT
After having nursed and raised these kits from the point of their birth to the point of their weaning, to see them named and surviving, thriving within her palace, Majesty was liking the idea of giving them up less and less. The choice of who to keep was a struggle, certainly before the time that they could truly explore their surroundings, and still Majesty was not sure who she would choose. Perhaps it was better to let them decide, even if such was not quite how she did things. She had expected the choice to be obvious by now, but her kits were not....well, not the most impressive like she had hoped, even if they were gorgeous, and they were hers.

Not for much longer, she knew.

Well, of course Lincoln or Midnight would kill the foolish Moorclanner if she asked them to. They would do anything she asked them to, really, and some blood on their paws were far from concerns of theirs when it came to her desires. However, despite a supposed lack of morals, at the very least Majesty had pride and honor, or some semblance of these. She was not about to go back on a deal, which simply meant a choice was to me made. Unless, of course, he broke her terms.

Allowing the thought of the idiot tripping up to ease her, the molly slipping into the main room of the Palace as confident as ever, head and tail held high despite the rabbit attempting to weigh her down. Of course, she had not hunted it herself, but she cared little for that as she brushed past a thin pelt hanging from above, and made it down a walled path toward her location.

The part of the Palace she veered into next was off limits without permission.

Once inside her so claimed nursery, the molly peered around for a moment - the room was decorated with a couple of plush nests, had a strange soft texture to the ground that felt nice to scratch with her claws, and had several little things that Palace residences thought kits would like to play with, some that made noises or others that were simply batted around or chased, alongside a few natural things from outside that Majesty had given her approval of. However, there was not a lively little ball of fluff in sight.

The molly's gaze drifted toward where she and her kits nested.

Placing the rabbit down, the molly padded silently across the room toward one side, offset from the entrance, and peered through the tiny horizontal gaps briefly, before ducking in through the larger gap in the far end. The ground was covered in the same strange fuzzy surface as outside the nesting area, though many of the pelts hanging from above her head and been pulled down and arranged into a soft, cozy nest that took up most of the area. A slight noise escaped her mouth, calling the attention of her three kits, before she nudged each one in turn with her nose.

"Come my little ones," she purred, giving Falcon a slight rasp over the ear with her tongue to rouse him. "I've brought you some food, come and eat."

Notes | For reference, the kits sleep in a closet within a small carpeted bedroom deeper in the palace with a double sliding door (eg), of which one side is open just wide enough for a large cat to squeeze through. The bedroom window is intact and closed and they aren't allowed into the rest of the Palace without permission, but they can jump onto the windowsill to peer outside.

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Jan 2, 2020 15:22:55 GMT

At the young age of only two moons, sleep was more common and loved than the emotions and experiences of being awake. Though many would expect a kitten to relish the newfound light within the den, Falcon was content to lay on his side and watch the world pass by without moving a paw. Eventually, his mind would slip away from the present, and he would drift into sleep. And even now, he remained fast asleep, soft sighs escaping him as he laid, curled up into a small ball of fluff.

A nudge followed by quick movement over his ear awoke him, and Falcon turned his head drowsily to see his mother. He blinked a few times, sliding his paws underneath him as a yawn escaped him. Falcon unsteadily came to his paws, the fast motion of it nearly knocking him over. To equalize himself, he shook his fur out, the action intended to both awake and steady him. 

Bright eyes followed Majesty as she stood before him. She was giant - at least from his perspective - and her soft gaze upon him made Falcon perk up with pride. He barely caught what she had said, for he had been caught up in his own world of just waking up, but given the large rabbit, he assumed it was time to eat. A pang in his stomach reminded him just as much.

"Yummy!" he squeaked.

He waddled over to the rabbit, watching his paws carefully so that he would not embarrass himself in front of his mother. He glanced back at her and then to his siblings. They deserved the first bite more than he did. He had already slept half the day, so he could wait. Falcon walked around the rabbit to see where the best bite was. Perhaps he could offer it to Osprey or Kestrel. Or maybe Majesty if she would hear him out.
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Jan 6, 2020 0:44:14 GMT
Tummy up towards the sky, Kestrel reached his paw up towards the dangling pelt. He strained to push his paw up higher and spread his toes out further. He wanted his claws to cover as much area as possible. With a bigger net, he was guaranteed to catch the dastardly prey that hung just out of reach. Kestrel had seen his mother pull down pelts before. She’d gracefully latch a claw onto the tall fabric and pull it down to their nest. Kestrel didn’t really have a reason for pulling any more pelts down. The nest was plenty soft and luxurious with heaps of pelts and the soft carpet. He just wanted to make a catch. He’d tried countless times before and hadn’t been successful. But today was his day.

Kestrel swiped. His tiny paws eagerly reached for his target. The little bit of force from his swipe was enough to push his prey away. Like a sly bird, the cloth flew up just out of reach. The pelts above him dangle slightly before coming to rest. Kestrel tried again with his other paw, but he encountered the same problem. No matter what he used, be it his front or back paws, the pelt would always sway back and forth mocking him. Kestrel growled. His tail thwacked the ground with irritation. Reaching both his front legs out, Kestrel swiped with both of his paws at the same time. Once again the pelt flew away before settling back in it’s position above him.

A soft nose briefly took Kestrel’s attention away from his swiping. He turned his head towards Majesty just as she gave him a gentle nudge. Kestrel rolled over in response. Pushing himself up, he padded slowly after Falcon who had left the closet first and reached the so-called rabbit. From years of neglect, the carpet was a bit coarse and rough under his paws. But it barely made a noise as he walked on it.

Kestrel was able to take a peek at the rabbit hidden behind Majesty. It’s white fur contrasted the worn carpet and it stood out. Kestrel’s mind went blank and all he could think of was eating. Without a second thought, Kestrel jumped at the rabbit. With his small legs, he didn’t travel very high but he was able to close the paw-length between him and the rabbit. When he landed, he sunk his teeth into it’s snow white fur with a triumphant yowl. Barely chewing, his first bite was swallowed in an instant. Backfeet atop the rabbit’s muzzle and ears, Kestrel was carefully balancing his weight between his paws so he wouldn’t fall down from the rabbit. He quirked his head at Falcon who was still carefully analyzing the rabbit. “What are you waiting for?

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