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"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness."
the basics


berrykit, berrypaw, berrybloom




medicine cat

AGE ||

thirty-six moons


cis female



the appearance


a dilute tortoiseshell molly with green eyes.


berrybloom is mostly a ginger tabby molly, with accents of white here and there. it appears as if someone had poured the purest silver over her head, for it drapes over her form like a misshapen cloak, dripping down the front of her face and back. beautiful eyes as green as the leaves that cling to the trees stand out in contrast against her diluted pelt. her physique is lithe yet muscular, with long legs moving with grace and purpose. she towers over most mollies and some toms as well, making her appear to be larger than your average she-cat. she appears to be the perfect warrior, which is why some are shocked when they find out that she is the medicine cat of creekclan. 

the personality


sweet smelling & tasting things such as flowers and berries; light rainfall, she feels as if it cleanses her of all her troubles; kits most of all, she finds their innocence comforting


cats who feel like they are entitled to anything and everything; thunderstorms because they scare her immensely; gorgeclan cats due to the blood they had shed


she wants to become one of the greatest medicine cats there ever were, yet at the same time, she yearns to have a family of her own.


failing her clan; becoming something that she's not; blurring the line between right and wrong


berrybloom is passionate. she loves passionately, she hates passionately, and she despairs passionately. ever since she could remember, her emotions were heightened and have proved to be an obstacle she has yet to overcome. because of this, berrybloom is incredibly sensitive, though she tries her best to take everything with a grain of salt. one wrong word or move from another, and it has berrybloom overthinking everything she has ever said or done. along with this, berrybloom is usually able to tell what another is feeling. whenever she is struck with an unknown emotion that she can't explain, she is able to pinpoint the feline the emotion is coming from, and she approaches them and tries to get to the bottom of whatever they're feeling, and tries to help them. berrybloom is what you would call an empath; she has the ability to apprehend the mental and emotional state of another individual. berrybloom struggles with this greatly, and more times than not she wishes she could just shut it off. most of the time she feels overwhelmed by the spectrum of emotions she encounters, and it's common for her to shut herself away whenever she can, that is if she doesn't have any duties she needs to attend to. this proves to be a challenge, though, for it is in berrybloom's nature to help anyone and everyone. she is softspoken and magnanimous, her words nothing short of kind and comforting. to contrast her helpful nature, berrybloom is a strict feline, and it isn't odd to find her chastising a cat for something they did wrong, whether it be big or small. berrybloom is also a little broody, typically stuck as a prisoner in her own mind, and more often than not does it make her unhappy. berrybloom is a mixture of beauty and grief, all that ties together perfectly like a braid.

the history


alpinequake, a father who was never truly her father. from birth, he refused to be present in his kits' lives. a part of her understands, while the other part resents him for what he did. alpinequake was murdered by a patrol of gorgeclan cats.


freckledbird, a broken spirit of a mother. though berrybloom wishes she could hate freckledbird, she can't. she loves her mother dearly, and misses her every day. freckledbird took her own life by eating deathberries.


three unnamed siblings she never had the pleasure of growing up with. they were stillborns. she has two half-sisters, their names being scorchedfox and wildflower. she doesn't care for them, as they do not care for her.


briarstar was the first great influence in berrybloom's early life. he was a father figure to her, having helped freckledbird raise berrybloom. jaysong was another great influence, one that didn't come until she was made an apprentice - their apprentice. they helped grow berrybloom into the medicine cat she is today, and she owes most of it to them.


berrybloom was born to alpinequake and freckledbird, both renowned warriors of creekclan. but, her birth was a mistake.

alpinequake was mated to another molly by the name of littlestep, though apparently she wasn't enough. littlestep was only ever able to bore two daughters, scorchedfox and wildflower, and alpinequake was disgusted. he yearned for a son, and he knew that littlestep would never be able to provide him with one. and so, he sought out freckledbird, and he seduced her into loving him. he made broken promises of creating a family with her, and that he would never leave her; according to him, she was his 'true love', not littlestep. freckledbird fell for his charms, and not long after she became pregnant. the pregnancy proved to be long and grueling, longer than any pregnancy should be, and already that was a red flag. soon came the time where freckledbird gave birth, and she gave birth to three sons and one daughter. alpinequake was ecstatic, that is, until he found out that his three sons were stillborn. he turned away from freckledbird and left her to raise their sole daughter, refusing to even name himself as the kit's father.

berrykit was named for her sweet scent. freckledbird, though broken from alpinequake's actions, poured her heart and soul into raising berrykit. some days, though, that didn't seem to be enough. berrykit was a problematic kit, acting out in ways that made others deem her unworthy. noticing that freckledbird was struggling with raising her daughter, briarstar stepped in, offering his help. freckledbird accepted it graciously, and thus, briarstar became a father figure to berrykit. he began teaching her the ways of creekclan, along with their history. he filled her head with stories of brave warriors and starcrossed lovers, all that fueled berrykit to become the best warrior herself. her dreams were shortlived, for when she became an apprentice, everything changed.

berrykit was named berrypaw, and jaysong, the medicine cat, was announced as her mentor. berrypaw couldn't help but to let out a laugh at first, "real funny, briarstar! now, who is my mentor?" when briarstar didn't answer and only regarded her with a solemn look, berrypaw came to realize that he wasn't joking, and that she truly is the apprentice of the medicine cat. suddenly, she was overwhelmed with emotions, and she dismissed herself to the apprentices' den where she would then cry out all her troubles. it wasn't long until jaysong sought her out, and they explained to her that she was given a spectacular opportunity. they explained to her that though being a medicine cat had it's restrictions, it was also an incredibly awarding job, one that berrypaw would soon come to experience for herself.

berrypaw reluctantly began training under jaysong, and though at first she was as stubborn as a mule, she came to realize how everything came naturally to her. from remembering herbs and what they are used for, to assessing wounds and sicknesses, and finally building relationships with everyone around her. life finally began to blossom for berrypaw, but unbeknownst to her, a darkness was upon creekclan.

gorgeclan cats had began closing in on creekclan's territory, taking whatever they wanted. alpinequake, berrypaw's estranged father, was one of the cats who attempted to stand up to gorgeclan. this ended in alpinequake's life being taken, his body found not long after by a creekclan patrol. due to alpinequake's death, berrypaw's mother, freckledbird, lost her sanity. she had taken deathberries and ate them, taking her own life in order to be with her 'one true love'. berrypaw had suddenly lost both her parents, and though she didn't feel much for alpinequake, freckledbird's death left berrypaw in ruins.

instead of feeling sorry for herself, berrypaw threw herself into her training, determined to become the best medicine cat creekclan had ever seen, in honor of her mother. time came and past, and soon the tyranny that had plagued gorgeclan was no more. news reached creekclan that bonestar had been murdered, by his own kin no less, and creekclan took back the territory that was once overrun by gorgeclan patrols. all seemed well, but berrypaw knew deep in her heart that it was not. the bond that once tied the clans together had now been severed, leaving everyone feeling uneasy.

berrypaw was named berrybloom, upon jaysong's passing due to old age. now the medicine cat of creekclan, berrybloom makes it her duty to make sure the wellbeing of her clan is cared for. though, she can't help but to feel as if something is missing, and then it soon dawned on her: she yearned for a family of her own. in order to push these thoughts back into her head, berrybloom visits the nursery as often as possible, taking solace in the presence of the kits.

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