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Larkshade is not a terribly large cat, instead being not much bigger than her brother, though her size is not something anyone should underestimate her for. Despite being shorter than most, this is a fact combated by her thick fur and broad, muscular stature. For the most part her long, thick fur is a creamy brown, fading far lighter upon her chest and far darker on her face, ears, legs and tail, though never quite reaching white or black despite what her muzzle might portray. Standing out against the darkness of her face are two sky blue eyes, though they often look upon others just as coldly as their color might portray, even if there is a wariness hidden behind her gaze. No matter what anyone may think, Larkshade is not as invincible as she seems, and while her fur does a good job in hiding it, her body is littered with far more scars than a cat her age ought to ever have.

LIKES || Fighting, being in charge, strategy, her friend, being alone, darkness, not being seen/stealth
DISLIKES || Fighting, Harestar, Bonestar and his supporters, trusting others, manipulative foxhearts, naivety, liars
STRENGTHS || Fighting, Stealth, Painless, Strategic, "Fearless"
WEAKNESS || Selfish, Spiteful, Painless (a double-edged sword), Short-tempered
DREAMS || To be normal, and to always have her friend by her side
FEARS || Being the one to hurt her friend or them being separated

Larkshade is a difficult feline to sum up in one word, the closest one could get most likely being "complicated", though that would barely give much information. Larkshade is, admittedly, a bit of a loner, the type to exist in the shadows and keep to herself. She never used to be, not when she was younger, but her carefree days did not last long before the war she was forced into took its toll. Not one to trust others, perhaps not even when she has reason to, Larkshade looks upon most as though they are enemies, as though everyone is in things for themselves. of course deep down she knows better, that there are selfless cats out there, but by now it has settled as both her own personal experiences, and an excuse for her own selfishness, to the point that she simply cannot wave it away as false. However, no matter how cold or even harsh she may act toward others, or the bite she may hold in her words, for she is certainly not one to hold her tongue or perhaps even think before she acts all the time, she is loyal. This is a fact that is hard to deny, and perhaps one that sets her apart from the Bonestar supporters many wrongly assume she is apart of. She is one to get attached to those things that remain constant in her life, and throughout there have been very few. Her clan, and her closest friend, are among those, and it is these that she would protect with her life no matter what, despite how she might act toward them. Unfortunately, a weakness as they are, this friend of hers will always come first, or perhaps her selfish need to keep them by her side, to the point that not only may she seems possessive, but she would do quite literally anything for them. A fact that she has already proven, becoming an entirely different cat than she once was and fighting a war she did not believe in, all for them.

Despite all of this, however, Larkshade is not inherently nasty either. She may deep down be savage, selfish and paranoid, but that does not mean she enjoys being this way. It may be easier said than done, but even if she will not necessarily trust you, staying on her good side will at the very least cause her to have your back more often than not, and though informal and admittedly sarcastic and negative, she will not approach others harshly without reason. She may be looked upon like a snake waiting to strike, but even snakes only bite when they feel provoked. To those that are wary of this, or perhaps young impressionable minds who look up to her skill and apparent fearlessness, she may in fact seem cool, perhaps even invincible. No matter her temper, she is not an easy one to shake, and she always gets things done, no matter what. When she puts her mind to something, consider it inevitable, though this may not always be a good thing. Some might see her as unshakable whilst others see her to be as heartless as she sees the world - neither are necessarily wrong, or right.

Larkshade has always hated Bonestar and Harestar ever since she was a kit, though initially not for the reasons others did. Born of a cross-clan relationship between a Moorclan she-cat and a Gorgeclan tom at the start of Bonestar's reign, Lark-kit, originally Littlekit, was meant to be a Moorclanner alongside her brother Tinykit. However, Harestar was weak and Bonestar was power hungry, leading to the siblings being torn apart by the border just like their parents, Harestar managing to bargain against Bonestar to keep one, though not even trying to attempt keeping both. Bonestar already had Moorclan under strict surveillance to keep them from aiding Creekclan, after all, and it was this surveillance that saw the lovers caught by a Gorgeclan spy when they shared between them the knowledge of their kits to come. However, while the leaders tore the kits apart, their parents refused to accept this. So, in secret, the kits were brought to meet each other under the guidance of their parents, so that they would never forget that they were family.

