Wonderful Days

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Dec 24, 2019 4:01:57 GMT
Seawatcher couldn't fathom the idea of being Creekclan's new deputy, it left her feeling like she was walking on air. An impossibility, a dream her imagination cooked up to stroke her ego. And yet it was very much real. She chalked it all up to her effort and hard work. Being a mother of a litter once the size of five and then suddenly two can put a mother into a spiraling depression. Yet she prevailed and raised both her niece and nephew as if they were he very own. As if she carried them in her belly for 2 moons and than birthed them into this world. It made the sting of loss a little more bearable. However, Seawatcher had a fear she dared not voice out. One was her dear brother Oceancloud suddenly realizing the error of his ways and wanting to claim his fatherhood title back. It left her feeling sick to her stomach and some small selfish part of her never wanted that day to come. Her felt guilty for thinking such thoughts and while she doubted that day to ever happen, it nonetheless was a very real possibility.

Shaking her head in an effort to clear her thoughts, the gray molly continued on her aimless journey, soon finding herself at the mossy clearing. Despite the barren trees and the soft, powerdery snow covering the ground the place still took her breath away. Far away memories of training here with her mentor and spending cool green-leaf days in the pleasant company with her family, tackling and tussling with Oceancloud left her heart feeling big and a wide grin on her maw. Fond memories she wished could still continue. Her saffron colored eyes glanced in a sun patched area near a rotting log. In green-leaf moss was abundant, wild flowers and tall, soft grasses sprouted all over the place. The memory of spending stolen moments with her mate, rolling around and laughing joyfully was but an echo in her minds eyes. Shrill laughter screeching from kits chasing each other while she laid in the sun, a content smile upon her face.

Those were treasured memories that left her feeling happy and sad all at the same time. They were cherished memories from her youth and despite the pain they caused her she wouldn't change them for the world. So the large molly stood there, taking in the sight with a sight of contentedness. She was happy now.

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Dec 29, 2019 15:44:07 GMT

■ oceancloud ■

The day had been an easy one. Free from the responsibilities of an apprentice, his day had begun far slower than he would have anticipated. His past tendencies of laziness had overtaken him and allowed him to laze about for the better part of the morning. And despite his new "attitude" towards life, the carefree start reminded him of better times. Of times when he would go on a border patrol only to be near a certain she-cat, where now he had to go because he was told to do so. Never, fifteen moons ago, would he have imagined himself to follow orders with such vigor.

So today, he was more determined to embrace his impulsive side. He wanted to relive the days of the past. He watched a few she-cats as they strutted by, but they were far too young for his liking. He was older now, more experienced and supposedly more mature. He flinched slightly, old and unwanted memories of Lavenderbreeze stirring as she-cats glanced his way. Oceancloud frowned at them and quickly turned to face the camp exit. Perhaps escape was his best option at this point. 

He knew where to head to before he stepped a paw out of camp. His paws led him easily to his favorite place to relax. Maybe it was true that he did not quite deserve the rest after a nonexistent day, but his muscles told him otherwise as he trotted to the mossy clearing. He just needed a day to himself. A day to reflect, a moment to stop everything and just exist. It had been far too long since he had thought about the problems disguised by Seawatcher. Or anything related to that line of thought. And masking his emotions, burying them as he often did would only lead to more pain. 

When he finally arrived, Oceancloud did not think to lift his head or check his surroundings. He was too caught up in his own mind to notice the large gray she-cat until he almost ran into her. Oceancloud blinked away his thoughts and fought his way to the present.

Seawatcher. Of course.

Oceancloud could not even muster a smile. His tail twitched unknowingly behind him in surprise. So many thoughts rushed his head. At the top of them was the fact that she deputy. His deputy. Before he could stop himself, his maw was open and words were falling out.

"Seawatcher. Don't you have patrols to organize?"

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