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When it comes to size, Littlebird leaves much to be desired. She stands barely taller than most apprentices and has a rounded, kitten like face, usually surprising others when they find out how old she really is. While she's small height wise and isn't too big in weight, she's surprisingly powerful and made up mostly of muscle - or so it seems. She is a short furred black tabby with silver fur. Her eyes are a soft green-gold and appear green in some lights and more of a honey-yellow in others.
LIKES || GorgeClan, her "kits", being a warrior, training apprentices
DISLIKES || Dishonesty, forgetfulness, her parents, Bonestar and Bonestar supporters.
STRENGTHS || Patience, Determination, Diplomacy
WEAKNESS || her "kits", Stubborn, her clan
DREAMS || To continue to help those who really need it within GorgeClan
FEARS || losing one of her "kits"

Littlebird believes firmly in StarClan and the way of the warrior. She learned long ago that the only family she needs is her clan because where her parents had failed her, her clan never did. Bonestar’s reign had been a tragedy at best, and while it meant changing everything they knew to watch the rebuild happen, LIttlebird was happy to do so to help her clan return to it’s former glory - not as killers and murders - but as cats who upheld tradition. She firmly believes in her leader’s abilities and thinks that if there is anyone who can handle this shitshow, it’s Fangstar.

When it comes to dealing with her emotions, Littlebird can sometimes where her heart on her sleeve, though she manages to remain calm and collected during an ordeal, afterward she may become emotional and need the support of others to return to her strongest. At best, she’s a mother hen who cares deeply for those who need to be cared for - those who haven’t received the proper amount of love from their parents and those that should care for them. So far, she has adopted her former apprentices, Stormyskies - after her mother passed, and Sproutspark after he went through a similar ordeal that she did with her parents. She’s never one to turn away from a cat in need - especially in her own clan, and she fights for what she believes in. She can be extremely stubborn and bullheaded when it comes to changing her mind once it’s been made up, but she’s fair and honest in her decisions.

When it comes to her darkest moments, Littlebird chooses to push through and ignore the problem, instead choosing to work on something she can control - whether it be the amount of prey in the fresh kill pile or the pesky apprentices who are slacking on duties. She’s an early riser and always has been, and tends to be the last to lay their head down each night, choosing to check on the cats she considers to be in her charge before going to bed and thinking of them first.

Their story began with an unlikely pair, Brittlestrike and Morningfrost. It had taken moons for the two of them to end their game of courting as the queen was stubborn and unwilling to permit herself to be with such a pathetic tom - at least that was what she always said. Despite his long list of a compliments leading up to when he became a warrior, it seemed that younger tom would never be what Morningfrost wanted in the end. She used him for good genes and a healthy litter, or so she'd hoped. By the end, she'd ended up with a runt, whom she named Littlekit.

Littlekit bore her mother's coloring and her father's pattern, creating a beautiful little tabby. But she was never given a chance to be truly loved or taken care of by either of her parents. Morningfrost was callous toward the small kit she birthed, angry that the kit would never be big and strong. And with it being a Molly, there was little hope that the tiny feline would amount to anything more than a permaqueen in her eyes. Brittlestrike was no better with his daughter's expectations, though much of it was done to impress the mother of his kit. He hoped that if he sided with her that he'd be given another chance to mate with her. To provide her with stronger kits, but the disappointment that was Littlekit ended any hope of that happening.

Littlekit spent much of her days alone or trailing behind the bigger kits in hopes that they'd be invited to play. Sometimes she’d be permitted but mostly, she was left to her own devices to entertain themselves. It was during the last two moons of kithood that she began to show promise - not that anyone noticed. She spent a lot of her time stalking butterflies and bugs around the den, catching them, killing them. Nothing more than practice for what she'd soon be learning as an apprentice.

Littlekit became Littlepaw at seven and a half moons. She was held back from becoming an apprentice until she got a little bigger, and it only infuriated her mother knowing that her kit was so small and useless. However, when she was made an apprentice and assigned to a large male by the name of Toadleap, things began to change. Toadleap was revered for his hunting abilities and the hope was that the little apprentice would at least be useful as a hunter if nothing else. She excelled at hunting, vicious and silent in her techniques, frighteningly talented and having mastered the skill far before most apprentices did. It was this determination that made Toadleap push his apprentice to be stronger, to become more powerful. So he helped her train her ability to fight. And the power that she held, they rage she held inside of her for always being considered too small and inadequate, blossomed into sheer power.

