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Standing slightly taller than the average cat, Ebony is a long-limbed, lanky black she-cat. Her pelt is short though thick and well insulated, keeping her cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Her body is laced with scars - most concealed under her pelt spare one that stretched down her front leg from a scrap with a dog in a two-leg yard. She has brilliant emerald eyes that are almond shaped and shine brightly.

LIKES || Hunting, Order, StarClan, Peace, Family
DISLIKES || Chaos, The Clans (Specifically CreekClan), Being Alone, Bonestar
STRENGTHS || Hunting, Diplomacy, Charisma
WEAKNESS || Patience, Temper, Fighting, Family
DREAMS || To find her family and being reunited with them.
FEARS || Finding out her entire family is dead.

In her youth, Ebony was a kind soul. Charismatic and loved by most. She got along well with others and enjoyed the familial aspect of the clan. She was devoted and loyal and vowed when she became a warrior that she would lay down her life for the clan and the values they upheld. She was strong-willed and quick-tempered, especially when her beliefs were challenged, but all in all, she was a lawful cat. The she-cat also believed strongly in the cats of StarClan and still does to this day despite not being apart of a clan any longer. She still thanks them for every meal and prays for guidance from them.

Since becoming a loner and losing her mate, Eagleleap, Ebony has grown callous and cold. It is important to note that she is not evil and still stands by a very strict code, but does not offer her loyalty to any clan at this time. She traveled very, very far away from the Clans, so much so that not even whispers of their names have touched her ears in twenty-some moons. She has only recently returned to this part of the forest.

Because she has been away for moons, Ebony does not know how much - if any - of her family still exists. She is now on the hunt for them as she's growing older and hopes to at least spend the rest of her moons surrounded by them.

The moons grew longer with each passing one, at least that was what it felt like. She had been the only survivor of a litter of three in a harsh winter, named Ebony for her stunning black pelt. Her life was relatively simple after that, however. Sure, she was a solitary kit but she made friends easily. While she wasn’t overly sweet, she had a charming personality and showed affection to those she liked. By the time she was made an apprentice, Ebonykit had befriended most of the nursery.

When she became an apprentice, Ebony was assigned to a level-headed she-cat by the name of Juniperhawk. The she-cat was known for her ability to hunt and bringing down large birds of prey as they circled the skies and swept down for their meals. She instilled the same abilities in the young Ebonystorm, showing her the way of the warrior and teaching her how to nobley walk under the stars the way a warrior should. And while the charming young she-cat grew into a respectable member of GeorgeClan, she was known for her temper that could flare up in a moment’s notice and be her undoing. Hence the name Ebonystorm was given when she became a warrior at 11 moons, just in time to greet her younger siblings, named Bramblekitt and Cobrakit.

Admittedly, Ebonystorm wasn’t the worst - nor the best - sibling. While she took mild interest in the kits and she was not a bad sister, they were far enough in age where she found herself often living her own life first and being a sister second. By the age of twenty-seven, she had a mate of her own and was avidly trying for kits that never came due to her mate’s infertility they were not aware of. They tried for several long moons - up until the rise of Bonestar.

When the wicked leader took over GorgeClan and began to ruin their beloved home, they stopped trying - knowing that it was no place to raise a family anymore. The fighting was constant - brutally so - and the number of casualties grew higher and higher. It was during this time that Ebonystorm and the now Cobrastrike grew closer together in their hatred of what their clan was becoming. They grew bitter, colder, together. She had a glimmer of hope for her clan as a whole - that one day they would see the error of their ways and right the terrible wrongs that they had done. And she tried to convince her brother the same - that everyone was doing what they could to keep themselves alive and that was the only reason they agreed to such awful acts. They had families to protect.

Unlike her brothers, Ebonystorm’s decision to disappear was decided within the first few moons of Bonestar’s reign. She and her mate, Eagleleap, decided that they’d leave together - that they’d run from the madness during a battle when it was almost impossible to count casualties. They’d slip away from the fighting and meet at the edge of CreekClan’s territory.

Ebonystorm arrived first, flanks heaving as she doubled over, sucking air into her lungs. She’d never been much of a runner, but in this moment, she’d run faster and harder than she’d ever ran before. Eagleleap appeared several long minutes later, but by looking at him, Ebonystorm knew something was wrong. He looked through her and his breathing was raggedly pulled through his mouth, his wide amber eyes fixated on her face as he collapsed into the dirt. She turned him to find his pelt matted with blood, his throat torn and stomach ripped. She tried her best to stop the bleeding, sobs escaping as she finally collapsed at his side and buried her face into his pelt.

She stayed there longer than she should have, the moon slowly sliding up over the horizon. She was lucky in the sense that the battle was long and there were many casualties because it afforded her time to grieve. And when she finally rose to her feet, she took her dead mate by the scruff and pulled him deep into loner territory, choking on sobs all the while. When she finally found a small cave, she buried him outside. Her paws felt heavy and her body weak, but she didn’t stop until he was respectfully buried and her paws bled from how raw they were from the cold earth. Ebonystorm collapsed on top of his grave and curled herself tightly into a ball and slept for two days straight, only waking once to look up at the sky as it dropped a dusting of snow onto the ground.

Since that day, Ebonystorm has renounced her name as a warrior, choosing to go by Ebony. While she does not blame GorgeClan for the actions they were forced to do, she does blame (and hate) CreekClan for the death of her mate. She has no intention at this time to rejoin the clans after the chaos she watched them fall apart into.

Mother: Starlingcall
Father: Adderfang
Siblings: Brambleflight and Cobrastrike - 2 Stillborn Kits
Mentor(s): Juniperhawk
Apprentice(s): NA
Mate(s): Eagleleap
Kit(s): NA


one line appearance || a solid black she with emerald green eyes

ANYTHING ELSE || she will rejoin the clans but im honestly not sure which one or when.


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