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40 Moons

Plovertail is a tom built for jumping and running. He finds that he excels at catching birds, due to his agile frame. The warrior carries little weight, and is lithe in build. His legs are long and lined with fine muscle. He resembles the bird he was named after. Most of fur is white, yet streaked with patches--like the bird. His patches are brown with black mackerel tabby stripes. His eyes are greenish yellow, and he has 2 thin scars on each shoulder. 

LIKES || Oak trees, swifts, kits, teaching, newts, CreekClan
DISLIKES || GorgeClan, Bonestar and his followers, mice, being idle
DREAMS || To see GorgeClan fall 
FEARS || Having to kill his siblings

Back in GorgeClan, Plovertail was considered an extremely annoying tom. He's constantly brimming with energy and is considered quite kit-like. But now, in CreekClan, the brown and white feline finds that he fits well among the kits and apprentices. He's very playful and often sets time out of his day to entertain and even train the kits. Teaching is very much a passion to the lithe tom. He loves telling stories to the young, or encouraging them to use their own strengths.

Plovertail's part in the GorgeClan CreekClan war has greatly shaped the bicolor tom. Having fled GorgeClan, the warrior finds that he's extremely weary of the opposing clan. He see's no redemption for the cats beyond the border and personally thinks that the clan should either unite under Stoatstar, or fall. The brown and white tabby is 
definitely still a kind, well-meaning cat, but his fears of GorgeClan linger on his mind daily. He can still picture all the blood and death. GorgeClan cannot be forgiven.

It goes without saying that Plovertail is an emotional cat. Hiding his feelings can be a struggle at times. He is known for his outbursts of anguish and outbursts of anger. More often than not, these outbursts are caused by his intense protective streak. He can't stand the idea of a clan-mate getting hurt. Upon joining CreekClan, he vowed that he'd prevent any more cats from getting hurt, so the tabby's intense feelings towards helping others is obvious.

Ploverkit, and his 2 siblings Shrikekit and Thrushkit were made orphans at 3 moons of age. Their mother died of unknown causes, but most assumed that she had never recovered from birth. 

The trio were outcasts in GorgeClan. Not because of their lineage or anything of the sort, but simply because the 3 were annoying beyond belief. Ploverkit and his brother Thrushkit were extremely hyper-active and rowdy. You'd often see them bouncing and play fighting around camp, quite literally getting into anything. The sister, Shrikekit, had never been keen on participating in the chaos. She was painfully silent and awkward. Still, she preferred to stick close to the only 2 cats she trusted. The siblings were quick to shut out anyone else and became extremely close knit. They were even reluctant to become apprentices. Ploverkit specifically didn't like idea of actually having to do work and leave his siblings behind.


When the sun rose on Ploverkit's 6th moon, the bicolor kit had to be dragged back to camp. He had organized a plan to ditch his own ceremony. He didn't want to be Ploverpaw. Still, he had no choice andwas given to a gruff tom known as Sedgstone. Ploverpaw hated the black and white tom at first, but after hearing about his siblings mentors, he began to develop an appreciation for the no-nonsense feline. Sedgestone helped develop his agility and directed the apprentice's endless energy into battle training. 

Similarly, Thrushpaw and Shrikepaw began to take after their own mentors. Particularly Thrushpaw, who's mentor Boneclaw was known for his unusual ways. The trio were initially in favor of a lot of the deputy's teachings, and with no one else to convince them otherwise, they grew more and more eager to obey.

Ploverpaw met Foxflight at 11 moons. The molly didn't bat an eye at his high energy and annoying antics. Instead, she met the bicolor tom with warm eyes and genuine laughter. In that moment, the tabby immediately developed feelings for the she-cat, and he didn't bother hiding this. Most everyone watched as his attention was shifted from his siblings, to the gentle molly. Still, she never grew annoyed of him, leading to the pair growing extremely close.

GorgeClan Warrior-hood
A moon later, Ploverpaw was renamed Plovertail. Shrikepaw became Shrikeshadow, and Trushpaw became Thrushfang. Plovertail's focus would now shift from his siblings to protecting his clan, and protecting Foxflight. As a warrior, he got to know the molly better and found that he greatly respected the molly's wishes to always do right by others.

The two only grew closer and closer, up until Bonestar took power moons later. Conflict became a consistent thing between GorgeClan and CreekClan. Plovertail and his siblings fought bravely in the war, but the brown and white tom soon came to loathe all the needless bloodshed. A rift began to form between him and his siblings as their patriotism towards Bonestar only increased. Plovertail, influenced by the kindness of his mate didn't understand their ideals.

It wasn't until a deadly skirmish that Plovertaiil would truly decide where he belonged in this war. In a second, the life of his mate and apprentice were taken from them. He shrieked in agony at the sight, and promptly decided that he could do this no longer. So when Foxflight's sister had announced to him and a few other's that she was leaving, Plovertail followed behind her. After all, he now felt alienated without Foxflight. He definitely couldn't rely on his siblings anymore. They worshiped Bonestar.

CreekClan Warrior-hood
Plovertail would soon make himself a CreekClan warrior. Of course the clan didn't trust him at first, but he was sure he'd give Briarstar and the rest of CreekClan a reason to trust him. He fought passionately for CreekClan, feeling genuine remorse for all that he and GorgeClan had done.

Around this time, Plovertail also began to feel more and more comfortable with the water dwelling clan. More comfortable than he had ever been with GorgeClan. He's carved his own place in the clan as an assistant in the nursery and apprentice's den. His energy--which has yet to drift away from age--resembles the energy of the youth and he utilizes that in teaching and training. He's even made it a goal to take after his deceased mate in helping others. He loves helping the youth.

Still, the warrior's work in the nursery isn't enough to numb his restless mind. He still misses Foxflight greatly and knows there is still things to be done. Even after Bonestar was slain and the war was put behind them, Plovertail still finds that he doesn't trust GorgeClan. Another Bonestar could easily rise up and take more from him. Plovertail is determined to keep this from happening. 

MOTHER || Tawnyfoot
FATHER || Unknown
SIBLINGS|| Shrikeshadow(GorgeClan), Thrushfang(Outsider)
MENTOR || Sedgestone 
MATE || Foxflight


DESCRIPTION || Lithe, white tom with black mackerel tabby markings and hazel eyes. 
GENOTYPE || Aa BB CC Dd ii Ll Mcmc WW XoY

ALIAS || @canna

PHOTO CREDIT || Frankbehrens


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