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no one would use the term handsome when speaking about the short-haired feline. he has a mostly white pelt, soft to the touch and almost appearing like freshly fallen snow. the reason for his name of course, the overwhelming powerful portions of white. however, the tom has soft orange coloration on his skull, framing his head and just slightly encasing his left eye. on the left side of his nose he has a orange splash, and just below the right side he has another. other than that he has a few splashes of orange along his body, all with the same orange tabby markings. he has vibrant green eyes.

LIKES || gorgeclan pride, hunting, sparring, intelligent conversations, climbing
DISLIKES || other clans, swimming, active war, being bullied, annoying apprentices 
STRENGTHS || sparring, hunting
WEAKNESS || public speaking, pretty eyes
DREAMS || one day be a father
FEARS || telling someone he loves them, losing his clans faith.

clear, observant, cautious, inquisitive, calculating, cold, distant, stubborn, ambitious, confident, charming, patient, protective

they always say that sometimes; any cat can be born with traits that they simply grow with. many know of a tom whose head is clear and whose eyes are always watching; proving his observant trait to be excellent. being born a loner, as were so many cats - they had to learn to be observant or to fall victim to the world around them. but that was not the only thing he picked up in the small group he belonged to - oh no; the tom learned to grow cautious and to use his constant questions to pull himself further into the small packs networks.

inquisitive in the way he searched for the truth with questions and will do so until the truth is laid at his paws in clear and positive details. while he can come across as a cautious cat; walking in such a way that would show a cat whose steps are calculating and his eyes are cold to the sight; as if the wall of ice in his eyes shelter him from those around him. he comes across as a tom whose ice has shut him off a bit; coming to seem a little distant from those around him - but one does not have to fear it; so long as they are on his friends list and not his foe.

stubborn is a typical sign you will find in the young tom - as he has been known to stick to his own thoughts rather then those in his group or even family; evening challenging his past leader's thoughts and rules. ambitious in a way that he will go to great lengths to get what he want; even letting his leader think he was right and getting injured - so that he may become the leader. confident, oh boy is he a confident young tom; who believes he can do just about anything if he so wills it - and his steps will be as confident as any cat. but there are other things that ones will find interesting; under all that cold; there is a charming young male who will warm a heart should he actually attempt to try - although that is hard to see some days.

patient and protective are two final words that can be used to describe young snowfire; should he go to war against another clan, he would rather suggest holing the clan up into a cavern and patiently wait out the other; he could last a long time waiting and plotting his own attack. however should anyone harm his clan in any way; the young tom will flash from ice to fire in a protective manner.

orangepetal was your typical, 'i never want to leave the nursery' type of queen, and with her stoic, quiet mate in the name of whitewhisper, the two were odd and oddly hard to picture together. a beautiful orange and white she-cat, mixed with a more white then orange tom, the two would give way to a pair of kittens named lotuskit and snowkit. named mostly for either the orange on their pelt - or the white of their pelt. the two siblings were rather close nit, often keeping each other company and even going as far as to mourn their mother's death after they lost their father to the exiled a moon or two after the remaining bonestar supporters were forced to leave.

the two kits grew up with little else but each other, hard press to find a common ally in their clan, they grew attached to a strong and power dark brown tabby tom by the name of bearclaw. to not many's surprise, when the young tom was made an apprentice, snowpaw, he was given to bearclaw as a trainee. the two got along really well, with snowpaw taking after him in almost everyway. it was no surprise that as the tom got older, he began to help out and even enjoy other cats company... que pinepaw. a feline that snowpaw instantly wanted to protect and keep safe - for reasons unknown to him until now - he wanted pinepaw mostly to himself. but at a tender age of confessing to the young tom, he was pushed away and with betrayal and humiliation he was not used too, snowpaw became what one would describe as a bully - not only to his crush but to his sister as well.

he was named snowfire, as his cold attitude could turn flaming hot in a matter of moments.

Mother - Orangepetal
Father - Whitewhisper
Siblings - Lotusbloom
Mentor(s) - Bearclaw


one line appearance || a large white and orange tabby he, green eyes

OTHER CHARACTERS || antlerburr, applecloud, blizzardpaw, coyotecall, lincoln, littlepaw, plumdew,spiderpaw, sunpaw
DESIRED WARRIOR NAME || already a warrior


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