Oh, Little Brother!

Dec 22, 2019 19:23:19 GMT
[attr="class","sinnert"]For once Vervainflower felt light and happy. The prospect at mentoring her younger brother filled her with a sense of pride. Not only would she be able to help mold him into a promising warrior, but she could grow closer to him. The relationship between mentor and apprentice could be a sacred bond and Vervainflower desperately wanted to have that, especially her sweet little brother. So she found herself in the Lush Forest with her apprentice by her side and snow crunching under her feet.

The two siblings honestly looked nothing alike. Vervainflower was an alabaster molly while Birchpaw was a brown tabby with white splotches of white. He looked very similar to their father, except he had short hair. A testament to their same fathers yet different mothers. A part of the white molly was glad Birchpaw was graced with such a caring mother, whereas she only had a mother with a vengeful spirit. Their father isn't exactly the best role model either so she took upon the effort to make sure Birchpaw never ended up like him. Fortunately he was well on his way to being a wonderful tom and great warrior. 

Glancing at her brother with an affectionate look she decided to strike up a conversation. "How are you feeling today?" Vervainflower asked for two different reasons. One she wondered how much Condorflame's death affected him as it did to her and secondly she wanted to make sure he was of sound health. She wouldn't be able to deal with the loss of him too for the she'd be all alone, aimless in this cruel world.

word count here @birchpelt  I hope you don't mind me assuming he's already with her walking side by side?? I can change it if you want :3

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59 moons
Dec 23, 2019 4:51:36 GMT

❝ In the garden of evil
I'm gonna be the greatest
In a golden cathedral
I'll be praying for the faithless❞

When it was annouced that his big sister would be his mentor, Birchpaw could've jumped over the moon in excitment. Willowbreeze offered him a firm reminder that while she was his sister, he had to respect her like a mentor first. That came easy to him. The young tom-cat admired Vervainflower as much as any sibling could. Half-sibling status unimportant to him.

At her suggestion to go for a trek through the lush forest, Birchpaw agreed without bothering to mention he hadn't eaten that morning. He knew there would be at least some meal to be had upon their return. He'd just have to quietly deal with the soft rumbles of his empty stomach.

Fully-extending his stride to keep up with her, Birchpaw's internal monologue diverted down the path of when he'd get his final growth spurt. Both his mother and father were fairly tall. Determined not to be short for life, Birchpaw quietly wondered if Featherpaw had any herb to help him grow.

His distracted train of thought was halted with Vervainflower's question. Head tilting in her direction, a smile appeared on his face before he answered.

"I've been okay, just a little colder than usual. I'm not fluffy so I have to make sure my nest is packed with something warm like a feather. Mama has said I can take the still clean feathers from the nursery when the queens clear their nests. It helps," He chatted easily beside his sister. A lurking feeling burned in his ears as he thought about Condorflame. His older half-brother had died tragically but sadly Birchpaw hadn't the connection to him as he did with Vervainflower. While still saddened by his half-brother's death, it hadn't lingered above him like a cloud.

"Are you okay? I mean..how are you feeling,?" A bit awkward in his question, Birchpaw's interest in his sister's emotional well being came from a place of love.



Notes:  first birchpaw post!
credit to Laura of Adox


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