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Ulanni is a beautiful she-cat with a silver base coat marked with dark tabby marks swirling intricately throughout her fur. She is a Maine Coon, making her large in height and length, yet lean and fast when she needs to be. Her pelt is wispy in fluff, though it is rarely tangled due to her own high maintenance and the careful watch of her two-legs. Ulanni has soft golden eyes to accompany her rather long whiskers.

LIKES || lavender, adventure, and conversation
DISLIKES || boredom, fish, and backstabbers
STRENGTHS || confrontations, fierce, and confident
WEAKNESS || hot-headed, reckless, and over-protective
DREAMS || to live beyond heavy control and to do things no other kitty-pet has done.
FEARS || losing control and never truly living

Someone once dared to call Ulanni a living tornado. Wild, unpredictable and devastatingly destructive. At first, she had been angered by the insult, and, as she was infamous for, she had chewed him up and spat him out for trying to offend her. Though no one ever attempted to call her that again, the she-cat grew to love the comparison. A tornado. Fierce and chaotic. Unpredictable and wild. Everything about it she learned to relish. It sounded so.. her.

And a tornado she is. Ulanni, in kinder words, is incredibly confident and heavily opinionated. She's quick to fight and unafraid to do so. However, she is, in all truthfulness, intimidatingly fierce and fearlessly chaotic. She loves a good argument and somehow manages to find trouble where others search for peace. She doesn't care for other opinions regarding her. She loves who she is and she could care less how she is interpreted for it. She is Ulanni, and she has no plans to ever change what that means for her.

If it was possible for her to become fiercer, it would certainly be in the presence of those she loves. She would fight anyone and anything to keep them safe - to ensure nothing came close to harming them. Starclan save any fool who lays a claw on those closest to her heart.

Ulanni is a strong leader on all fronts. She's skilled in most everything she attempts, and she knows it. She can get cocky, but her conscious will generally pull her down to earth before she can assert her greatness where it's not welcome. She believes herself to be strong leadership material, especially in crisis situation, as her confidence never fails her. Her ability to never give up, even in the face of hopelessness, drives her to follow her many dreams.

Though these days, Ulanni could care less what she becomes as she ages. Most cats concern themselves with their legacy, but the she-cat could die today and feel like her life is fulfilled. Ulanni lives on a promise to herself that she has no regrets. She doesn't ever want to rest thinking that she'd wish she had done something or told someone the truth. 

Ulanni is not someone you want to get into an argument with, for she won't hold anything back during a fight with someone, verbally or literally. She is bold and proud of it. She has horribly loose lips, and those who do tell her secrets often end up regretting it, as she can easily forget it was a secret, and just spread the story like wildfire, or, she can just tell other's out of spite. Most cats don't like staying on her bad side for long. She is humorous to those she likes, but like her, her jokes are unapologetic and unpredictable.

From the start, Ulanni's life was both controlled and decided for her. Her mother, a white and silver she-cat by the name of Diamond, was old and near retirement by the time their litter was born. She was a control-freak, believing she knew how to rule kittens after so many moons of experience. Ulanni hardly got the chance to breathe without her mother nipping her or growling for silence. To her mother, she was kitten 1, first born. Her siblings were kittens 2, 3, and 4. Diamond never bothered to get to know her litter, for within two moons, they were gone. 

The moment she was sold, for a regrettably high price as her two-legs often bragged, her world change. She was free to do as she pleased, without anyone breathing over her neck. Her personality grew and flourished - but perhaps not as it should have. She became wild and acted on impulse. She longed to escape, but the promise of food in bowl always kept her grounded. Ulanni, as she became called (much better than kitten 1), was never rash in the presence of her two-legs. She was much too afraid of their capability to make her comply, so she followed them without complaint. 

She would too late find out her true purpose in their lives. She was nothing more than a breeding she-cat, just as Diamond had been. It infuriated her, but her two-legs only laughed as she ran about the house in attempts to ease her worries. Her two-legs, seeming to finally sense her stress after she shredded the curtains (that's teach them!), began to place lavender around her bed, even rubbing it in her fur. And truthfully, it was calming. It was something that made her unique from every other breeding she-cat out there. She had a trait tom-cats would remember. 

Her first tom was a southern tom by the name of Brandy. He, even to her massive height, was somehow taller. He was undeniably handsome, and had a soft charm to him that was hard to resist. But stars above, Ulanni tried to resist her fate. She was sassy and unrelenting, tossing out snarky comments left and right. He eased her with soft promises of what could be, with kind words and a soft pelt. He laughed at her jokes, even if they were directed at his own appearance and life-style. He did not seek to control her, and Ulanni could hardly believe it. Unknowingly, she found herself flirting with the tom in the strangest of ways. Her biting insults had slowly morphed into dangerous compliments. And before she could stop herself, she had somehow fallen in-love with this strange ginger tom.

Their kittens were gorgeous, and Ulanni made the rookie mistake of naming them as she saw them. Lavender, Basil, and Mint. When they were taken away, she promised she would find them. She swore she would not let them be controlled as she had - but despite all those wishes, she found herself with yet another tom with moons. He was a hulking black tom, much older than she was, and was not there to exchange words or get to know one another. If anything, Lucifer (as he later revealed himself), was the perfect example of what Ulanni grew to expect.

Her kittens were not worth naming, as she found out, and she turned to naming them as her mother had. It was simpler. Unlike her mother, she was always there for her kittens, encouraging them to thrive now and live now. She was fiercely protective of all those she birthed, up until the moment she was forced to give them away.

She learned how to be fierce by studying all the toms she was paired up with. Her tongue grew sharper and her words more callous and without regard to others. She never outright fought another tom - she was smart enough to know they would defeat her- but antagonizing them was enough fun to keep her heart in it. Most she-cats in her line became shells of their former selves, but Ulanni learned to thrive.

She always came back to Brandy, however. His charm and her wit, through the sharp comments and deep purrs, led to the best times Ulanni had ever experienced. She was content to rub against him, struck dumb when his tail swiped under her chin. And when he left, Ulanni was okay to move on to the next tom, despite the desire that he would just stay with her. 

She continues on, her purple collar marking her with a silver name tag. Ulanni, the kitty-pet too fierce to deal with the foolishness of most toms.
Mother - Diamond
Father - unknown
Siblings - many and unknown names due to seperation
Mentor - n/a
Apprentice - n/a
Mate - to be Brandy
Kits - open! she has raised many kittens. Mint, Basil, and Lavender are the only three she named. 


one line appearance || a silver tabby maine coon with yellow eyes.

ALIAS || @puddlesdog
OTHER CHARACTERS || @goosesnap @oceancloud @cottoncloud @falcon
DESIRED WARRIOR NAME || many ideas .. Icedapple Lichenfrost Lavenderfrost
ANYTHING ELSE || adopted from bandit!


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