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Dec 24, 2019 4:57:50 GMT
The soft nibbling of a tiny creature eating away at nut could be heard miles away, at least it seemed like that to Seawatcher. The musty smell of milk, fur, and trees could be smelt in an identifying scent: the lioness was hunting a squirrel. Low to the ground the deputy made as much use of her current environment. Admittedly her pelt was a stark contrast to the alabaster snow and muted browns, in fact she stuck out like a sore thumb, saffron colored eyes narrowed intently on her quarry. It was a surprise how close the woman had gotten to the squirrel, yet she wasted no time in creeping closer and closer. Lynx point ears perked forward in an effort to hear, orange gaze narrowed in on her quarry, and body streamlined perpendicular to the snow covered ground. She made a very conscious effort to not only avoid dragging her tail and being mindful of the winds direction, but to let her paws land softly on the powdery snow.

She would not let this squirrel get away so when she was close enough her excitement got the better of her. So intently focused on her prey Seawatcher barely had time to register the free-falling feeling before she found herself knee-deep in a snowdrift. The sudden yowl of surprise spoiling the squirrel up a tree only to turn around and chitter angrily down at her. She almost imagined it shaking its fingers in a fist like motion at her before turning around and running back up the rest of the tree.

'I guess he said what he had to say,' She thought to herself, annoyance criss crossing her features. "Tsk," Seawatcher clawed her way to a more solid foundation of snow and shook her fur out, freeing the thick mass from clusters of ice and snow clinging to her. "What an unfortunate outcome, perhaps next time i'll get you." The woman chuckled lowly to herself before she sat down and started grooming herself. Trying to rid herself of any remaining ice strange and snow patches.

--- I figured they should thread together given their newfound "business" relationship lol

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Dec 27, 2019 15:10:52 GMT

It hadn't been long since he made the announcement. And part of it still came as some sort of shock to him. Creekclan still felt...fragile. Even though their numbers were rising, it still felt like just yesterday that they had reclaimed their camp and began to rise once more. And with the death of a Deputy, so sudden and so dramatically, it was more than he truly wanted to acknowledge. But he had no choice, and as it was...he needed to move on with it all. 

Seawatcher had been a good choice. A solid choice. She was one that he felt as if he could rely on, and while he hadn't entirely spent any sort of quality time with her, he wasn't second guessing his choice. Not yet, and hopefully he wouldn't find himself ever truly doing so. But this entire situation had left his mind foggy and his head spinning. And with that, he had decided it was time for fresh air. 

Leaving camp was always easy. As Leader, he could come and he very well pleased. Of course, it was harder these days to sneak out alone with the foxes wandering around. But experienced warriors shouldn't have issues, climb a tree for Starclan's sake and they'd be safe. He found random thoughts such as this wandering through mind as he walked aimlessly. Hunting patrols had already come back, but perhaps if he ran across anything he could just pick it up quick. 

However his mind wandered elsewhere as he found the scent of a fellow clanmate drawing his attention. And as he followed it closely, he was surprised to come across his new Deputy. He tilted his head as he approached, intrigued by her current state. "And how does one manage to cover themselves in ice and snow?" His voice solidified his presence, so there was going to be quality time involved after all.     

''I feel like this took forever for me to get to. Sorry!

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