Littlepaw was determined to prove herself amongst their clan and to her parents, though she never forgave them nor did she allow them to come back into her life after she'd succeeded. Littlepaw trained harder than most apprentices and while she began her apprenticeship a moon and a half late, became a warrior at eleven moons after a skirmish at the CreekClan border took place. Toadleap, Piketooth, and Littlepaw all held their own while a younger Minkpaw was sent back to the clan for reinforcements. When they arrived, Littlepaw had pinned her opponent, Redeye, a burly warrior nearly twice her age.

She was named Littlebird for her delicate features and her strong hunting ability. And after the skirmish, with CreekClan, her parents tried to welcome her back into their lives, but Littlebird outright declined the offer, choosing herself and the hard work she'd completed over their selfish antics. Not that she cares, but after that, Brittlestrike and Morningfrost continued on to have another litter of kits in hope of producing just as strong kits as she had been. The last litter consisted of Wrenpaw and Hawkpaw. Littlebird has done her best to stay in contact with her siblings because she does not fault them for what their parents did, but has been thwarted by both Brittlestrike and Morningfrost.

Littlebird was assigned her first apprentice at twenty moons, another small cat who had very much to prove to the rest of the world. His name had been Sproutpaw, named for his small size. He too suffered from the thought that he'd never amount to much from his parents, and came to Littlebird with a temper and unwillingness to grow. The two butted heads for moons until it all came to a head with him screaming and sobbing about how he'd never be enough. The she-cat wrapped herself around him as best he could and licked his ear and forehead until his tears subsided and made him a promise. She promised him he'd be strong, that he'd be a powerful warrior if he trusted her. If he allowed her to teach him what she'd been wanting to for moons. And she promised him that she'd love him the way his parents never had, because she knew how hard it was to be without parents. But parents made by blood weren't always as strong as ones formed by bond.

And the two trained hard, until Sproutpaw was named Sproutspark for his fiery personality and ability to start fights with even the most docile of cats. But when it came to Littlebird, he had a soft spot for his former mentor turned adoptive mother. While Littlebird had very little to offer others - other than herself - she was quick to spread herself thin for the needs of others. She made friends with those who were least likely to make friends and those who really needed it. And her heart was warm and full, as it needed to be.

It was at thirty moons that she received the young Stormypaw, a mountain of a cat that was nearly as big as she was. The challenge of training a larger cat was one that Littlebird welcomed openly. Littlebird knew how to fight larger cats very well - she'd been doing it her whole life - but training a larger cat how to fight was another challenge entirely. She'd had to develop new training material to help her newest apprentice (and others to follow) grow stronger and be able to fight not only smaller cats, but bigger ones too. It was with the help of her closest friend, Hazetalon, that she was able to help Stormypaw prepare for battle and become a great warrior. She was named Stormyskies and the two have maintained a strong relationship that only grew stronger when Stormyskies's mother passed and Littlebird stepped forward to fill that void.

Littlebird was appalled when Bonestar came to power, but followed the leadership of her clan as she was directed to and trained to do so. She questioned where she could and stayed away from Bonestar's inner circle. She was amongst the cats who spoke of overthrowing the tyrant and when he died and Fangster rose to power, Littlebird proudly followed behind her new leader without hesitation. However, the time of Bonestar's reign was not without loss. Hazetalon died during the last battle and Littlebird was devastated by the loss but learned quickly to move on as her final apprentice, Stonepaw, was assigned to her only a moon after Stormyskies was made a warrior.

Stonepaw was an interesting character, one that was being in the height of Bonestar's power and raised by loyalists through and through. It resulted in the young tom being completely loyal to Bonestar's cause - so much so that when Littlebird found out, she knew she had no choice but to turn him over to Fangstar. She tried for two moons to teach him the error of Bonestar's ways and get him to repent but his parents had been driven out the first wave of supporters. Stonepaw and his sister, Pebblepaw, were exiled together after they refused to renounce Bonestar. Littlebird was devastated that she was not able to change her own apprentice and has since not has any new apprentices. Instead, she spends her time with Sproutspark and Stormyskies and continues to remain a loyal member of GorgeClan.
Mother: Morningfrost
Father: Brittlestrike
Siblings: Wrenpaw and Hawkpaw
Mentor(s): Toadleap
Apprentice(s): Sproutspark and Stormyskies
Mate(s): NA
Kit(s): Adopted Sproutspark and Stormyskies basically, but other than that, not relevant.


one line appearance || little black-silver tabby with gold-green eyes

ANYTHING ELSE || There will be so many adoptions here it's disgusting.


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