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45 Moons

An imposing cat with his broad frame and large paws, Phoenix is often confused for a gentle giant. But when you look closer past the fluff of his deep orange coat, you will find heavy scars. Each of them hard won. Phoenix carries himself with such an arrogant air about him, its no question how he earned his scars. 

The dorsal stripe that moves from forehead to tail tip alludes to tabby markings without forming an actual pattern. The hinted at pattern appears in the darker shades of almost brown that offers natural lowlights to his fur. His eyes a more natural golden color, are framed with dark skin around them giving him a uniquely powerful gaze. 

LIKES || Fighting, Winning, Leading

DISLIKES || Losing, Feeling Weak, Taking orders 

STRENGTHS || Charismatic, Fighting, Sociopath Leader 

WEAKNESS || Cruel, Determined 

DREAMS || Creating his own version of a Clan that surpasses the others. 

FEARS || Defeat, which is a powerful motivator 

"The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth" - African proverb

Phoneix is such a force to rekcon with, it's a wonder he hasn't burned the forest to the ground already. Hellbent on taking the power by means of flesh and blood. Phoenix has the drive and determniation to see his will to the end. 

Crueality born of ridicule, Phoenix harbors a deep hatred for the Clan cats and their laws. His dream to subjugate the clans into one of his own making and design has helps him dream of horrors to cast upon those who mocked or belittled him. 

His ruthless nature has only one end. That of soft kitten too young to be without their mother. Despite his cruel and almost heartless nature, Phoenix recongizes the softness of new life and his own corrupted moral standard prevents him from harming such weak creatures. However, it does not stop him from using their young lives to convince their parents to follow his rules. He is not above threatening the lives of young kits to force their mother's compliance. 

Phoenix isn't only known for his sharp claws and devlish agenda. Phoenix has a certain dangerous charm about him. A devil in disguise, he can pretend to brefriend a cat for several days or even a moon but seen it will crack and his true motivation will leak through. Phoenix is one to use cats to his advantage and  cast them away, or in rare cases kill them, when their usefullness has run out. 

Phoenix from the start had a drive. A tom born with enough ambition to take over the world. A young mother bore Phoenix and his siblings all named for creatures his mother heard about from the twoleg kit that often read stories aloud to them when her parents weren't warning her to stay away from the feral cat.

Not a kittypet by traditional standards, Phoenix knew twolegs existed and had allowed his mother to give birth in their old shed. Their generosity never went far. No food offered to the young queen or kits. Simply a shelter. To the she-cat, it was enough for her small family. It wasn't known to them until later in life but the she-cat who bore them had been a Clan-cat, Firelight. She had been chased out of her home while heavily pregnant and sought shelter in the only place she could.

Roc, Harpy, Thoth, and Phoenix loved their shed. Having found out every entry point and created their own with too much playfighting (mostly at the paws of Roc and Phoenix). Life in the shed was perfect from the start.

From within their small home, Roc and Phoenix sparred often for leadership over their little troop. Harpy and Thoth the more sensible cats. Often busied their days with following their mother around while she hunted. Leaving the similar-sized tom-cat to argue who was left behind to protect the other.

Harpy was the first casualty. Captured by some twolegs one spring morning, Firelight wailed for her daughter, the only in the litter. Her tom kits were equally distraught. Phoenix and Roc argued who was to blame, which resulted in a fight. Thoth kept his mother company, weeping for his lost sister.

Firelight was never the same after the loss of Harpy and spent less and less time with her remaining kits. The young toms took the hint and instead of relying on their mother, honed their skills to one day leave their shed home.

Phoenix the first to strike it out on his own had ventured toward the clan territories. The ones his mother often warned him about and had forbidden them all from exploring. Phoenix had found himself on the warpath of Bonestar and Larkpaw. Having spent most of his life sparring with his brother, Phoenix and his overly confident nature taunted the young she-cat. Unknowning of her condition and that of her upbringing. From the shadows, Bonestar called her into action. Larkpaw sprang upon Phoenix.

The fight lasted only a handful of seconds but left Phoenix wounded and panting for breath. Larkpaw almost unfaced despite a few landed hits by Phoenix's still growing paws. Bonestar stood over the young tom, mocked him for his inability to take on a younger cat. Bonestar told him to return to his twolegs and never set foot in the forest again.

Ashamed by such insults. Phoenix vowed to enact revenge on both cats. When his mother found him after he didn't return home for a meal, she worsened the insult. Warning him that he'd never be strong enough to take on a warrior or apprentice. That the time sparring with his brother meant nothing. They were kitten games.

Angered by his mother's words, Phoenix stayed in the shed only long enough to heal his wounds. He left without a word to either of his siblings or mother. Vowing to prove to her that it didn't matter who he was, he could take on a clan cat and win. Thus became his single focus in life.

For the past several moons of his life, Phoenix fought, defeated and on one occasion killed his fair share of rivals. All in the pursuit of proving he could be better then the forest cats that called themselves strange names and worshiped stars.

Mother: Firelight (unknown status ) A orange-brown she-cat with amber eyes. 

Father: Unknown, likely a CreekClan warrior 

Siblings: Harpy (unknown status) A lighter orange she-cat with honey amber eyes. 
Thoth (unknown status) A dark orange tom with dark amber eyes. 
Roc (unknown status) A medium tone orange tom with amber eyes. 

Mentor(s): None 

Apprentice(s): None 

Mate(s): None 

Kit(s): None 


one line appearance || A medium furred russet tom with amber eyes, a notched right ear, and a scar along his left side.

ALIAS || @hellion

OTHER CHARACTERS || @morningsky @birchpelt  

PURCHASE ITEMS || any items you purchased for this character? this includes the one time gift everyone gets for their first kitty.

DESIRED WARRIOR NAME || {he won't be a warrior but i want to share that i like the name Phoenixfire for his AU name}  




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