the bearer of bad news

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Dec 23, 2019 18:54:08 GMT

He hadn't entirely hoped to make an announcement of this sort. Let alone, several announcements of this sort. While there were positives, the reason they existed was of the bad sorts. Berrybloom had...disappeared. And quite suddenly. Though the ginger leader had heard of her visions and issues, and while he trusted she was very much well and still fully functioning, he had apparently been wrong. 

And Starclan would have it, that their Deputy would come down with The Spore in her absence. Leaving young Spiderpaw to do what he could in futile attempts to save the Deputy's life. From what they had learned, none of the medicine cats were quite certain about The Spore. None had found anything to slow it, and it was beginning to claim more and more lives. Symptoms were becoming more apparent and harsher, and thus...with the death of their deputy, there was no waiting to alert the clan. 

When Pantherleap had been brought back from a patrol unconscious, Stoatstar had been hopeful. Maybe it would end as Blizzardpaw's case had. With a healthy cat alive and well. But as the days went on and Spiderpaw reported worsening symptoms, the leader had began to expect the worst. He had began to comb through the list of warriors in his clan. Who could fill the pawsteps of a dedicated deputy? Who would be able to help him, help the clan? 

Forget the fact that Berrybloom was missing, at least Spiderpaw was there with most of his training completed. Sure he may have to lean on Moorclan for some help, forget asking Gorgeclan for help...but he was there and the clan would survive with his help. And when the moment had actually come, when Pantherleap sprouted in mushrooms and had to be buried quietly in the night, he had found himself unable to choose. But there was no more waiting, and the tom knew what must be done. 

His pawsteps were heavy as the carried him from his den and into the camp. His eyes scanned the area, resting on various warriors before he climbed the downed log that lay just propped above his den. His composure was perfect, his leadership hadn't been an easy one...and while this was no easy clan meeting, it certainly wouldn't be the hardest. He took in a deep breath, curling his tail neatly around his paws before letting his voice boom over the camp. 

"All cats able to catch their own prey, gather before me." 

He waited patiently, watching as cats flocked from dens. Had Creekclan really grown this large? Perhaps all was not lost, even in this dark moment. "Tonight, we have much to discuss. Much to acknowledge, and much to push through. But tonight, like every other night, we are Creekclan...and we are strong." His voice was strong, fluid and ready for the words that were to come next. He had to portray this correctly. He had to word this carefully enough to not instill terror and worry. And that, well that was proving to be a daunting task. 

"A new illness has come to the forest. And while much is not known about it, we are not the only ones to experience it. Gorgeclan and Moorclan have both reported instances, and now I must ask you all to remain vigilant of it. It has been called, The Spore." He paused as murmurs began to spread beneath him. He raised a single paw, signaling to the clan he needed silence and was not yet finished. "I need you all to watch for an odd odor, it's been described as musty and quite earthy. This seems to be the first sign of the illness and if you are made aware of it, I must ask you to seek out the attention of...Spiderpaw, immediately. He will do his best to ensure you are comfortable and can help with the symptoms as they come."

The tom looked for the ebony youngest, nodding his head in respect towards him. He was placing a lot of weight on his shoulders, and he could only hope that he would be able to handle it. "While deaths have been reported within this illness, there have been many effected who are healthy and still remain healthy to this day. As we learn more, Spiderpaw and myself will keep everyone informed....." Stoatstar found himself taking a breath. Attempting to find the words to correctly continue. 

How would the clan react to an apprentice becoming the new medicine cat after such an unnerving reveal? "While this may come as a shock, especially in this trying time...Berrybloom has gone missing. And while we will continue our efforts and attempts to find her, Spiderpaw will be taking her place as Creekclan's new medicine cat. He will make the journey to The Starpool after our announcements have been completed. I ask all of you to have faith in him as you would have in her, Berrybloom taught him well, and he will see us through this illness." One more thing. There was but one more thing. The toughest one, and the one he had been avoiding. 

"I know you are all sick of hearing of this illness, The Spore, and what it has done to the forest. But it has claimed a Creekclan life, and tonight we mourn Pantherleap...may Starclan welcome him with open paws." The tom stopped, momentarily allowing silence to glaze over the group. 

