Muted Whispers

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Dec 24, 2019 4:35:49 GMT
A large silver gray woman found herself lounging on a particularly warm flat rock, the snow having melted from the sunlight that shone directly onto it. Her body was spread eagle in an almost un-lady like way, certainly not a position she ever wanted to be found in for the otherwise dignified woman. Yet she saw the warm sunny patch and just couldn't help, but take a moment to relax. A moment that soon stretched on for a few hours. Seawatcher doubt any of her clan mates would be less than impressed at their deputy's behaviour, yet such thoughts didn't concern her. She had finished her newfound tasks as a deputy and even completed her extra warrior tasks. All in all it was a really productive day for not only Seawatcher, but also Creekclan as a whole. And thus the striped silver molly found herself enjoying some R and R time away from the hustle and bustle of clan life. "Ahh..." She whispered out softly, tail sweeping along the warmed rock in a calm and soothing motion. Despite her solitude she believed this moment could only get better with company.

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Dec 28, 2019 11:17:50 GMT
"Sit in silence and watch the world."
Being a mentor was... Difficult, to say the least. He often found himself frustrated not with Snappaw - poor kit was trying her hardest to learn from his unusual teaching methods - but with himself and the difficulty he had getting his point across. That didn't mean Frostwhisper cut their training times; all it meant was that they both had to work twice as hard to get something done than any other mentor/apprentice pair. As such, after a particularly frustrating session the day before, the tom had given his apprentice most of the day off. He still expected her to tend to her usual duties such as looking after the elders and queens, but beyond that she was free.

It was this decision that led him to sleeping in later in the day and head off towards the Sunning Stones. He'd make an effort to catch some prey to bring back, though hopefully that would not be a solo project. Fox scent had been lingering around Creekclan's territory, though it seemed so far that no one in the clan had faced it yet.

Surprise made his steps pause as he saw the new deputy sprawled across one of the snow-melted rocks. Frostwhisper blinked for a moment before shrugging it off and moving forward, making certain his steps were heavy enough to alert Seawatcher to his presence. The cold had begun to scratch at his injured throat, what little he could speak becoming more limited as the days went past until he was lucky to get a single word out. Frostwhisper chose one of the other snow-less rocks to lay on, facing his deputy in case she wished to speak to him.

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