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45 moons

at first sight, oceancloud is an impressive tom. muscular, tall, incredibly fluffy (if one is into that type of thing) with beautiful and intricate black swirls lining his silver fur. his fur is wispy and adds to his intimidating appearance. he has bright yellow eyes and a long tail accompanied with a feathery tailtip.   

LIKES || the chill of the leafbare/snow, the rush of accomplishment after a day of hard work, and the respect of others
DISLIKES || the suffocating heat of greenleaf, not being the best at certain subjects/loosing, and being ignored
STRENGTHS || his physical attributes (size and brute strength) and his down to earthness
WEAKNESS || short attention span and narrow mindedness
DREAMS || to prove himself a better overall tom and to find someone he can truly open up to.
FEARS || to remain conceited and without true friends for the remainder of his life as well as dying young.

at the beginning of it all, oceancloud was a far different tom. he was indifferent on the feelings of those around him, brash and impulsive. he acted on emotion, doing what he wanted when he wanted and never when anyone told him to do so. he lived a life full of bumps and sharp turns, but yet it was all so carefree. he relished the love placed upon him as he endlessly flirted with all those around him. if they were within earshot, they were consumed into his trap. when he broke their hearts, or simply brushed them away, oceancloud truly felt nothing but the desire to find someone new to replace them. 

it was a repulsive way of life. his head was never into anything he did. he never completed tasks with one hundred percent of his being. he always dreamed of his next task while in the midst of another, leaving many half-finished projects in his wake. 

but his life changed when he met lavenderbreeze. she was just another she-cat in his blur of a love life - until she announced that she bore his kittens. and suddenly his life turned upside down. he was angry that she had allowed such a thing to happen - repulsed by an action of his own - and denied the kits lives. if he believed the did not exist, perhaps they would disappear from his life. he would be free of responsibility he never desired in the first place. the strain of the kittens placed a negative effect on his personality, making him more closed off and snarky. in this time period, he spitefully flirted and met with other she-cats to prove to himself that these kits were no responsibility of his own. and when the kittens were born, yet again he was forced to change yet again.

with everyone he loved and came into contact with dying, oceancloud closed off from those he loved the most. shunning his kittens - ignoring their very existence - in favor of the distraction of work. he busied himself to the point of exhaustion. it was his new way of gaining attention. he longed to hear the former purrs of those enamored with him, but now, he has gained nods of those who respect him. oceancloud is increasingly hard on himself for simple mistakes, and with this added to his lack of sleep and constant facade of stoic bravery, it is inevitable that the tom will crack if he finds no one to release all his pent up emotions to. 


his first moons of life were, in his mind, the most unmemorable of all. waking, eating, playing, sleeping became an endless cycle only broken up by the banter with his elder sister, seakit. stars, how he loved her. she was the sole she-cat he could truly talk with and have a conversation where flirtation was absent. his mother and father were never true role models for him. they simply existed and taught him basic things. his father,  whiteclaw, was gracious enough to teach him how to hunt with a simple stance, with their mother featherpool laughing by his side. that is how he best remembered them. his father as a funny tom whose heart was long ago claimed by the beauty of featherpool's blue eyes and his mother as a gentle and proper she-cat with a dainty laugh to accompany her mate's booming chuckle. 

the moments of kithood were ones that, secretly, oceancloud did treasure. it was the last heart-beats that he saw his mother and father laugh so freely. the final seasons before the end of creekclan. if he could have told his younger self how he would never see his mother's twinkling eyes again, he never would have taken her love for granted. he would have taken back his grumbles of disapproval as she groomed him for his apprentice ceremony. those complaints were the last she would hear from him. before he could confess how he appreciated and loved her, she was gone. 

it was a rocky start to apprenticeship. a life without a mother, and with his usually goofy father slipping into the depths of warrior life to distract himself from his own aching heart. oceanpaw was hurt by the ignorance of his father, and replaced his mother and father with the admiration of those around him. he trained under the great stormgrowl, a strong warrior she-cat that taught him that wonder of being an apprentice. the freedom that he had now gained. and oceanpaw ran with it. 

she-cats become his past-time. flirting became his specialty. his sister's disapproval was brushed aside like an annoying fly as he continued his rampage. he found himself even experimenting with the occasional tom. as he grew in strength and his muscles became pronounced with age, oceanpaw found himself the subject of too many compliments. it went to his head. he thought himself an untouchable warrior, though the opposite was true.

he became a warrior in no time at all. the five moons of training were out of the way, and with his warrior name, oceancloud (perhaps derived from his aloofness), he was free to get into far more trouble. and despite his sister's constant help, he kept digging himself into a deeper hole. he laughed at her tie to the clan. eagleheart. he sounded like the perfect tom for her. eagleheart. he sounded like a jock.

berrypaw was his first apprentice. he was a meek tom that oceancloud was determined to transform into a respectable warrior. he had the looks to become handsome and striking, except for his undeniable likeness to a stick. they clicked surprisingly well, with oceancloud's more funny side popping out when he was around the tom. until starclan took him too. struck down by greencough, when he was so close to becoming the tom he had always desired to be, oceancloud's heart was torn from him. he buried himself in the love of others, though seawatcher urged otherwise.

perhaps, if he had searched himself, he would have wished he had listened to his sister's calls. for soon lavenderbreeze came into his life.

she was far more beautiful than any cat he had encountered before. they were foolish lovers, and that was incredibly evident when lavenderbreeze fell pregnant with oceancloud's kittens. he let a strange anger overtake him. he was furious at himself for allowing this to happen, but he reflected this poorly. he let himself dismiss the idea. as he saw it, the problem would have to solve itself if he refused to address it. and thus, a rift formed between seawatcher and himself as she spoke out in disappointment of his choices. he shrugged it off. it would solve itself, just as every problem prior had. he continued to flirt and laugh with other she-cats, as lavenderbreeze begged for his attention. they were mates in her eyes, but oceancloud refused to let such a title hold him down.

yet it solved itself, except in a way no one had expected. lavenderbreeze died before his eyes. he watched her squirm and scream in pain, watched her bleed out until her last breath seeped into the air above. he had cried until his voice had gone coarse. kicked at the ground. screamed to the stars. begged for forgiveness. but at the end of it all, still two kits squirmed in the snow. and when he looked at them and saw their fur gleam in the moonlight, his heart ached and he knew he could not look at this kittens and feel love. not now. he only felt hollowness. 

he gave them to seawatcher, and she took them off his paws. his life flashed by as he busied himself with endless tasks and never allowing himself to breathe or think about what had happened. he took on an apprentice. redpaw. he trained her without emotion or the former laughter he had reserved for berrypaw. he was satisfied with her, and with his detachment from the she-cat, it seemed starclan let her live. it sealed the problem for the tom. if he did not allow himself to bond with other cats, he could not be hurt by their inevitable deaths. an easy fix to an impossible problem. his struggles became buried under this stoic facade of a tough and brave warrior. a capable warrior. when underneath it all, oceancloud is about ready to burst.
Mother - Featherpool 
Father - Whiteclaw
Siblings - Seawatcher
Mentor - Stormgrowl
Apprentices - Berrypaw and Redclaw
Mate - (unofficially) Lavenderbreeze
Kits - Larkspurpaw and Amaryllispaw


one line appearance || a muscular, striking gray tabby tom with yellow eyes.

ALIAS || @puddlesdog
OTHER CHARACTERS || @cottoncloud and @goosesnap
DESIRED WARRIOR NAME || already a warrior
ANYTHING ELSE || n/a adopted from 


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