"This has not been an easy choice, and it is one that I don't make lightly...but life must go on, and we must keep working towards a brighter and better future for Creekclan...." pausing once more, the tom's eyes sought out a particular cat. A tabby that had been one of the many names in the back of his mind. 

"...And so I say these words before Starclan, so that the spirits of Pantherleap and our warrior ancestors may hear and approve of my choice...the new Deputy of Creekclan shall be Seawatcher." As his words finished, he met the eyes of the molly with a somber gaze. While she was to bring hope and a lightness to this dark hour, she was walking into a chaotic storm. This mess was only going to get tougher, would she be able to help him through it?     

''lots of stuff going on. You got this Creekclan.

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Dec 24, 2019 1:50:41 GMT
The grey and white she-cat strides towards the sound of her leader’s voice pushing past the soft fur of her fellow clan mates she sits down and raises her head to listen to Stoatstar and as she did it was like a endless stream of horror. A death and on top of it a missing clan member in the form of poor Berrybloom. Around her gasps of shock and surprise, pitiful mews of grief could be heard and Batwing shakes her head as if trying to get rid of the tears pricking at her eyes.

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Dec 24, 2019 3:13:25 GMT
[attr="class","sinnert"]Stoatstar's call for a clan meeting could be heard far and wide and truth be told there was no real reason to miss this clan gathering. Having just returned from a hunting patrol Seawatcher went to the freshkill pile to drop off her quarry, two water voles and a scrawny squirrel dangled from her jaws. It was a bounty given what time of year it was and an exceptional hunting trip for the large stormy gray molly. Placing they prey items down the stunning women turned on her paws and made her way quickly to the clan's clearing where Stoatstar stood proudly up upon the downed log. The she-cat didnt know what this meeting was about, nothing truly seemed out of the ordinary to her, yet with the look on her leaders face she couldnt help but feel a sense of unease. Something was wrong or in the very least important enough to have her leader concerned and alarmed. And it wasnt long before the warrior learned the true extent of things in the clans hierarchy and politics. A new disease and nothing is known about it. To Seawatcher that was a cause for alarm, how did they expect to treat it? What were the symptoms and did it affect the infected cats in a detrimental way? A frowned appeared on the she ca ts maw, especially at the toms next words. Berrybloom has gone missing in a time of crisis, leaving behind a young apprentice and forcing him to have to shoulder such a heavy burden. While Seawatcher didn't know why Berrybloom disappeared she couldnt help, but be a smidge annoyed. However, the silver tabby molly wouldn't pass judgement on Creekclan's former medicine cat until she had further information. Twitching her ears Seawatcher tuned back into the conversation.

Death was a very likely occurrence with this new disease - worrisome indeed, but not to the effect that she had previously imagined. The death toll was smaller than the recovery one, leaving a blossom of hope in the she-cats heart. Perhaps they were not doomed after all. Seawatcher turned towards Spiderpaw, admiration glowing in her bright saffron colored eyes. He would soon become a fully pledged medicine cat, someone with the responsibility of the clans health and wellbeing. A tall order to fill and one she hoped did not crush the youth out of the tom-cat. Yet she had faith in the clans new medicine cat and she hoped he served the clan for a while longer, especially since he'd be in direct contact with thus illness dubbed The Spore. 

Stoatstar's following words left the molly in suprise, completely caught off guard. Pantherleap - the clans deputy - was dead and she had just been named as the new clans deputy. A look of pure bafflement crossed her features, not entirely keen on the whole idea of coming into such power in a dark time. But if Stoatstar believed she had what it took to help him lead this clan into a better future, protecting it with her very life than she would very well do it, trusting her leaders wisdom. Seawatcher would not lie, the idea of becoming deputy had crossed her mind at some point in all her moons, but things changed. She met Eagleheart, fell pregnant, and birthed her kits only to have them all and leave her behind. All except her brothers kits who she raised as her own, effectively making them hers. Thus the fluttering idea of being deputy and then leader ceased to exist. Until now. 

She would do her clan and her legacy proud. With those thoughts settled Seawatcher looked Stoatstar in the eye, bowing her head in humility and acceptance. She will not fail.

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