Life as a half-clan kit was not easy. Lark-kit's new mother was not very nice to her, even if she never did her any wrong beyond changing her name for disgust of keeping the moniker a Moorclanner had given her, and while she was the first to notice that something was off about the kit, she never cared to tell anyone for spite of her. Lark-kit's father was a loving tom, truly, but he was also distant. He never truly showed her full affection beyond when they met up with her mother and Tinykit, and would even ignore her or treat her coolly in camp, feigning to regret her for the clan's sake. Part of Lark-kit felt angry at her father for this, throughout her late kithood and into her apprenticeship. However, a stronger part looked forward to the affection he would show, knowing deep down that he did love her, he just could not show it in camp. That part of her blamed Bonestar and Harestar, as well as whoever caught her parents love before her father could leave his clan to be with his mate. As an apprentice, Larkpaw got to spend more secret moments of affection with her father now that she was no longer contained to camp or under the constant watch of a queen who did not love her - the part of her that blamed him grew far smaller.

By the time they started their training, what was wrong with the cross-clan siblings had been identified. Painless. No one knew why, but the pain that anyone else would feel to warn them of an illness or injury was entirely absent from the siblings. Her father tried to keep it secret from Bonestar, but it was only a matter of time before he found out - after that, everyone knew, and Bonestar's attention on her intensified from wanting her gone, to wanting to use her. Her apprenticeship was not enjoyable, especially not after she was changed from her somewhat caring mentor, to one of Bonestar's highest supporters and strongest fighters, for aim to turn her into a weapon for his stupid war. At least she still got to see her mother and Tinypaw, the small highlight that kept her happy and hopeful beyond her only close friend within the clan. Yet this was not to last. One day when her father was summoned to attend the gathering, Larkpaw had to visit her mother and sibling alone. She was not afraid, yet what she did not know, was that it was her father's caution that kept them from being caught for so long. Without his skill for stealth in her young age, the spy who had caught the affair to begin with and was already suspicious of her father followed her. It was him who killed her mother, right before the eyes of herself and Tinypaw. It was the first death she ever witnessed with her own eyes, though it was far from the last.

Noticing how close she had grown to her friend, Bonestar set about forcing Larkpaw to follow him. Not matter the reluctance and gentleness her parents had sought to instill in her, Larkpaw was not immune to manipulation, and Bonestar could tell she would do anything to keep her friend safe. It was this that he used to his full advantage, and with her friend's life hanging on a line controlled by her own claws, Larkpaw had no choice but to use them to fight for Bonestar with all her strength and skill, of which there was a surprising amount. Her lack of ability to feel pain made him even more willing to use her to his own advantage, reasoning to himself that she was invincible and the perfect weapon, despite the risks that came along with her disability. He did not care for this, making her a warrior early just to take further advantage of her. No matter all the terrible things he made her do, it was being forced to kill her father for trying to stand against Bonestar that truly changed her beyond the apparent point of no return.

Eventually, the war came to an end, but the damage was done. Even as Creekclan rebuilt, Bonestar fell, Whiteflower was banished, and many supporters fled as all three clans moved into a new age beyond the tyranny, Larkshade was forever changed. Named for her stealth - and perhaps for her status as a secret weapon in the shadows - now it seemed she was more-so named for the darkness that had consumed her once bright heart and positive, hopeful outlook on the world. Undeniably she was a changed cat, though despite this, she knew that not only was she never leaving Gorgeclan without her friend, but she would do all of this again if given the chance. Anything to keep her friend alive.

Mother: Shellfeather (Moorclan, deceased)
Father: Fallowpath (Gorgeclan, deceased)
Siblings: Tinycloud (Moorclan)


one line appearance || A long-haired sealpoint she-cat with blue eyes

OTHER CHARACTERS || Spiritstar, Aloepaw, Featherpaw, Cobrastrike, Berrychirp, Quailstream, Echo, Majesty, Firpaw
PURCHASE ITEMS || Disability - Congenital Analgesia
ANYTHING ELSE || Larkshade's disability means that she is unable to feel physical pain, which can be very risky due to not being able to know when something is wrong, due to not receiving the pain signals from something such as a burn, broken bone, or other potentially life threatening things. She was made a warrior early by Bonestar due to this inability to feel pain, as well as her fighting skills.


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